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    adelkieagathax posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 2 years, 4 months ago


    Itis natural to worry about your prince when he has just been sentenced to death by his own brother.
    As agatha ran through the streets of Camelot, away from the palace that she had been banned from minutes before, Tedros danced into her mind. His expression when he wheeled round to face his knight, only to realise Rhian was the snake all along. All her true love had ever wanted was to reutn to Camelot as it’s true king. It had been what they had fought for together in all they had been through. Now he was hearing the people of Camelot-once his own people- chanting and cheering for his own death.
    “Deatht to Tedros!”
    “Long live King rhian!”
    Agatha could still hear them as she ran. If she didn’t stop, she had a chance of getting away alive. If she did stop, she’d be taken and killed with her prince.
    Her prince.
    Agatha skidded to a halt, face messy and red with tears, choking and sobbing as she fell to her knees in the grass. She couldn’t leave Camelot, she couldn’t run away, because nomatter how far she ran, she could never run away from what she had left behind. Hester and anandil and Dot- the three witches of room 66 she had grown so close to, and who had risked their lives for her. For Tedrops, her beautiful blonde prince as he watched his kingdom yell for his execution- and Sophie.
    Agatha’s best friend had spent her whole life in the woods either plotting to kill Agatha or kiss Tedros. But ever since Sophie had become the dean of evil,. she no longer wished to ruin agatha’s happy ending. Instead, she had fought with her best friend to defeat the snake- only to fall in love with brave Rhian on the way. Agatha would never forget her friend’s terrified face as rhian held a sword to her neck as he declared himself the true king of Camelot, the Lion, and her his queen. She had to play along or she’d be slashed to ribbons.
    No- Agatha couldn’t leave all the people she loved behind. Finally catching her breath, she turned aroubnd, ready to charge back into Camelot castle and free her friends- only to be grabbed by the arm. A burly peasant grinned into her face, skin ruddy and sunburnt.
    “Well, well, well!” he leered, “Guess what I’ve fond. The Snake’s queen!”
    “Tedros is not the snake!” Agatha spat, struggling in his grasp, but it was pointless. He was dragging her back to camelot, thrown over his shoulder, up to death and execution as she watched all her friends suffer…

        sapphy replied 2 years, 4 months ago

        WOW. This is amazing please tag me!
        Just a few grammar issues

          elysianne replied 2 years, 4 months ago


          it’s cool hehehe :>>>

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