GUEST BLOG: Jamie’s EverNever Internship 2019

18th July 2019

Hi! I’m @Snail_Jam.SGE on Instagram and this is my second guest blog for the SGE website. While I usually stick to posting SGE memes on Instagram, on Saturday, June 16th, I packed my suitcase and headed to NYC for an EverNeverTV internship! I’m back again as an EverNeverTV intern and I’m super excited to share my week with you! 


Day 1: Tuesday, June 18th, 2019


Tuesday. The first day of my ENTV internship. The picture in the apartment I stayed at appeared just as surprised as I was when I woke up and realized the day I had ahead.

I headed up to Soman’s apartment on the first stop of the day, not to meet Soman, but instead to meet Jun. I met him at the entrance of the apartment building and we headed to the subway for a 30-minute ride downtown to HarperCollins — which publishes Soman’s books.


Thankfully, we were able to get subway seats on our way as it can be very difficult to do so. Anyone who doesn’t get a seat has to hold onto one of the many metal handlebars inside the train. 


We arrived at the HarperCollins building one hour before our interview with Toni Markiet (Soman’s editor for the SGE series) so we went to the Starbucks inside the building. There, Jun showed me how he organizes ENTV content in preparation for the editing I would have to do for the ENTV videos we shot throughout the week. We then headed up the elevator to meet Toni Markiet!

I helped set up the tripod and the interview commenced! I got the opportunity to ask Toni about working with the SGE series as well as what she enjoys baking (and more! Check out the ENTV episode to hear about the full interview). Fun fact: she relates the most to Agatha! 


Shortly before the interview ended, Toni flipped the tables and began asking me questions. I really enjoyed talking with her about the SGE series and I also found out that we have a shared interest in rock collecting. Toni is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and I’m so glad I was able to speak with her for a second time!!!


Finished with the interview, Jun and I took the subway back uptown to upload the content we recorded onto Jun’s computer drive. We sat down at a coffee shop as the NYC rain had begun to worsen and I had a broken umbrella. 


After opening the audio recording app on Jun’s phone, tragedy struck. The microphone glitched and didn’t record the entirety of the interview. Thankfully, the office we recorded in didn’t have a large amount of background noise, so we were able to use the camera’s audio. 


Jun also taught me more about how to use Adobe Premiere, which is one of the editing programs used to create ENTV every week. I’m so glad I was able to learn more about the program, especially all of the shortcut tools I had never heard about. 


Jun and I then headed for lunch. I introduced him to a very memorable meme video, known as the “rats, rats, we’re the rats” video. If you haven’t heard of it, please look it up on YouTube! I laugh EVERY TIME I watch the poorly-animated 19-second video. 

After lunch, we headed to Central Park to do some location scouting for an ENTV video. We scouted for locations/things that we could add to a scavenger hunt list for a ENTV video. At one point Jun attempted to get a selfie with a squirrel to see if it would be feasible for an item on the list, but he was unsuccessful and we lost sight of the squirrel.

At this point in the day there was a downpour; however, much to Jun’s delight, we somehow managed to stumble upon a statue of Alexander Hamilton.

With our scouting complete, we continued our onwards in the rain back to Soman’s apartment.

At Soman’s apartment I had the task of going through Jun’s audio database to familiarize myself with what I had to work with when editing. You can find everything on that database from “human screams” to “bubble popping noises”. Jun and I left Soman’s apartment at about 4:00pm. 


I headed back to the apartment where I was staying to begin brainstorming ideas for an ENTV video to film on Wednesday if it rained again. I proceeded to eat NYC pizza, work on the guest blog, read, and then go to sleep. 


Monday’s meme:


Day 2: Wednesday, June 19th, 2019


I arrived at Soman’s apartment at 9am for our first day of filming for the week! The rain prevented the scheduled ENTV episode in Central Park (hopefully to be filmed at a later date) so we worked on a different video idea instead. 

After a quick filming session with both Soman and JoAnn, Jun and I packed up the filming equipment and headed back out into the city. 

I also got a picture with the whole ENTV crew! (I might have edited Douggie and Ramon into the picture.)

After not finding out any new info about Book 6, Jun and I headed over to the Museum of Natural History. Our main goal was not to examine the exhibits, but instead to locate outlets for Jun’s computer. We ended up in the “rainforest”, where the EverNever training session number two commenced.

Jun taught me how he makes all of the graphics for EverNeverTV so that I could do the same for the ENTV videos I would be in charge of editing. After that, we headed to the subway for some further location scouting. 


After accidentally missing our stop on the subway, we arrived at Times Square. Our goal: figure out the best route for the ENTV playbill challenge. We scouted all of the theaters and decided on a set route for me and Soman to use when attempting to get playbills from the box offices. (Playbill hunting is where you go to a ticket office and attempt to get a playbill without actually going to see the show). I actually went playbill hunting last year so I was confident that I would be able to get more than Soman in the ENTV episode. 


We then headed further downtown to New York Costumes. As I would be competing with Soman (AKA, The Duke) for playbills, I had to get something to fit in with the medieval theme. 


Jun and I walked through the block-long building and eventually decided on a small crown. We exited the building and so ended my ENTV internship day two. 


Tuesday’s meme:


Day 3: Thursday, June 20th, 2019


At approximately 10am I headed *back* to Times Square to meet up with Soman and Jun. Today was the day where we actually filmed in Times Square and I got to be featured in the episode as a competitor!


We only had 30 minutes with Soman before he had to head back up to his apartment to continue writing, so we had to move quickly. To see how many playbills Soman got, you’ll have to watch the Playbill Challenge ENTV episode 🙂

After Soman left to hopefully write about how Hort finds his frog pajamas again, Jun and I spent the rest of the time in Times Square recording my route to get playbills. I might have had enough time to both go to Starbucks and the M&M’s store during my playbill collection time.

The picture below is from the M&M’s store where Jun can be seen next to the luggage tag I can only assume Sophie uses when she travels between kingdoms, “I don’t carry my own luggage”.

Jun and I were probably in Times Square for a good three hours and were extremely tired after finally wrapping up the ENTV episode. After lunch we headed further uptown to Starbucks to upload all of the footage from Times Square. One way my 2019 ENTV internship differs from my 2018 internship is that I’ll be editing all of the footage taken this week after I leave NYC on Saturday. Last year I pretty much edited everything throughout the week. 


At this point the day was drawing to a close, so Jun and I parted ways. I headed over to the Museum of Natural History to do some tourist-y things. I really recommend the museum if you ever have the chance to come to NYC! Below you can see me with an absolute MASSIVE ancient turtle. (An absolute unit)


Thursday’s meme: 


Day 4: Friday, June 21st, 2019


Today was the last day of my ENTV internship in NYC! I had a late start at 12pm and met up with Jun at Starbucks. We were actually able to successfully get a table next to an outlet (something we had not been able to achieve for the entirety of the week).


Jun and I discussed uploading dates/deadlines for the ENTV videos I would be editing after I left NYC and he also got Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere on to my computer — a step up from last year’s editing software (iMovie). 


Luckily, Douggie was able to come over to film with us! Jun and I headed over to Soman’s apartment to film on the roof. Douggie originally started out on my lap during the video, but later decided that he wanted to investigate the plants on the apartment roof. We later realized that during the interview Douggie had been eating the plants behind us and was also visible in the video — so make sure to check that out! (Douggie really is the star of the episode).

I also was able to play with Douggie and his deflated basketball, although he insists on keeping it to himself and doesn’t like to hand it over in any circumstance.

After we finished filming on the roof, Jun and I parted ways for the summer of 2019. I’m so glad that I was able to have this opportunity!


Closing remarks: Everyday it’s such a joy to be a part of the SGE fandom — every single one of you are amazing. 


Thank yous: Thank you so much to all of my Instagram followers who ultimately helped me get this internship in the first place. I would be nothing in the SGE fandom if not for you. Thank you to Jun for teaching me everything necessary to edit the ENTV videos in only a few hours (and for your very detailed schedule of what I would be doing throughout the course of the internship). Thank you to Soman for letting me film on your apartment roof. Thank you to Holly for bringing Douggie over! Thank you to everyone in the SGE fandom for continuing to support each other every single day and being the most positive fandom out there. 


Goodbyes: Goodbye SGE website! (For now) Hopefully I’ll be back here in the future with another exciting post. 


Friday’s meme:


  1. Your memes are hilarious!

    • Love the memes (especially the last one - so true)!

  2. seems very nice! Good for you for getting the internship. Oh and it is lovely to see those cool memes!

  3. loved reading this from quarantine

    • Yeah me too nice photos.

  4. I like rock collecting too!

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