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    agatha164 posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago

    ok, so i am on scene 5 of another screenplay, but there is another one i wanted to do so you can click on my avatar to see them all.

    Gavaldon: hey Nova337, can u tell the future?
    Nova337: no, but agathagwaket can.
    Gavaldon: agathagwaket, can u tell the future.
    Agathagwaket: not without doveys crystal ball i cant. i tyhink sophiestyle919 has it.
    Gavaldon: sophiestyle919, where is doveys crystal ball?
    Sophiestyle919: i gave it to agathaforreal101
    Gavaldon: where is agathaforreal101?
    nova337, agatha164, agathagwaket, sophiestyle919: uh… she went home.
    Gavaldon: WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    sophiestyle919: idk
    Gavaldon: that wasn’t a question. it was just supposed to be dramatic.
    Agatha164: Gavaldon, why do you even want to know the future?
    agathagwaket: yeah why? its kinda creepy.
    nova337: it is curious…
    (agathaforreal101 comes in)
    Gavaldon: agathaforreal101, what did you do with doveys crystal ball?
    Agathaforreal101: oh.. it didn’t work. i put it in the trash.
    Gavaldon: come on!!!!
    sophiestyle919: me and agathagwaket, as nevers, know, to control the youth is to control the future.
    Agathagwaket (to sophiestyle919): that was my line. remember, i’m class captain, i get the big lines.
    sophiestyle919: i am going to kill u! u always act like u r better than me!
    agathagwaket: i dont act.

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