EverNever TV: Taylor Swift – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

18th June 2019


  1. I dont really like taylor swift, and her song, "ME", is trash

    i dont mean to hurt anyone who likes taylor swift, im just stating my points

  2. she is probably my favorite solo artist

  3. I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!! Ger songs are AMAZING!!!

  4. I like Taylor swift too! Horay I'm the 50th comment right now!

  5. How often do they make these? Cuz if it's every single week, the video is late.

    • Sorry. Didn't realize I posted a less wordy version of this.

  6. How often do they post these?

  7. Taylor Swift is my favourite singer. I love her new song, You Need to Calm Down. I play it whenever my dad is yelling at me. I really love don’t blame me and one of her older songs Innocent. And of course I love her song ME!

  8. my favorite would have to be Long Live.

  9. my fav Taylor Swift song is Trouble.

  10. Ha! This was so awesome! I laughed so hard when Jun messed up with the names, I do the same thing all the time! There are so many different songs, but their titles always confuse me! I too prefer the Reputation album than the 1989 album!

    • It’s opposite for me, ranked, I like (not including Lover)

      1. Red

      2. 1989

      3. Speak Now

      4. Fearless/Reputation

      5. Taylor Swift

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