GUEST BLOG: Introducing… Zuni!

30th November 2020

Salutations, fellow SGE fans! 

My name is Zuni and I’m a new SGE intern. I am, as must be self-evident, a proud member of the SGE fandom. I first discovered the books in a quaint London bookstore as a mere baby of 12, and now, seven years later, am still every bit as enthralled. I’m sure you all will therefore have no trouble understanding just how excited I am to be here!

Exhibit A: The quaint London bookstore in question

Exhibit B: Me as a mere baby

I’m an aspiring writer myself! I published my first novel when I was 15 and my latest short story collection when I was 17. Lately, I’ve been working on a mix of projects, from poetry to another full-length novel. I’m currently on track to major in Creative Writing and minor in Film Studies at Stanford University.

I’m an Ever (though also a Slytherin – no clue how that works!) and the kind of person who ends every (non-work related) email with “Hester for CLASS CAPTAIN”. Lowkey Hester – best character in the SGE. Fight me.

I’m kidding please don’t fight me I love all of you and every character is beautiful uwu 🙂

In the following weeks, I’m going to be helping out with EverNever TV as well as announcing some thrilling Contests and Special Assignments – welcoming all Evers and Nevers who wish to rise to the challenge! I can’t wait to share all of these projects with you, and I’m deeply honored to have the opportunity to add to this incredible world of SGE. 

Exhibit C: The world of SGE that I hope to add to

See you soon, Evs and Nevs! Thanks for having me!



  1. Wow! Hello! That sounds amazing! You are great on Ever Never TV! Any advice for writing!?


  3. I love that you are a writer. I am one too!

  4. So cool!

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