JUN’S BLOG POST: Recent Website Glitches

11th February 2021

Hi everyone! Jun here, with some updates on recent website glitches.

So currently, the ability to make new posts in the forums is down, and our tech-team is actively looking for a solution.

We initially designed this website for a much smaller user-base, so as this user-base grows beyond the original capacity of the website, we are contending with a series of issues.

We are planning a big revamp of the website this summer to solve these issues, and currently reviewing what this revamp is going to look like.

In the mean-time, thank you for your patience, and we will seek to get the forum-posts back online as soon as possible!


  1. Woohoo! All in support of SGE!!!❤

  2. why did I only notice this now

    Thanks for the clarification, Jun!

    • Yeah LOL I only just saw this too hehe <33

  3. Ohh ok that clears things up why did I just discover this post now lol

  4. Wow, SGE is getting really popular. I can't wait to see the new version of the website.

  5. The SGE family gets bigger every day

  6. Sooo I'm late but

    Thank you for the clarification Jun!!!

  7. Wonder what the new website will look like

  8. Wow! SGE is gaining fans! Lets go!

  9. Thanks for the clarification!

  10. thanks for the heads up! cant wait to see the new version :DD

    • also it shows how many fans this fandom has :D

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