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    agathaandtedrosrock posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 8 months ago

    Hi! This is a new thing for me.
    Character Bio:
    Name: Adrienne
    Home: Camelot
    Parents: Diana of Foxwood, Louis of Camelot
    Siblings: Fiona of Camelot, Camille of Camelot, Roxanne of Camelot, and Charles of Camelot.
    Looks: Long mousy brown hair, big pale blue eyes, white skin and pink cheeks.
    Pet: Zara, a brown mouse.
    School: Good.
    Favorite Weapon: Bow and arrows.
    Finger-glow: Periwinkle.
    Backstory: Her father, Louis of Camelot is a lord, her mother is a lady. They believe all their kids have to be beautiful and go to The School for Good and Evil, and spend all four years there as an Ever to be accepted into the family. Adrienne’s sisters and brother already passed all the tests, except for Camille who is still at school. Adrienne has to be beautiful, but her body isn’t. She isn’t beautiful, and her parents are embarrassed by her. She desperately wants a ticket to The School for Good and Evil, but it hasn’t come yet. She is plagued by dreams that come and haunt her in the night. She loves Zara, her mouse, because it looks like her. She treats her however she can. Her parents hate her, though. They only love what is proper.

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