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    abhats posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 1 month ago

    I’m back after a long while with my first chapter of my story. You can read by bios here @abhats but Abigail is my main character

    Chapter 1:

    I bolted from my bed and dropped the book I was reading, The Tale of Sophie
    and Agatha on the floor. I ran out to the hallway and stopped short. Then I hurried back to my room and put my book on my bedside table. I wasn’t a princess so I didn’t have all those maids, butlers, and servants waiting on me hand and foot or to clean my room. I was also a neat freak. My nanny watched over me when my parents went to work at the local theater that they owned. I loved when they let me be in plays but when I wasn’t, Ella my nanny, watched me. It was really embarrassing that an almost 13 year old would need a babysitter. But my parents are SUPER overprotective. They don’t want me to fall through a rabbit hole like my mom did when she went to Wonderland. Yeah my mom’s Alice. Even though I can create a rabbit hole to anywhere within the fairy tale world my parents hate when I do it and prohibit it unless I am in mortal danger. And I would never disobey my parents.

    When I got downstairs I smelled the sweet scent of tea. My parents were waiting for me.
    My mom in her casual clothes and my dad (a townsman) in his work clothes. I sat down and started pouring my tea eagerly.

    “Hold on” my dad Michael said. “We have something to talk about first.”

    I clenched the teapot. Was I in trouble?

    “Don’t worry you’re not in trouble” my mother assured me as in reading my mind.

    I relaxed in my seat and put the teapot down.

    Ella came out with scones and sandwiches. We only had food during teatime when it
    was a REALLY special occasion because well, we weren’t the richest people in the world. Teatime was four times a day. Morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. It was evening. My mother insisted on it and I loved it. I can’t tell if my father did or not but if he didn’t, he
    put up with it.

    I bounced in my chair. “What’s happening? Am I getting a cat?” I said. I had been
    wanting a cat for the longest time and I would DIE if I got one. More specifically, an all white American Shorthair Kitten.

    “You’ll see,” my mom said with a smile. I WAS SO EXCITED!

    My father slid a Manila envelope across the table to me on the flap side. It hadn’t been
    opened yet. I love that my parents let me see what it was first. But the return address was on the front so they must know who it’s from. But I would be a surprise to me. Was Ella quitting or being laid off? Can I finally go out with my friends like everyone I know does?

    When my bunny died when I was six, my parents couldn’t bear to tell me because he
    was my best friend.

    So they wrote the sad news in a letter and gave it to me. Trembling, I took the possibly
    heart breaking letter and slowly opened it. Bright letters caught my eye. This couldn’t be bad news. I read it.

    The School for Good and Evil
    Dear Abigail, you have been accepted to the School for Good. Please have bags packed ready to go by Sunday August 21. Classes start on Monday. You will be escorted from your house. Pets are welcomed here. You will get your schedule when you arrive. All other information is confidential.

    Best regards,
    Professor and Dean Clarissa Dovey

    I stared at the letter in disbelief. I WAS GOING TO THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD! But my
    family is here, my best friend Talia daughter of Thumbelina. Ella, school, the theater, the kids at the theater who think I’m the best actress ever. (I love the attention)

    “We’re so proud of you, honey” my dad smiled and put an arm around my shoulder.
    “Why don’t you finish your tea then start packing. They’re picking you up the day after tomorrow.”

    I nodded. I have to be brave. It was scary but I have to face my fears.

    My mom looked really excited when she said “As a bonus, we think you’re ready for a
    KITTEN!” I screamed as she brought out an all white American Shorthair Kitten!

    “Oh my gosh!” I scooped it up into my arms forgetting about the letter and hugged it so tight.
    “Boy or girl?”

    “Girl” my dad said. I squealed.

    “Thank you thank you so much! I’ll think of a really good name.”

    My dad smiled wide. “As a bonus bonus,” I held my breath. “Another cat!” He brought
    out another American Shorthair cat that looked exactly like the other. “This one’s a boy. They’re twins.”

    explain in words how I’m feeling right now.

    “They’ll be going to The School For Good with you,” my mom said proudly. Now I wasn’t
    so excited. I didn’t want to leave for three whole years. “Let’s get packing! I’ll help you. Come on!”

    I sulked up to my room carrying my new cats and took out my suitcase. What should I
    pack? Clothes, (duh) swimsuit? (The Groom Room has a pool and I’m bound to go there) books, (YES) cats, (I really need names but I want them to mean something to me) toiletries. I think I got everything. I don’t have that much but it’ll do.

    I sighed. Ok. I guess I’m forced into going. It’ll be fun, I thought. A new experience. But I
    wanted to keep learning math, Wonderland Studies, (even though I lived in my mother’s small village, I still took that class) English, Science, Theatre. Not that Beautification and Surviving Fairy Tales ****. I guess there was a History of Heroines class but still. I put a brave smile on my face and crawled into bed. I was going to enjoy my last day in Melway tomorrow. I had to be positive and agreeable because everyone would be disappointed if I wasn’t.

        sharpwitch replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        This was very good i loved it 🙂

        peppy replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Amazing! Keep it up. 😉

        iceprinces replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Absolutely wonderful! Can’t wait to read more!! 😀 🙂 :mrgreen:

        leslie191234 replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Fantastically intriguing!!! 😀

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