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    Sophia’s Story
    Chapter 29: The Final Moments
    Ringing exploded in her ears and Sophia felt faint. It was just like before, when her name was called instead of anyone else’s for their group. Except now, it was Brandon’s name that destroyed her.
    This time instead of running, Sophia fainted on the spot. While passed out she had a dream in her state of confusion and pain her mind still found a way to make things worse.
    She was running though the blue forest from something. A beast? A student? Herself? She had no clue. When all the sudden someone tackled her from out of nowhere and took her down into the blue bushes.
    “Let me go! Let me go!” Sophia yelled but soon realized it was Makayla pinning her to the floor. “Kay? How did you get here?”
    “No time to explain you have to run,” Makayla said frantically.
    “What? From what? What is going on?”
    Makayla opened her mouth to speak. But instead, hundreds of small black daggers flew at her and she woke up in a cold sweat. Sophia saw Makayla and Rapunzel sitting next to her and the looks of relief on their faces when she sat up.
    “Sophia! Thank goodness your up! I was starting to worry!” Rapunzel said. “You need to get ready. They already sent the first pair in.”
    “How long was I out?” Sophia asked sleepily.
    “About 30 minutes.” Kay said. “Brandon and the other Wild Card were sent in first about 10 minutes ago.”
    Sophia looked around and saw she was still in the clearing. All the students were all ready to stay up till dawn with sleeping bags, and sugary snacks. “When do I go in?” Sophia asked.
    “Last. But Sophia, you still need to be extremely careful. Especially with Brandon in there now. Hopefully he will be out before you’re in but whatever you do, don’t trust him,” Makayla said in a serious voice.
    “I will Kay. Let’s just go over what I can use till I get called in. The 3 review jinxes and spells, the rules, and many tactics till at last the pair before Sophia’s was called. “Whish me luck,” Sophia said.
    The girls sat in silence for the remaining 14 minutes and then Dovey said, “Last pair please prepare to go into the forest.”
    Sophia got up and headed to the fence now made of intertwined spiders. She looked at the boy next to her and saw he looked ready to kill. Sophia focused back on the gates and then they swung open. Sophia walked in and then the gates slammed behind her. The trial had started.

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