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    aggieofgavaldon posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hello all! This is the 2nd Chapter of ” Are You A Reader?” Go check out my profile if you want to read chapter 1!

    Chapter 2:
    Wednesday had been a fiasco for Liana. After agreeing to go to the sleepover, she was late to class and had to get a red ” TARDY” stamp on her forehead. Of course, Rachel Lynderson had said that Liana was holding her up ( Not to mention her father had loads too much money) and had been excused. Such a prat!
    Worse, Liana’s favorite homeroom teacher was down with Pneumonia, so there was a sub. Liana still grimaced at the thought. The ‘sub’ was a large, ……. big, woman named Mrs. Damoogle, who did nothing but chat on her phone with her boyfriend Bruce. But everyone knew that Mrs. Damoogle was just making up ” Bruce” so that she wouldn’t have time to teach the students. Everyone was too afraid of her to report it, though. Liana had heard rumours that one minute Mrs. Damoogle would be big and happy and bubbly, and the next minute her voice would grow could and she’d tower over you. She called this type of rule, ” a simple classroom technique,” but Liana called it, ” Dictatorship.”

    Liana sighed. It seemed, only throughout the course of 2 days, she had lost her best friend. And of course, Ella just HAD to choose the school bully to become buddy-buddies with. Liana wondered why Rachel hadn’t tried this sooner. Maybe Rachel had just wanted to break their bond at the peak of their friendship.
    Liana walked on the bus, luscious brown hair scraped back into a high ponytail. She’d decided that she was going to make the petite girl she’d talked to yesterday ( Lily) into her friend. Liana walked by Rachel without a word, while giving a wave to Ella.
    The rest of the day was fine, just.. fine. Liana ignored Rachel and Ella, through all the periods they had together, especially lunch.
    Liana still sat at their table, but now there was Lily and Rachel, new to the gang, of course.
    ” Hey Ella, hey Rachel! I’m Lily!” Lily said enthusiastically. When no one replied, Lily dragged Liana to the bathroom.
    ” Okay. I thought you said you’re friends would be nice! What’s up with them?” she whispered.
    ” Well… You see, Rachel isn’t my friend. She’s the school bully, and she recently ( as in yesterday) stole my BEST friend Ella away, and now it’s, like, really, really awkward…” Liana said reluctantly.
    ” Okay. I now have a new mission! It’s to get that Rachel Monster away from your BEST FRIEND, and once she’s gone, we can become the invincible trio, and live happily ever after!” Lily was so entranced in the idea that Liana didn’t have the heart to tell her it probably- no- never would happen.
    Suddenly, Liana had an idea. ” Hey Lily, wanna come to the sleepover we’re having on Friday? You can also come along to the SGE theme park we’re going to on Saturday!” Liana said excitedly. Lily gasped. ” Me?! Of course! That’d be absolutely amazing!” she squealed.
    Liana smiled. At least she’d have one friend on this trip. She ran down the hallway and out to the gigantic courtyard, and then she role-played Sophie and Agatha with Lily. Liana would say that Lily was an amazing actor, though she was kind of bossy. But of course, Liana was used to playing servant and bossy friends were just part of her lifestyle.

    The rest of the day ran by with a blur. Liana rushed out of the school building, panting, just in time to see the bus roll down the road, with Rachel in the back, making a, ” You are such a sucker” face.
    Liana groaned. Just then, she heard a voice. A shiny Mercedes Benz was parked in front of her, and Lily’s face was plastered against the window. The window rolled down and Liana heard Lily say, ” Wanna ride with me today?” Liana rushed over and sat down in the comfy leather chairs. She was actually looking forward to the sleepover, since Lily would be there. But she didn’t know how wrong she was.

    Hope you liked! BYE NOW.

        lunalovegood71 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        I love it!

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        xxstrangerthingsxx replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        This was great please tag me <3

          aggieofgavaldon replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          I will, thanks!

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