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RP Level 1: Great Lawn

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Comfortable with RP-ing after participating on Level 0? You may be ready to advance to this group!

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RP Level 2: Blue Forest

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Are you familiar with how to RP? Please be aware and considerate of the fact that the members on this level RP as a group, which means that they work together to write an ongoing story! Feel free to ask current members for help on how to join. 🙂

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Ask Soman questions here!

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Website Central

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Ask questions and report glitches in the site here! If your question goes unanswered, it’s most likely because it’s already been asked and answered many times before.

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Fan Fiction

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Post your SGE fan fiction here!

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RP Level 3: The Endless Woods

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Are you a well-experienced RPer? This may be the group for you! BEFORE POSTING:  This forum is a group RP, working to create one continuous story. Please submit a bio for approval to join, and keep in mind that posts that do not belong in this forum will be tagged and deleted.

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