JUN’S BLOG (feat. Hort): Survival Challenge Finals + Pre-Match Commentary

8th February 2019

It’s that time, Evers and Nevers, the Finals of the Book 5 Survival Challenge have come!!!


After many pitched battles, two champions have emerged, and it’s looking like a battle for the books.

In one corner of the ring, we have AGATHA, Champion of Evers, the Gargoyle Whisper, Freer of the Wish-Fish, and Queen of the Clumps.

Warming up in other corner is SOPHIE, Champion of Nevers, Empress of the Endless Woods, Grand High Witch Ultimate.

Joining us for our pre-match commentary is Hort of Bloodbrook.

Jun: Hort, thanks for joining us.

Hort: My pleasure, Jun.

Jun: First, I just want to say, I’m a fan, and I was sorry to see you go down in Round 2 against Hester.

Hort: Oh, that’s all right, Jun. After all, this whole thing is just a popularity contest, everybody knows I’d win in a real fight.

Jun: Against Hester?

Hort: Of course. She just has a scary pet. Without her demon, she’s nothing.

Jun: I see… Well, Agatha did beat Hester by a large margin in the Semi-Finals. What do you think this says about Agatha’s chances against Sophie?

Hort: Well, Jun, it shows she’s a rallying point for the Evers. But against a real opponent like Sophie, I see her struggling to muster the same support.

Jun: So you think Sophie will win?

Hort: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her to win. She’s arrogant, selfish, and impatient… But she’s also beautiful, intelligent, confident, talented, witty, funny, and smells like fresh roses blooming in the summer-time…

Jun: Hort. Hort?

Hort: Yes?

Jun: We lost you for a second there.

Hort: Sorry. My point is, even though Sophie has hurt a lot of people along the way, and I mean, really hurt them, like torn out their heart and stomped on it with high-heels and blasted it with a flame-thrower, I struggle to see how anybody would not vote for Sophie. Because let’s face it Sophie is the coolest, prettiest, most interesting character in The School for Good & Evil series, and how can you not love her?

Jun: Right, I think we’ve covered Sophie pretty well.

Hort: That kind of brings me to an interesting thought though.

Jun: Does it.

Hort: Like, take me. I’ve tried so hard not to love Sophie. To the point I kind of hate her, you know. But I also love to hate her. And I’m in this unhealthy cycle of loving and hating Sophie that I want to break out of, but the fact that I’m not able to get out of makes me think that maybe I want to stay, like, you know, maybe I want this pain, maybe I want this sadness, this deep longing for —

Jun: Ooook. Well, that concludes our pre-match commentary. Make sure to vote for your favorite characters, and we’ll announce winners next Friday, February 15th. Don’t forget to pre-order Book 5, releasing just three weeks from now!


  1. I really want Sophie to win but something tells me Agatha might

  2. Agatha.

  3. This looks fun

  4. I really hope Agatha wins. She's my favorite character besides the coven.

  5. That’s cool?

    • I mean that’s cool!

  6. Nice story!!

  7. I hope Sophie will win this one.... but I might be wrong!!

  8. I really hope the coven and Agatha stay alive at least

  9. Sophie better beat Agatha.

  10. I'm looking forward to read School For Good And Evil book 6!

    • so cool!!

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