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    agatha31 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 10 months ago

    Hi everyone! I was very happy to see that many people enjoyed the 1st Chapter (it was short, sorry) of “Grace’s Tale”. So, here comes Chapter 2!!!
    (For people who missed the bio, see @agatha31 )
    Chapter 1 (for the ones who missed it):
    On a Saturday morning, a young girl, Grace, was getting ready for yet another day in Neverland. She stretched slightly as she woke and splached fresh, clean water on her face. Then, she applied black make-up like her mother had taught her. “Uglification is essantial, child,” her mother had said. She made breakfast and ate quietly. Her mother joined her soon after.
    After breakfast, Grace went to collect the post, as usual, but, on the first enveloppe was written her name. Quickly she tore the enveloppe (and nearly tore the paper inside) open and took out the paper…
    She inhaled then exhaled and then, after a pause, she cried out: “Mother, my invitation has arrived!”
    Her mother came running, tripped, fell, stood up and arrived breathless. “So?” her mother said impatiently.
    Grace looked down at the paper and read quickly.
    The last thing she saw was her mother’s bewildered expression. Afterwards, it was darkness…

    Chapter 2:
    Slowly, she opened her eyes. Everything around her was white and foggy. She closed her eyes. And then slowly, she opened them again. Now she could see everything clearly. “That’s better” she thought. Her mother wasn’t anywhere near her. In fact, she had left to get some herbs for a new potion. And there was no father no man in their home. The truth was, Grace never knew her father, but that was common for Nevers. Her mother never talked about him. She never talked about Grace’s birth either. Grace’s life before 6 years old was a complete mystery to her. She wasn’t sure if it was her memory or her mother’s reluctance to talk that put her birth under a ********* veil. The only thing she knew about herself was her birthday, 1st January, and her appearance, which cas uglified every morning. She wasn’t sure if she was pretty under that disgusting make-up or not. She never thought about it, because she always believed that Nevers didn’t need to be pretty, anyway, but still…
    Slowly, her hand slid on her bedside table, where she thought her mother might have put the letter. She felt the soft paper, and that’s when she remembered…
    On the paper was written, “We are happy to announce that you have been selected to go to the School for Good. You are an official EVER and must present yourself in 2 weeks precisely in front of the School for Good with the golden ticket attached.”
    The words rang: “You are an official EVER.” And all her life, she had bee told that one day, if she was lucky, she might intergrate the School for Evil and then become a witch. And here those words sadi the complete opposite…
    Her mother came back an hour later, proudly holding her herbs. She came in and cried out those words “That terrible rain nearly ruined ’em. But I found a lucky bunch and cut ’em and ‘ere there are! Ain’t I lucky?!” She took a long look at her daughter, Grace. She was staring in space, motionless. “What is your matter, child?” Grace slowly looked up and asked: “Who’s my real mother?” There was a silence, and then, as the witch who had brought her up told her true story, Grace started to cry.

        agatha31 replied 4 years, 10 months ago

        Please tell me if you enjoyed Chapter 2! 🙂

        sharpwitch replied 4 years, 10 months ago


          jackie218 replied 4 years, 10 months ago

          it was good!

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