Blue Forest Game

Every student knows it’s impossible to tell exactly what lurks inside the Blue Forest.

However, when a rogue band of your fellow Evers and Nevers chooses YOU to tackle an unofficial challenge, you accept. This is your chance for glory in the feud between the two schools! The goal: get out of the Forest alive.

How to play:

1. Select your route along the Forest path. On a computer, you will click on the direction you would like to go. On a mobile device, you will tap “Choose Direction” to show the compass first, and then tap the direction of your choosing.

2. To pick up tools or perform another action, press the designated key on your computer keyboard or click the key icon. You have to travel light and make as little noise as possible, so you can only carry one tool at a time — be careful of what you pick up and put down.

3. Pay close attention. Beware of traps and dead ends along the way. If you make the wrong move, you will lose.

4. To win, you must have the right tool and be in the right place. There are multiple ways out of the Forest, and it’s up to you to figure out what they are.

If you ever need help or a reminder of the rules during the game, click the button on the bottom right-hand corner. Good luck!

How to play

1. Move through the Forest by clicking on the Compass. (If you’re on a phone or tablet, tap “Choose Direction” to reveal the Compass.)

2. Pick up tools or perform an action by either pressing the assigned letter on your keyboard or clicking/tapping the key icon above the location description.

3. You can only hold one tool at a time! Make sure you answer “Yes” or “No” when asked whether you want to pick up a new tool.

4. There’s more than one way to escape the Blue Forest — but you need to use the right item in the right location in order to win. Choose your tool and actions carefully!


- Certain locations hold clues about which tools you need, and in which locations you’ll have to use them. Read the scene descriptions closely in order to find them.

- When a scene presents actions to perform, you can choose not to do them and keep moving by selecting a Compass direction.

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