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    agathasophie17 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    Chapter 5
    So to continue from our last story…..
    “Your secret sister is Astro. You may have seen her.”
    “Yes she does.” Professor Dovey replied calmly.
    “WHAT!!! HOW??” Tedros roared.
    “It showed up in her schedule.” Professor Dovey said. “Time for your next class.” Tedros left with a thirst to talk to Astro. Finally at lunch,
    “Astro!! Come sit with me!” yelled Tedros.
    “What? NO” Astro said with a disgusted face. “I don’t want to sit with you. I’m sitting with Agatha.”
    “No! Please Astro! Come sit with me!!”
    “Ew gross. No. Ask again and I fill your dorm room with cheese” Astro warned. All the evergirls gasped.
    “I don’t care!! Come sit with me” Tedros begged.
    “Uhhhhhh. Fine. Sorry Agatha! But do you want to join me when I fill Tedros’ dorm room with cheese?” asked Astro.
    “YES!! SURE.” replied Agatha.
    “So WHAT do you want” Astro asked while walking to Tedros.
    “Are you my secret sister?”
    “Uh” Astro paused.
    “TELL ME” Tedros demanded.
    “Yes.” Astro replied.
    “Why did you lie to me?” asked Tedros.
    “Because……… Well, I don’t know why. Bye” Astro left and joined Agatha.
    “ASTRO WAIT!!” Tedros screamed.
    “I can-” Beatrix began but Tedros blocked her mouth and looked at Astro.
    The next day when Astro was walking to class with Agatha, she found a really realistic sword that was about to pop in a painting.
    “What is that sword?” Astro asked.
    “Huh?? I don’t see it” Agatha replied.
    “Hmm. Must be seeing things” Astro said. When they were walking to Princess Etiquette, she saw the same sword but Agatha didn’t see it again.
    “Aggie are you sure you don’t see that sword?”
    “Yes I’m sure!” Agatha said. “Tell me how it looks. I’ll ask the teachers if anyone can see the sword.”
    “Ok. It has a round, golden, circular top, there are some words on it but I can’t see it.” Agatha paled as Astro described the sword. “A black and golden handle, and the blade is really long. Do you know what it is?”
    “Are you serious!!” a voice screamed.
    “AHHHHH WHAT IS THAT” Agatha and Astro screamed.
    “It doesn’t make sense!! How could you see the sacred sword of King Aurther!”
    “I don’t know!! More importantly, WHO ARE YOU” Astro yelled. Beatrix and Reena stepped from the shadow. “Beatrix?? Reena?? You’ve been following us?”
    “Well no. Yes. Kinda?”mReena said.
    “I saw you here before class started so I brought Reena and kinda followed you.” Beatrix replied. “Now show us the sword.”
    “I can’t.” Astro said. “I did try getting it out but there are some kind of secret barrier to it. I think Tedros can help us though”
    “WHAT. THAT DONKEY’S mmph” Astro blocked Agatha’s mouth.
    “What how??” Beatrix asked.
    “Tedros is King Aurther’s son. I think he at least learned his father’s history before he became d.umb.” Astro said.
    “Well, we’ll ask him tomorrow at lunch. See you then since we’re late.” Beatrix replied.
    Hey everyone!! So sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I had family stuff. Hope you enjoy this chapter!!

        neeka replied 1 year ago

        that was so good! loved it!

          agathasophie17 replied 1 year ago

          thank you!!

        vaydacapricorn replied 1 year ago

        Hah! Cool!! 😎😻

          agathasophie17 replied 1 year ago

          thank you!!

          agathasophie17 replied 1 year ago

          thank you!!!

        lilystarling replied 1 year ago

        Its ‘neat’
        *tries to stop myself from crying in joy, but fails*
        This is the most amazing thing ever!!!!!!!

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