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    abhats posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 1 month ago

    Wow two chapters in one day! Read my bios and the first chapter @abhats
    Chapter 2:
    (Note: I changed her appearance from the bio)
    The next day went by sadly and quickly. I went over to Talia’s house to tell her the news
    and say goodbye. But it turns out, she got a letter too! This makes me 10 times more excited to go knowing my best friend would always be by my side. It was a Saturday so we didn’t have school but since everyone knew everyone in this small town, we walked to our teachers house, Ms. Ziegler, and told her we would not be attending Melway Middle School anymore.

    She was very upset. We were the top students in the school, finishing our work early,
    helping the other kids and setting a great example. She said we were the fabrication that held the school together. I really wanted to stay. Everyone was making it so hard to go. It felt so selfish to go on and at some point get to be in a fairytale when my life was here. I don’t want to be a princess or a servant and definitely not a Morgrif.

    After that I went home, lay on my bed and contemplated life. What did the School for
    Good offer me? None of the things I’ve grown up knowing, the basic education subjects. This is a whole nother level where I don’t know if I’ll succeed or not. I don’t know anything about any of the classes they’ll teach there. I know nothing about surviving on my own; much less in a fairytale. Not much about beautification. I don’t wear makeup or use hair products or spend hours obsessing over my clothes. I just wore what was in my closet and brushed my straight long brown hair. All I know is that I don’t want to let anyone down. I don’t has a choice though.

    I could hide in my room. But I’d be found. The super special methods for taking
    people to the School were not to be questioned. I could run away. But like I said I know nothing about surviving on my own. Then, a thought struck me. A thought so crazy and dangerous it could turn the world upside down. I shouldn’t even be thinking it. I took a deep breath and let the thought sink in. Icouldmakearabbitholetoaplacewherenobodywouldeverfindme. It wasn’t a bad idea. I could make a rabbit hole to a place where nobody would find me. But that would be giving up everything. Everything. Just to not go to the School and be a kid for a little longer. My subconscious was screaming NOOO! but my heart was yearning to do this.

    I reached my hands out and concentrated hard. I’ve only done it a few times before.
    Once when I was five, the first time I did it, I was having a picnic with my parents in the park and a bee came over to check out my lemonade. I ran screaming from the area with the bee in quick pursuit. I wished and wished to be anywhere else and I tripped and put my hands out to catch myself and suddenly I was in Maidenvaile a few towns over. Belle, the queen of the place, contacted my parents and they came to get me. It was very inconvenient because we missed my mom’s banquet dinner promoting a charity that was trying to stop the poaching of Wonderlandian animals for their magic. After that, it didn’t stop and most of the animals there are now endangered and some are extinct. That guilt has always made me swear to never do it again but this time, I couldn’t stop myself as a small brown hole started to form a few feet away. There was no going back now.

    The hole grew larger until it was a huge swirling mass of defeat. I took a deep breath
    and grabbed my already packed suitcase. I bent my legs and was about to jump in when I heard the doorknob click and somebody entered. Uh oh. I really should have locked it.

    Less than a second later I heard the unmistakable voice of Talia scream “ABIGAIL
    WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” My concentration broke and the hole disappeared as fast as my yearning to do it shattered. I slowly turned around but couldn’t make eye contact with Talia. Her pure green eyes looked at me in disbelief, confusion, and most of all, betrayal. “How could you?” She shook her head and walked out of my room. I jumped on my bed and hid under my covers. How did my life turn into this?

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        Very Nice!!! 🙂

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          nice (:

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        Wow. That was amazing! 😉

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