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    agatha31 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years ago

    Here is my bio for the ones who havn’t seen it: Character name: Grace
    age: 13
    gender: Girl
    school: School for Good, although she believes she should be a Never
    fairy-tale parents: She was abandoned as an infant and was brought up by a Never fairytale character
    personality: smart, studious, curious and sometimes stuborn
    appearance: brown hairs and piercing green eyes
    finger glow: bright gold
    Talent: healing
    So, continuing Chapter 1 (see @agatha31):
    She slowly opened the letter and read: “We have the pleasure to accept you at the School for Good! Please present yourself tomorrow morning with this Golden ticket (see joined)”.
    She fainted.
    When she woke up, her mother was next to her. The first thing she said was: “They got it all wrong: I’m a Never girl, not an Ever! Mum, tell me it’s not true: tell me they got it wrong!”
    She looked around the dusty room. They were cobwebs everywhere, potions on the table, toad eyes in bottles and 2 witch hats. How could anyone believe she was an Ever girl?

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