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    Chapter 3-

    Hester had only been dragged down to a dungeon once before, and she had vowed never to do it again. It had been in school, during the Sophie era, and Merlin had been there to fly her, Anadil and Dot away to safety. But where was Merlin now? Trapped in a dungeon cell just like the rest of them. Apart from Agatha. Hester had seen the young queen run off- but how long could Agatha keep herself safe?
    Hester felt a painful twist on her arm, as thick, rusted chains dragghed her forward. The man doing the dragging was red-faced and had a gold-tooth- a pirate. Dot had warned them- Hester vowed never to underestimate Dot again.
    Dot herself was trying to turn her own length of chains to chocolate, but her fingerglow finger was trapped and she couldn’t point it at the metal. Anadil was between Hester and Dot, skulking in the middle of their chained crocodile, red eyes glowering at the floor. Her rats squeaked unhappily in a miniature chain-row of their own at her feet, pulled along by a king-sized rat just like the one from The Nutcracker.
    “Where is the man even taking us?” Anadil asked in her hissy rasp, white albino hair falling into her scowering eyes.
    “You’ll see soon enough, Snow White,” the man answered with a horrid laugh, pulling suddenly on the ends of the chain so they were all jolted forwards. Hester tripped over her own feet and cursed. She had decided to be silent and uncooperative, like a strike, but no one seemed affected, least of all the man dragging them. They were being yanked down a set of gloomy steps, where the air was cold and damp and mouldy, and everything was as dark as night. Then a small shaft of light suddenly danced on the walls, the source being a tiny grate in the door of a dungeon-cell. The bull-faced man pulled out a key and quickly turned it in the lock with a rasping noise. The door swung open.
    The three witches were used to doom and gloom from their time in the school of Old Evil, but this surpassed even the doom rooms there. The three were unchained hurriedly and shoved in so roughly they all fell forth and skinned their knees, before the man slammed the door behind them, cackling meanly. The witches got up, rubbing bruises and cuts.
    Then they saw they weren’t alone.
    In a corner, two people sat, one small and scrawny, with a bob of dark hair and brown eyes, and another tall and ripped and gorgeously handsome, with golden hair and no shirt. They were kissing passionately, the tall, handsome boy running his fingers through the girl’s straggly locks, he girl’s small hands pressed to his golden chest.
    Hester gagged.
    “Well, well, well. Here me and Ani thought you’d be planning ways to escape!”
    The two broke apart, a blush blooming on their cheeks. The girl grinned with relief.
    She leapt to her feet and tackled Hester in a hug, which the witch grudgingly accepted, before pushing Agatha away.
    “Not too much soppy stuff, please. Why aren’t you trying to think up plans? I’ve been wracking my brains all the way down here, as have Ani and Dot, and then we find you two smooching like you’re on a honeymoon-”
    Dot kicked Hester in the shin.
    “It’s so lovely to see you!” Agatha gushed, rushing to embrace Anadil and Dot, who flushed red and awkwardly accepted the hugs, “I thought you were dead!”
    “And we thought you escaped,” said Anadil, freeing her limbs from Agatha’s arms, “But we were clearly wrong.”
    “I did escape- but then I knew I needed to come back. I couldn’t just save myself and no one else…”
    “Well, not much saving you’ve been doing, honey,” Hester smirked, “You’re lucky I’m here. Let’s all sit down and make a plan.”
    “Yea, so simple. make a plan. How didn’t we see that before?” Tedros grumbld, glaring at the witches. He had never been as fond of them as Agatha had been, though he was pleased that they weren’t dead.
    Hester shot at him with her fingerglow, the red spark scorching his skin.
    “Now, have you tried that there is really no way to escape?”
    “Yes,” said Agatha, sighing.
    “Well, then the only way to get out is by tricking the guards into letting us out,” said Dot. Everyone looked at her in surprise- Dot had proved herself in their previous adventures, but they had never expected such a clever idea to come from the slow, fat, chocolate-guzzling daughter of the Sherrif of Nottingham.
    “How do you propose we do that?” Hester said, sour she hadn’t come up with that idea herself.
    “If Sophie were here, she’d say flirt with the guards,” Agatha murmered.
    “But Sophie ain’t here, she’s with Rhian as his queen!” Hester snapped.
    “Well, we’ll just have to rescue her, then!” said Agatha determinedly. Then she added, after a pause, in rather a mournful tone, “When we actually come up with a plan. Which might never even happen.”

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        “gorgeously handsome”? These are Hester’s thoughts!

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