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    agathafourlife posted an update 7 months ago

    In gonna do little mini stories about the characters people are doing (I forgot what their called.) Ask if you wanna be tagged and I’ll take suggestions for characters.

    *breakfast time*
    Agatha:Tedros can you pass the milk?
    Tedros shoveling bacon in his mouth: whawasdat?
    Agatha:*facepalm* you are a famous king who basic rules the woods and you can’t pass your on wife some milk?
    *Tedros smiles at her and aggie just glares back*
    *Sophie came over later in the day*
    Sophie: How is my best friend!
    Agatha: I’m good… why are you so cheerful?
    Sophie: ummmmmm no reason?
    *Sophie walks off just as Tedros comes over and throws Agatha onto his shoulder*
    Tedros: mmmm I’m good.
    *Tedros throws her in a pool and runs away*
    Agatha: So much for responsible king!
    That’s it but I hope you enjoyed it!

        agathafourlife replied 7 months ago

        *me whispering as I write this* Poor, Poor Aggie 🙁

        readeraaaa replied 6 months ago

        i would love to be tagged!
        i like your short stories they are as great as the book!

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