Holy Comic-Con, Batman! And Answers to a Few Burning Questions…

12th October 2013

Yesterday, I got to attend my very first Comic-Con — an apocalyptic fantasy/gaming/comic convention in New York City that brings together thousands of passionate fans of various franchises in every possible medium for a weekend of fun and nerddom. I’d always harbored secret ambitions to bring THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD & EVIL to Comic-Con, but always figured it was a pipe dream.

But you, the readers and fans, keep making SGE grow bigger and bigger and everything seems possible these days. (See picture below.)

In other news, I’ve noticed a few recurring themes in the comments section, so thought I’d take my best crack at the answers:

1. Casting for THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD & EVIL movie is a ways away. We’re just starting work on the new script, so I wouldn’t worry too much about casting just yet. If we ever do get to the casting stage, you can rest assured, I will post every single detail I know about how to audition and where and all of that right here.

2. The A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES trailer will debut March 15, 2014, with the book out exactly a month later on April 15th. I’ll then be on a mega-world tour from April 15-May 30th, with at least 20 cities along the way. So hopefully I’ll get to see all of you.

3. I’m thinking of holding a contest for T-shirt designs for EVER and NEVER t-shirts. Thoughts?

And look for some very exciting news in the near future about Book 2… You won’t want to miss this. Subscribe to the blog today!





  1. hi

  2. I have gone to Pensacon twice and I wish he would go there one year.

  3. Comic con is so cool my friend got to go to it!

  4. I never went to comic con before

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