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29th March 2021

Hello Evers and Nevers,

It’s Jamie Trope (https://www.instagram.com/snail_jam.sge/), the Ever Never TV intern and SGE Movie Ambassador once again writing for the SGE website. I’m writing this guest blog to speak about The School for Good and Evil movie – more specifically, its casting!

I’m in awe of the casting decisions made by the Netflix movie team as more and more casting announcements roll out (see: Sofia Wylie, Sophia Anne Caruso, Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Laurence Fishburne, Michelle Yeoh). These are well-established, good and fantastic actors. (Though in the case of the actors playing Evil students and teachers, I suppose it would be better to say that they are evil and fantastic actors.)

When reading (and rereading and rereading) the School for Good and Evil books, I visualize my own version of the SGE characters, and it is no surprise that the Netflix casting team has their own take on what each SGE character looks like. My memories and own experiences influence how I see the SGE characters and locations: one of my friends influenced how I see Hort, and my time spent at summer camp influenced how I see the SGE dorm rooms. What’s fun about a movie is that it’s a group of people’s interpretations of a text!

For example:

This is how I imagine Gavaldon

This is how another SGE fan imagines Gavaldon

And this is how a third SGE fan sees Gavaldon

All three of us chose different images after reading the same book! It’s super cool to see how everyone interprets the same text differently, and the Netflix team will bring to life their own version of the book.

With a whole group of people coming together, combining their imaginations and experiences, the result is something new entirely – a new take on the SGE series that no one has ever seen before. (And if I said I was “just” excited to see the final result, I’d be downplaying my emotions. I CANNOT wait to watch the movie!)

The Netflix casting team has a big and exciting job on their hands: casting many actors all at once for a variety of different roles, actors who can embody their characters’ mannerisms, emotions, and speech patterns.

Once the actors don their makeup, their costumes, and enter the set, it will not matter if an actor has shorter hair/different eyes/is taller than what’s described in the book; what will matter is the performance. And I have complete confidence that each actor chosen by the Netflix casting team will excel in their roles.

I cannot wait to see Agatha and Sophie interact in a live-action format. (And just think about all of the new meme/art content the movie will give us; the possibilities will be as endless as the Endless Woods!)




  1. I still don't like the casting

    • How about you give them a chance and wait until you see them in costume before you judge?

    • @/sparklegirl100 She was just sharing her opinion and I kind of agree with her, plus I don't see why she can't share before the production and only after.

    • It's sad how you think that your opinion is more important than the cast's feelings and them feeling unwelcome. I think that it's incredibly unfair to judge them before especially if you haven't seen them in any of their other work or just because they don't look like the character, especially Sofia who's had to deal with a lot of racist nonsense ever since her casting was announced. OP didn't even elaborate why she didn't like the casting, which sounds close-minded.

  2. Cool! I can't wait for the movie!!!!

  3. I can't wait for the movie!!

  4. I don't know. (Please respect my opinion, I'm not trying to start another fight).

    I'm still very skeptical about the ages of the actors and it'll take me a hugely long amount of time to get used to a POC agatha (I hope I won't forget the original one) but I'll TRY (emphasis on the try) to be more welcoming to the different actors.

    • I mean I get your point about the ages (especially between Sophia Anne Caruso and Kit Young...) but honestly if Sofia Wylie can hit that perfect Aggie sulky-Good vibe then I don't care if she was green with pink spots! : )

  5. I'm so excited!!!!! This is going to be amazing!!


  7. Hope they use good cgi

  8. I only really imagined a secluded witch hut for Agatha and a beautiful flowery house for Sophie, I didn't actually imagine a Gavaldon town at all now that I think about it so really excited to see what they do for the movie!

  9. Beautifully said Jamie

  10. I imagined Gavaldon much more...spaced out XD.

    • yeah same xD I imagined the buildings being further apart from each other.

    • ^^same, but it looks nice! :)

    • me too HAHA

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