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    alexofroom66 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    So, we’re every sorry we didn’t post last Saturday or yesterday, we got caught up in other stuff. BUT. We combined chapters 2 and 3 to post today.
    Also. You may notice not everyone who was in the last chapter is in this one. We realized that it was a lot of work to check in on everyone every chapter, so we really only included the people very important to the specific chapter.
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    – @ginnypotter12

    Alex gasped for air as they collapsed to the floor, drifting in and out of consciousness. Heartbeat quickening, they forced their eyes open, willing themself to stay awake and alive. Hyperventilating, dizzy, and terrified out of their wits, Alex carefully crawled to the edge of the platform and peaked over the side. Their heart raced as their eyes found the fatal drop, and they had to restrain themself from screaming. As soon as their vision began to blur and the world before them seemed to swirl, Alex knew there was no getting out of this. It was the end no matter what
    “Deep breaths, Alex. You can do this. It’s fine. It’s all a dream. You’re fine. It’ll all be oka-” Alex stopped as they heard a snap. The platform had broken from its place secured on the wall.

    “BECCA!” a voice shrieked from somewhere. “HELP ME!” Becca looked from side to side, hands clenched in an attempt to stay calm. Lights flashed on for a moment, long enough for the image of Lucy being dragged through a door. “Lucy!” Becca screamed, lunging for the door, but she hit solid wall. She was alone. All alone.

    Lights flickered on with an accompanying buzzing noise. The sound of trickling water reached Eliot’s ears, and he slowly opened his eyes, trying to steady his breathing. He looked down, already dreading what he might see. A small paper boat floated slowly down the rivulet of water, which was flowing into a drain.
    When he screamed, he wondered if something was listening.

    The room was flooded with light, and Ely looked up frantically. “Okay, okay, what’s the best thing to do in this situation?” they asked themselves. The answer came almost immediately, a revelation sent from whatever divine being was listening.

    Forest was finally starting to calm down when he heard a noise, so quiet he wasn’t sure if he was hallucinating. He froze, breath drawn. It was faint, but it was definitely there. Raspy breathing, impossible to pinpoint. Was it a person? Or–he barely dared think it–something else? Something murderous? Something that wanted to be murderous in relation to him??
    “Come out, come out, wherever you are…” a grating voice said, replacing the breathing.
    Forest’s breaths were short and quiet, and his heart was racing.
    Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed his legs and strapped them onto something, then his arms. He was lying down on his back. Breaths getting quicker, he attempted to tear his limbs out of the straps, but it only yielded painful cuts and scrapes.
    “Do you have something you want to tell me?”
    Forest recognized that voice. It was his mother’s. “Do you have something you want to tell me?” she repeated. Come out, come out, wherever you are… Forest put two and two together in his head. Oh no. Was she onto him? Did ‘come out’ mean, like, out of the closet??
    “Nope!” he said, and suddenly felt his arms and feet being tugged outward.
    “If you don’t tell me, I’ll have to stretch you,” his mother said, and he felt himself being tugged harder. It hurt now.
    “Please! No!” Forest yelped, desperate to escape. He felt something ripping as he was pulled harder and gasped with pain. “I’ll say it one more time. Is there something you want to say?” Forest screamed, and it blended with the terrible pain as he was slowly ripped in half.
    All of a sudden, the stretching stopped, and his body relaxed. He panted, relieved to have made it out alive. He looked up and saw someone in a dark cloak, smiling wickedly.
    Not his mother.
    The stretching resumed, and when it was done, the attacker left to have some more fun.

    “HELLO?” Jess shouted out to the darkness. She heard no answer.
    “AHHHHHH” she screamed in frustration. “CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON??????”
    Jess flopped down on the ground, staring up at the sky, or at least where she thought the sky was supposed to be. She felt cold metal against her spine and shivered. It was not the most comfortable feeling.
    As she lay on the floor, she began to think. What if I can’t find water? What if I run out of air? What if I can’t get out??? She clenched her eyes to try and shake away the dark thoughts. Come on, Jess, be positive. It’ll all be fine. It has to be. But Jess couldn’t help but wonder. Right?
    She trembled in fear, and couldn’t help it when the tears began to fall. Her whole body began to quake, her mind filling with scenarios of what could happen if she didn’t make it out.
    As Jess cried, she heard a soft noise.
    “Hello?” She looked up, scanning the room. The noise became louder and louder, as if it was approaching. Jess tensed. This didn’t sound good. But… it didn’t sound scary either. Actually, it sounded kind of like… children’s carnival music? Huh.
    What she didn’t know was that a figure, the face of the carnival, was standing right in her shadow.
    “Boo,” a voice whispered. Jess jumped around, startled and terrified. “WHOS THERE?!”
    The clown just stood there, waving, grinning, a cleaver in hand.
    “AHHHHHHHHHH-” Jess screeched, but the rest of her scream was cut short, for the clown had plunged the cleaver down the center of her skull, and she fell, never to be heard from again.


    Kira opened her eyes. Not again. She wasn’t in the room anymore, and she was…swinging? Oh, no. She scrambled backwards, only to hit metal bars, and began to swing faster. Oh no oh no oh no. Her fear had been confirmed. She was in a cage. She grabbed onto the bars and looked down desperately, maybe she could jump? An overhead light flickered on just long enough to let her know she couldn’t. She was at least fifty feet off the ground. In a cage. She tilted her head up, and saw that the only thing keeping the cage from plummeting to the ground was a cable, incredibly thin. The cage creaked.

    Lucy lay still on her back, not wanting to open her eyes. She groaned, trying to shift position, but her hand struck something wooden. “What the…” She squinted rather than completely opening her eyes, trying to sit up but falling back onto her back as she hit whatever was blocking her.
    It took a moment for her eyes to adjust, a dim, bronze light flickering. She looked to see why she couldn’t move. What the **** is going on? Why am I in a coffin? Why is only part of it open? Lucy shifted to try and stand, though she slammed back down and bit back a yelp as she saw someone staring and her from above the coffin.
    The person tilted their head to the side, holding a shovel. The lights made it too hard for her to make out any features as the top of the coffin slammed shut, the realization just hitting her. ****-
    Lucy’s breathing sped up as she tried to shove the coffin open, attempting to tune out the dirt she could hear falling on top, the top slowly becoming heavier as she shoved. She pounded on the top, coughing every few seconds as she tried sucking in quick breaths, pushing her to hyperventilating.
    **** **** **** this is not good- Her thoughts were frantic as coughing spasms came and went, fists beating at the sides and top of the coffin, the remaining air slowly being turned to carbon dioxide.
    The asphyxiation began to kick in, making it harder every minute for Lucy to force her eyes to stay open. Her eyelids drooped as she drifted into unconsciousness, breathing now shallow and strained.
    And with that, she was back where she started. Lucy lay still on her back, with one slight difference. The heartbeat that had risen so quickly when the coffin closed now slowed and halted, the person who had held the shovel already having disappeared from the room.

    Sadie rounded a corner, feeling the walls around her. There’s got to be some way out… She thought to herself as she continued walking. The walls stretched on for what seemed forever, the journey seemingly never ending.
    To pass the time, and to make everything seem less ominous, Sadie began to hum to herself, singing a tune she hadn’t remembered she knew.
    As she hummed along, making her way down the passage, she began to hear something that wasn’t her singing or own thoughts. But… it felt like it was.
    Sadie sped up, determined to forget about what had just happened. But once again, her mind felt… invaded by thoughts other than her own. She pushed them away, struggling to get her own mind to take control.
    “No… stop…” she muttered, giving in a falling to the ground.

    Saige froze. They could tell something wasn’t right. They knew that something was off. And then they saw. The scent of rotting flesh carried through the air, festering and morbid, bringing despair wherever it went. And with it, came a creature. A dark figure, clad in layers upon layers of blacks, face hidden by a dark hood.
    “No…” Saige breathed. For a moment they stood, frozen in place, staring at the cloaked figure. The creature reached out a bony hand, a sharp blade appearing, and Saige snapped back to reality. They turned and ran, sprinting as fast as they could. They didn’t know where they were going, and they didn’t care. As long as they got away. But their mortal body was no match for the darkness. The figure glided forward, long black cloak streaming out from behind their body. A hand of bones once again emerged from the sea of darkness, twisting, and Saige stopped in their tracks, unable to move. They tried to scream, but all that could escape their mouth was a quiet whisper.
    The figure stepped close, just close enough for Saige to catch a glimpse of what was under the hood.
    “How-” their breath caught in their throat. Before they could finish, the figure swiftly brought the blade across the air, slashing through their neck. Blood streamed down, coating their body. Their head fell, tumbling across the floor, and they collapsed, now a lifeless corpse on the ground.
    A black hood was pulled back by a bony hand, revealing a skull, cold, dull, and empty. The eyes were hollow and dark, not a shred of a soul inside. And as the skull twisted downward, to look at the body at its feet, it smiled. A gruesome, evil smile. A smile not possible to be done by any living creature.
    The skull looked up, wiped the blood off of the spear, and stalked off, preparing to slaughter it’s next victim.

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        Yknow it’s fine, it worked out

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