agathasawesome posted an update in the group QUESTIONS FOR SOMAN 5 years ago

    what company is making the movie?

    is there going to be a movie for each book?

        emanresu1234 replied 5 years ago

        Universal Studios 🙂 and probably.

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    hi everybody

        ariniegold replied 5 years ago


        arian2 replied 5 years ago

        Well then, a very big

        Mountain View

        to you! Allow me to introduce myself and the level. I’m *****, one of the three Elders here on level 0. People also call me Leo (my real name), Cheshire or Chess (my character’s name), Librarybug (my crazy nickname) and Mushroom (my haircut). I prefer Leo, on a daily basis. 😉 Elders are basically here to help out,…[Read more]

        peppy replied 4 years, 11 months ago

        Hello and welcome to Level 0, The Clearing! 😉 Pleasure to meet you. I’m Louis, one of the 3 Elders here. I’m also Pep, Pizza, Puppy, Pepper, Ormie the Pig – once a week ONLY, Pineapple, and some other crazy stuff. RP stands for Role Playing! An Elder is like a guardian/helper/leader, who makes sure everything is running correctly and to answer…[Read more]