JUN’S BLOG (feat. Hort): Survival Challenge Finals + Pre-Match Commentary

8th February 2019

It’s that time, Evers and Nevers, the Finals of the Book 5 Survival Challenge have come!!!


After many pitched battles, two champions have emerged, and it’s looking like a battle for the books.

In one corner of the ring, we have AGATHA, Champion of Evers, the Gargoyle Whisper, Freer of the Wish-Fish, and Queen of the Clumps.

Warming up in other corner is SOPHIE, Champion of Nevers, Empress of the Endless Woods, Grand High Witch Ultimate.

Joining us for our pre-match commentary is Hort of Bloodbrook.

Jun: Hort, thanks for joining us.

Hort: My pleasure, Jun.

Jun: First, I just want to say, I’m a fan, and I was sorry to see you go down in Round 2 against Hester.

Hort: Oh, that’s all right, Jun. After all, this whole thing is just a popularity contest, everybody knows I’d win in a real fight.

Jun: Against Hester?

Hort: Of course. She just has a scary pet. Without her demon, she’s nothing.

Jun: I see… Well, Agatha did beat Hester by a large margin in the Semi-Finals. What do you think this says about Agatha’s chances against Sophie?

Hort: Well, Jun, it shows she’s a rallying point for the Evers. But against a real opponent like Sophie, I see her struggling to muster the same support.

Jun: So you think Sophie will win?

Hort: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her to win. She’s arrogant, selfish, and impatient… But she’s also beautiful, intelligent, confident, talented, witty, funny, and smells like fresh roses blooming in the summer-time…

Jun: Hort. Hort?

Hort: Yes?

Jun: We lost you for a second there.

Hort: Sorry. My point is, even though Sophie has hurt a lot of people along the way, and I mean, really hurt them, like torn out their heart and stomped on it with high-heels and blasted it with a flame-thrower, I struggle to see how anybody would not vote for Sophie. Because let’s face it Sophie is the coolest, prettiest, most interesting character in The School for Good & Evil series, and how can you not love her?

Jun: Right, I think we’ve covered Sophie pretty well.

Hort: That kind of brings me to an interesting thought though.

Jun: Does it.

Hort: Like, take me. I’ve tried so hard not to love Sophie. To the point I kind of hate her, you know. But I also love to hate her. And I’m in this unhealthy cycle of loving and hating Sophie that I want to break out of, but the fact that I’m not able to get out of makes me think that maybe I want to stay, like, you know, maybe I want this pain, maybe I want this sadness, this deep longing for —

Jun: Ooook. Well, that concludes our pre-match commentary. Make sure to vote for your favorite characters, and we’ll announce winners next Friday, February 15th. Don’t forget to pre-order Book 5, releasing just three weeks from now!


  1. I'm cheering for Agatha but I think Sophie's going to win

  2. Even though I'm an Ever (took the quiz, I am not lying.) I analyzed the fight.



    Magic, strong Morgrifs, teacher experience on death traps, strong leadership (it is so strong, it is almost like a power


    Magic (not as strong) Morgrifs that are good for hiding, strong animal communication



    Followers, independent(ish), good leadership, see powers


    See powers, followers



    Beauty obsessed, always wears heels


    In relationship (always will worry about Tedros), eats a lot (might get hungry easily and overeat, leading to fatigue)

    In conclusion, I'd say Sophie.

  3. Well, In the first book, Agatha barely survives ‘The witch,’ but since I’m an Ever, I’ll vote for Agatha. In a real fight though, Sophie would win. Am I over-analyzing?

    • I think so

  4. Agatha!!!!!

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