Boy/Girl Quiz

1. What’s your favorite part of the school day?

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2. In the Doom Room, you’re being tortured with your worst fears, which are situations where:

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3. With so many villains and heroes crowded into your castle, it’s natural to get into arguments. When you are in the midst of heated debate, do you:

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4. In the yearly Circus of Talents, how do you interact with your fellow classmate competitors backstage? Do you:

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5. When you get to your new dorm room, everything is arranged exactly the opposite of the way you like it. How do you handle it?

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6. After staying up all night studying, you accidentally sleep through your exam! What do you do?

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7. When confronted with an uncomfortable emotion at school – like shame or guilt or disappointment – do you:

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8. At lunch in the Supper Hall, your friend tells you that he or she has a juicy piece of gossip. Do you:

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9. Your worst enemy catches you sneaking out of the castle. Do you:

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10. Someone insults you in front of all your classmates. Do you:

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