EverNever TV: The Big Bad Rap

10th April 2019


  1. Rap battle! ➕ ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕➕ Get it

    Boots and cats and boots and cats ...

    • Oh it censored my boot and cat emoji

  2. and its trout not trot

    • omg i acadently put spoilers in this so if you havn't read book one DO NOT READ THIS!

  3. this is my rap i tryed

    in 2013 a new fairy tale came out and it was called the school for good and evil

    oh trot!

    but in a town called galvadony

    there lived two girls one sweat one pongy

    but i haven't described these girls enough

    so ill keep on going without a fuss

    the one who was smelly she looked the a witch

    even though inside she was a sweat princess

    and the one who smelled nice well you guessed it she was evil inside

    though she looked like a bride

    any way lets get on with the story

    before people get a bit snory

    awhile later the two got taken to the school

    though sadly there were no paddling pools

    and also at the school for good and evil

    they learned things to do with fairy tales

    the evil one wanted a prince

    she got him for awhile but had to pay the consequence

    soon after she turned into a witch and tried to kill her friend

    don't snitch!

    but now i have to draw this to a end so read the books if you want to find out what happens next

  4. I luuuuuuuuuuuuuvs it!

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