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    Lol sorry this is really short. I didn’t have a lot of free time today









    Chapter 3

    Neveah was already awake when Rosilla and her other roommates woke up. She couldn’t go back to sleep after her dream last night. A dark figure had come to her and told her that he was her hero, but also her worst enemy. She was up all night thinking about it, and wondering if she should tell somebody about it. Did dreams come true in the fairytale world? Neveah hoped not

    At lunch that day, after loading her tray with rice, steamed greens, brisket, and a few honey crepes, Neveah found Rosilla and sat down at her table. She decided to casually bring up the subject of her dream.

    “Soo, um, did you have a dream last night?”

    Jade raised her eyebrow at Neveah and went back to picking at her rice. Rosilla gushed out:

    “OMG yessss. How did you know? It was the best. Dream. EVER! So, do you know Chiran? Everboy, tan skin, blue eyes, dark hair, seafoam green fingerglow, Valor 47?”

    She giggled dizzily.

    “I dreamed that he picked me to be his date for the Snow Ball. Gosh, do you know that the Snow Ball is only THREE. MONTHS. AWAY. I’m never going to get a date!” She stuffed the rest of her honey crepe in her mouth and stomped away. Jade looked at her like Rosilla’s fit was here fault, and followed her roommate.

    Well Rosilla and her roommates would be of no help to her.

    As Neveah was hurriedly running up the stairs to Dean Doveys office, a boy came racing down and knocked Neveah down. A smooth voice reached her ears as a strong arm pulled her up.

    “My God, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there. Forgive me. My name is Chiran.”

    The boy said before bowing and kissing her hand. Neveah pulled her hand away and wiped it on her skirt. Something was off. Chiran wrinkled his brow and hurried off. It was after he was out of sight that Neveah realized.


    She gasped and ran two stairs at a time up to Dovey’s office. She forced the door open. Dovey was sitting at her desk and jumped when Neveah opened the door.

    “Dean Dovey! Can dreams come true in the fairytale world?”

    Dovey looked confused as she replied:

    “Why yes dear. Think of Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, all those princesses. They all dreamed of their princes, and look at them now, Happily Ever Afters and…”

    Neveah couldn’t hear the rest of what Dovey was saying because her mind kept replaying what Chiran had said:

    “My name is Chiran.”

    And what he had said her her dream.

    “Your hero… and worst enemy.”


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