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    agatha164 posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 11 months ago

    Chapter 2: Peter Pan


    “Peter, no” I said, crying “Neverland needs you”
    “No wendy” Peter replied “Neverland needs you. You believe as much as me, which makes you just as important”
    “You were meant to be a child” I cried “I was meant to grow up. I can leave neverland. You can’t”

    I woke up and saw Cassie. She put an ice pack to my forehead, and Gave me a tray with eggs and bacon.
    “Thank you” I said
    “No problem, Wendy” she said “Now, you can help me with our mission to save Peter, If you promise me to go to bed at seven thirty every night”
    “Fine. But not one second earlier”.

    So me and Cassie went to discuss our plan in the library.
    “So Wendy” said Cassie “we have to have the storian write a story about Peter, in which he belongs in neverland. Than he can get back there, because that is how his story goes.”
    “Sounds good” I said
    Suddenly a girl walked into Cassies room. She had long blond hair, hazel eyes, long eyelashes, and a preppy pink princess dress.
    “Peyton” I heard Cassie whisper under her breath.
    “Hi” said Peyton “who are you? And why is there a five year old in our dorm?”
    “I am your roommate, and Wendy is trying to save Peter Pan, the one whose flower you caught.” Cassie said
    “Peter needs saving?!” said Peyton, alarmed “why did no one come to me? I’m his princess!”
    “Peter isn’t a prince, so you technically aren’t his princess. And you weren’t in any of the classes yesterday, so nobody could tell you”. Cassie snapped back
    “Well you two are telling me the plan, so were leaving right now, to Camelot.”.
    Peyton pulled us out of Cassies room, and into a carriage. About thirty minutes later, we got to Camelot Castle. We followed her to the dungeons, which I thought was rather odd. Suddenly, She pinned Cassie to a wall, And cuffed her to it. Then she started talking to me.
    “If you tell me everything Cassie told you, I will set her free.”
    “Wendy, don’t!” Cassie screamed. I had to get her out of here. I would do whatever it took.
    I told Peyton the plan, and she started laughing.
    “You really thought I would set her free” she said, Green smoke emerging around her. Slowly, she turned into Rhian.
    “You foolish child” he said, before her turned off the lights.

        shadesofevil replied 11 months ago

        tag me!

        sophiestyle919 replied 11 months ago

        That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I love the mix with peter pan and school for good and evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        nova337 replied 10 months, 3 weeks ago

        tag me

          sophiestyle919 replied 10 months, 2 weeks ago

          tag meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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