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    agatha303 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    @Arian2 @Peppy @leslie191234 @Anyotherelders
    Might no be in order of you posting the questions
    The ones ***** posted:
    A new RPer is posting mean comments and talking about disgusting, inappropriate things on the site. What do you say????
    Answer: Hmm, well first, I would ask him/her to stop. Posting rude things is unnecessary, and it can hurt people’s feelings. I would explain the kindly as well. If they don’t stop, I would tell Soman and JoAnn who can deal with it them.

    The ones Ella Enchanted posted:
    Elder test #5:
    1. A new person just joined the sight and asked you what she/he is supposed to do you…
    a) tell them that you create a bio
    b) tell them that you write your own story
    c) tell them you ask people if they want to be in your story
    d) all of the above
    Answer: D. I would also to it politely.
    2. You realize that some one is being bullied and harassed, you…
    a) do nothing
    b) tell the bully/bullies to back off
    c) politely tell the bullies that bullying is not ok on this website and ask them to stop
    d) join in on the bullying
    Answer: C. Bullying, form personal experience, is not nice.
    3. A newbie tells you their don’t know what to do for their story and asks for help, you…
    a) plan out the newbie WHOLE story
    b) tell the newbie that it their story and that they will have to do it by themselves
    c) don’t respond at all
    d) give the newbie a few ideas
    Answer: D. Even though it is nice to help out, it’s their story, and we want to see their writing skills.
    4. You notice someone needs to work on their spelling and grammar a little bit, you
    a) harass them about it
    b)politely tell them to work on their grammar and spelling
    c) tell them their spelling and grammar is terrible
    d) let them figure it out themselves
    Answer: B. I would also maybe give them a few helpful pointer tips, in a polite way.
    5. You see some bullying going on but an elder is already taking care of it, you…
    a) stay out of it
    b) help the other elder stop the bullying in it’s tracks
    c) pretend nothing’s happening
    d) realize an elder is taking care of it so you decide to let the elder do his/her business
    Answer: I choose both B and D. First, I would go with B and assist the elder, but if the elder says they can take care of it, I will proceed with D.

    The one Pep posted:
    Elder Test: Somebody is asking for a newbies personal details. This could get dangerous. . .
    What do you say the detail-asker?
    Answer: Well, I would give details like a nickname, what country I live in, or my age. But anything like my appearance, exact address, phone number, or anything along those lines I would politely tell them that that kind of information is neither safe to ask for or give to other people on the Internet. If it gets uncomfortable, I would tell an adult.

    The one Leslie posted:
    There is a person who says that they love the school for good and evil, and really enjoys writing. They also say that everyone at school is telling them that they are a terrible writer, and they has no friends now. They ask for your advice on what to do, because all they want to do is fit in. What do you say?
    First, I’d tell them I’m sorry that they’re saying things like that. I’m sure they are a great writer and they don’t deserve that kind of criticism. If they feel insecure about their writing, I could ask if they would like a few pointer tips if they want to show them that they’re brilliant writers. I would also assure them that people here are kind, and will only ask you to use proper grammar.

    NOTE: Just so you know, I might be going on my other account @HopeofCamelot a bit more here, just a heads up so you still know it’s me and not some person stealing my stuff. I still own Azalea Diamond and all her POVs.

        leslie191234 replied 4 years ago

        Great answers! 🙂

          arian2 replied 3 years, 12 months ago

          Fantastic! Good job! 🙂

          agatha303 replied 3 years, 12 months ago

          Thank you! I thought I might as well just put them out there….

        megannnyap replied 3 years, 12 months ago

        Great answers!

        peppy replied 3 years, 12 months ago

        I think we could make you an Elder. . .
        You need at least two votes, I’ll vote for you! 🙂

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