EverNever TV: Unboxing BEASTS & BEAUTY

2nd April 2021


  1. I don't think I have a chance of winning but I rlly want to read beasts and beauty so I'll do it anyway!!!!!! yay????

    1. I'll admit it - I haven't been a fan that long. I think I'm coming up on a year here.... but.... I really enjoy the sge books and am willing to have like 1500 tabs writing fanfiction (I am not kidding...)

    2. Fun fact: I read sge a few weeks (I believe - wasn't exactly counting, and it was a year ago....) before joining the site - I tried to get onto the site as soon as I finished the first book, but it wouldn't let me use my birthday and I got sooooooo incredibly frustrated and i was sooooooo happy when it finally worked (Why would they make you use an adults birthday on a site for kids..... the questions)

    3. I got both my friends to read sge

    4. I got really excited that ONE time Soman commented on my post.... I literally geeked out on gmail and one of my friends that hadn't read the book was so confused about why it was so important...... but it is.

    5. Soman is one of my favorite authors as an author and as a person

    6. During the summer, I would be on the site ALL day. One time I got in trouble because I was posting something on here while i was supposed to do my schoolwork......

    7. I have written like 3 next gen fanfics and read quite a lot of them on wattpad - on my new wattpad account I have 4 books, and 3 of them are sge.

    I hope that is enough!!!! thx!!!!!!

  2. Hi everyone in our SGE family!

    I like you, was inspired by Soman's wildly thrilling The School for Good and Evil books, and for me personally just to of read these special books feels like they own a part of me and have shaped me to be who I am now.

    2020 was a really hard year for everyone around the world, me included and I felt hopeless against everything that was happening around me,

    Until I found these books.

    Agatha, Sophie and Tedros where my lighthouse in the darkness, steering me away from the cliffs.

    They helped me to accept myself for who I am as a person and to value my place as a young person in this world.

    Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today, the person I respect of who I am,

    This is why I am so grateful to Soman who has created these powerful characters, who I hope inspire hundreds of other people to accept themselves as they are and that no matter how you are, just be yourself.

    I am so fortunate to have The School for Good and Evil in my life, which has taught me how important life is and to value this one chance that I've been given.

    Any author who can inspire like this has to be the most talented and gifted person who I truly look up to,

    Thanks a lot Soman,

    I don't know where I'd be without your great books!

  3. So excited for this new book!

    Okay, so reasons I am Soman’s #1 fan!


    I have been reading your books since I was 8. That’s been a long time.


    I preordered Quests for Glory, Crystal in time and One True King!


    I tell every person I meet about the amazing best series ever School for Good and Evil, many of them going on to read them and also love them!


    I am recording myself reading the books, since one of my friends does not want to read books that long, but does not want to buy or get the audio books, so she can listen to the books!


    I had a release party for OTK, and then proceeded to read it all that night.


    I have done a report on your books as my favorite series!

    That’s it! Looking forward to the new book a lot!

  4. Ah! I can't wait for the book to come out!!!



    OK SO FIRST OF ALL (yeah imma stop that now) I have, like, four authors that I could say are my "favorite" AND ONE OF THEM IS NOT EVEN REAL- but Soman (you, I guess or somethin) are very very real. Something that I highly appreciate is his constant communication with the fanbase- through videos, blogs, and social media. I find that a lot of authors are a bit more closed off, and that the "update-blog-website" they apparently have is always very very very hard to find (just someone tell me where ANY OF THOSE IMPORTANT WOF UPDATES ARE). So yeah. As someone who loves extra tid-bits of information, and just, funny, nice people in general, I really appreciate the videos n' stuff :)

    SECOND, just AMAZING OKAY. THE STORIES ARE AMAZING. SGE IS AHMAZING. seriously, though. It's one of those things that you see in target when you're nine and are like "oh that's so cliche a story about a school for magic people" because you think that you're just SO HIGH AND EDUCATED NINE-YEAR-OLD ME. BUT YOU'RE NOT. THE SERIES IS ACTUALLY MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better than I thought it was going to be when redacted name reccommened it to me. I could spend half a paragraph talking how well written the tone shifts and character developments are- WHICH I I WILL RIGHT NOW. Something I absolutely LOVE about the series is how the tone is always just- hmmmmmmmm how to explain. It's like- this weird kind of realistic thing. Not quite "dark" or "edgy", but like, just when Sophie and Agatha were sitting by the pond in the first book. it's such a TONE, you know? Agatha is lighting matches and lighting them into the water, AND I JUST CANT WITH HOW CINEMATIC IT FEELS. there's this kind of lack of innocence or "bright side" in how the series is written, very straight forward and descriptive. All the characters act like humans- act their age. Kind of like in an apocolypse movie when there's a group of kids that survive and the first thing they do is light the school on fire. It's like- I can feel that the book can just do anything with it's narrative. It doesn't feel trapped within the "good-guy beats bad-guy good ending funny jokey- BLEH" narrative. If a character is angry, they're break something or yell at someone. AND CHARACTERS DIE. A LOT. AND I LOVE IT. THANK YOU FOR WRITTING SO MANY AMAZING DEATH SCENES. THANK YOU.

    And finally- away from just talking about how amazing everything about "waves my at whoever or whatever is consuming this comment* THIS is- let's talk about how I am the biggest fan. um...

    OKAY I CANT REALLY PULL THE "I've been reading this series since 1906" card because I actually just started the series last year, and finished it by reading THE ONE TRUE KING.


    Overall (gosh why am i ending thsi horrific post like it's an essay) I love SGE. Like- when it comes to... things.... (books, tv shows, webseries...) I have high standards. Those standards might just be talking cats, beautiful villains, and an over-complicated plot that actually manages to get me at the end where I'm like "well ill be staring at a blank wall for the next few days thinking about how 1/8th of my life just ended"- BUT GOSH DARNIT DID THIS SERIES MEET THOSE STANDARDS.

    also- soman brought us queen sophie into this world. he deserves some kind of island and secret government bunker for that alone.

  6. I know I'm late to this but this looks awesome and I am SO excited for the book to release!!!!!!

  7. Oh, I am SO excited!!

  8. have been reading your books since I was in 5th grade, the year the movie is released I will be graduating high school and starting college which is so weird how time has passed. Your writing is exceptional I still wonder now after recently finding my first book of yours how unusual and out of my normal book genre it is and what captivated and made me purchase it, I'm a huge romance novel lover and The School for Good and Evil is just so outside and different that I had forgotten I read it (must've read over 300 books during 5th and 8th grade) once I entered high school my love for reading deteriorated and rediscovering your book has enlightened my love for reading once again.

  9. Now I need to ask my parents to buy me another book... (I've already bought 13 books in 2021)

    I can't wait!

  10. The synopsis visual was wonderful :))))

    Your nails look amazing, Jun!!

    And I'm very excited for the Beasts & Beauty book!

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