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12th April 2015

Hello, Evs and Nevs!

Posting my blog entry a little early today since I have to play tour guide to some friends who are visiting this weekend, and I don’t know when I’d post otherwise.  Reading about your biggest fangirl moments in the comments of my last entry was so much fun.  You’re all perfectly within the realm of normalcy, I promise!  I’ve heard tales about grown men and women who’ve done some truly psychotic things in the name of fandom, and they are terrifying.

And you guys reminded me — I totally used to keep pictures of my favorite actors taped to the inside covers of my school planner.  (…I may also kept track of their birthdays and odd bits of personal trivia, like favorite foods/books/movies.  Knowledge is power, etc. etc.)

Additionally, I’m completely on the same page when it comes to having meltdowns over things that are too much for my inner fangirl to handle.  When I first opened the last Harry Potter book, I spent at least half an hour weeping over the dedication alone.  It still makes me a bit misty-eyed now:


(Image credit to TotallyTrent)

To be fair, I’d followed the series over 7 years, waiting patiently for the release of each book — so ending that chapter of my life was hard.  My love for it has remained strong, but the fandom is obviously not as much of a living, breathing thing as it was back when J.K. Rowling was still in the process of writing Harry’s story.  On that note, I’d LOVE a prequel series about the Marauders’ era; everyone from Harry’s parents’ generation have always fascinated me.

What about you?  Are there other completed book series that you’d love to see more of? If you could expand the SGE series, which characters’ stories would you want to read?

I also have a few things for you today in terms of reminders:

!) The SGE Motto Contest is still going!  You can read the rules in Soman’s last entry, and you have until 12 pm EST on April 21st to enter.

2) Soman’s going on tour this week!!  The full list of his stops is here.  If you happen to live in one of the cities he’s visiting, you can say hi to him in person!  (If you don’t, don’t fret; he’s going on a much more extensive tour this fall.)

3) In just two days, you can get your hands on a paperback edition of A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES, which comes with a number of special extras.  Among them?  Not just one, but the first two chapters from THE LAST EVER AFTER.  I’ve been lucky enough to get an early peek, and I’m pretty confident you guys won’t be disappointed. 😀

Have a wonderful week, loves!  Here’s your song of the day, a retro-style cover of a more modern favorite of mine:



  1. Throwback to my baby days that song used to be on Arthur and also back in Maryland I heard it a few times.

  2. Nice song! And great harmony! Btw, my middle name is actually Harmony! No lie!

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