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    Hilo everyone I am Alive, school started on Monday and I have been swamped, but here are chapters 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 if you have any Ideas or Constructive Critsism please tell me.
    A Child is Born and A Bound is Torn

    In the Forest Primeval
    A School for Good and Evil
    Two Towers like Twin Heads
    One for the Pure
    One for the Wicked
    Try to escape you’ll always fail
    the only way out is
    through a Fairy Tale

    Chapter 1

    After the Last Ever After, Agatha went to live with Tedros in his Camelot ,of course, time to time, she visited Sophie. Sophie was having a very fun time as Dean of evil, she gave evil style and not every fairy tail had a happy ending thanks to Sophie of Woods Beyond, she also got feeling for Hort. After everyone graduated, they went off to find their own fairy tales, and after that, most of them settled down. Hester explored the world, doing things that she never allowed herself to do in the past, and during all of this, she ended up dating Aric, yes Aric, the same one who stabbed his in her stomach and the same one she gave a epic beat down in the Last Ever After. They fell in love and after their travels, they got married, (Sophie had a very fun time decorating the wedding and sewing Hester’s wedding dress).
    Hester and Aric loved each other, and three years after marriage, they were blessed to find out that Hester was pregnant. Aric however was scared that he would never be a good father and that he would end up like his mother and his child would end up like him because when he was younger, only one thing mattered and that was killing his mother, which didn’t feel all that good a week after, because he realized that he was now fully alone in the world and then he found Hester and he wasn’t alone anymore. In nine months time, their baby girl was born, she was beautiful in their eyes. She had kinda spiky black hair, one black eyes and one violet eye lastly, she had deadly pale skin. They decided to name her Ally Hester Lesso and she was the top witch in her parents eyes.But always remember, No matter how hard Evil may try, they can never have a happy ending.
    Two years after Ally was born, Hester came back home, only to see her beloved husband packing his and their daughter clothing. She was confused.

    ” Aric, what’s with all of this, are we going on vacation ? ” Hester asked

    ” Hester, we have to talk. ” Aric sighed sitting down.

    ” What about ? ” She asked sitting next to him.

    ” I have decided to go back to the School of Evil to become a Teacher, and I want Ally to come with me, so she will learn the way to be Truly Evil ” He said with a fire in his violet eyes, a type of fire that Hester had only seen once, in the Trial by Tale.

    ” Aric, she is only a baby, she is not ready for this yet. ” She said, trying to reason.

    ” You can’t keep my away from my daughter Hester. ” Aric Glared.

    ” No, I can’t, why don’t you let her stay with me, and you can visit ” Hester reasoned.

    ” No, it won’t work that way, she has to come with me! ” Aric yelled

    Hester’s demon tattoo exploded off her neck and attacked Aric, while he was distracted, Hester ran and grabbed Ally, along with some money and ran away, as she fled from the house, her tattoo went back on her neck and the last thing she heard was her husband yelling ” You can’t run Hester, she has to find her father very soon ! ” Hester ran and ran with her child in her arms, until she made it to the Blue Forest, where she found the biggest tree and made a home out of it, where she raised her child for six years until Hester disappeared and never came back, the young child’s once red heart turned black, Her mother had left her, father abandoned her, she had nobody, all she had was herself, she then made a vow ‘Never trust and never love ‘ .
    Chapter 2 : A Unexpected Encounter and The Letter

    A young girl, around twelve years of age walked around the forest, she looked deep in thought, her waist length raven hair looked messy and tangled however, one part of it fell over her right eye, ghostly pale skin glowed in the night and a tattoo of two wings, one black and one purple was visible on her neck (remind anyone of somebody) she wore black ripped jeans,knee high black boots with purple laces, a black vest and a purple cloak. Suddenly she stopped and looked at the night sky.
    “Curse you moon, why must you look down and mock those that ask for your wisdom.” She said seldomly, sighing, she walked back to her home, a big oak tree . As she walked, she saw a flash of black hair ‘mother?’ she thought as she followed it. The black hair quickened it paste, making the girl run towards it, hope shinning in her black orb.
    ” Wait! ” She yelled, suddenly, it came to a stop.
    She went up to the horse, only to see curly black haired figure on a white horse ‘ this can’t be mother…’ she thought as she was about to turn around, the curly haired figure yelled ” Stop!” it sounded masculine. The girl turned looked to meet glowing blue eyes. It was a boy,with bright blue eyes and sun kissed tan skin, his curly black hair looked like those of Prince’s in Fairy Tales. He was chard in Black boots,Black pants, a black shirt and a blue cloak that brought out his shinning orbs, everything about him looked princely, except the frown on his face. He jumped off his horse and glared at the girl as if she were gum on his shoe.
    ” Why are you following me witch? ” He asked, pulling out a very shiny dagger.
    ” Sorry, I though you were someone else, no need to be a **** about it..” She said glaring back with equal amount of hate.
    ” A what ? ” He asked clearly confused, yet the frown remained on his face.
    “A ****, its a piece of **** or for people with your pea-nut sized Brian too-too ” She smirked as she said this and he looked taken back when she said this to him.
    “Who do you think your talking to witch ?” He glared , holding his dagger to her neck.
    “I am talking to a boy that thinks that he is better than everybody else ” She smirked.
    ” I don’t have time for the likes of you.” He sighed, getting back on his horse.
    ” You had time for me Fifteen seconds ago ! ” She yelled as he rod off.
    The girl smiled, knowing that she had out smarted him, whoever he was and walked back to her house. As she arrived back home, she saw a letter pecking out of her door, it was white with a black swan on it and in cursive writing it read ‘Ally Hester Baker ‘ The girl looked confused at the letter and picked it up, reading through it, she laughed ” School for Good and Evil, what a joke ! ” She exclaimed as she threw the letter into the fire place and watched it burn.
    ” Least this joke letter can do is keep me warm.” She muttered, however the swan didn’t burn, in-fact it fell to her feet and watched he, it was creepy. “hmm, oh yell, it can stay there and rot on the floor..” She sighed only to see it transform into a hideous beast with black boney wings, she looked frightened and began to scream as the swan-beast picked he up and flew away, torns sprouted out of its back, and wrapped around her body, keeping her from trying to get out.
    ” What the- Help!!! Let go of me you stupid animal!! ” She yelled, only to see one of the torns come up to her face and grow a flower, the flower looked very beautiful, but then it exploded, pink dust fell from that and sprinkled over the girl, making her fall into a deep sleep.
    Chapter 3 : Welcome and Meeting the Dean


    “Did you kill her ? ” A Enraged voice yelled.

    “I-I don’t know Mistress, I just brought you here as you said ” A scared voice whimpered.

    ” -Sigh- The whole idea of the letter and the swan was for the students to have a safe and comfortable trip here ” The Voice paused, the continued again, ” NOT A TRIP THAT LED TO THE POSSIBLE DEATH OF THEM, WHAT WILL I TELL… know who..” The voice yelled this time.

    ” I am sorry Mistress , I shall wait for you in the doom room now….” the voice mumbled defeatedly until it heard a groan , they both looked to see the ******* the floor shaking her head.

    ” Well, you got lucky this time, change into a more…….appealing form and do the procedure, I shall go deal with the other students, understood ? ” The voice said sternly.

    ” yes Mistress. ” The voice muttered again.

    ” Good . ” The now satisfied voice said as it walked away, heels being heard as whoever that was left the room.


    Ally groaned as she opened her eyes, looking around to see some sort of……empty store room.

    ” Hello? ” She yelled, but nobody answered and she couldn’t see anything, sighing defeatedly, she waited.

    ” Welcome! ” A voice exclaimed, looking up, she saw the door open and a man, he had light brown skin, white stringy hair that feel over his eyes and he wore a welcoming smile on his face.

    ” Hello…….where am I ? ” She asked, glaring at the man as she stood up.

    ” Why don’t I bring you to the dean ? ” He asked nervously under her evil glare.

    ” Yes, take me to your dean, right now or I will take my knife and slice you up, with your family. ” She said very sweetly, it just made her even more frightening to the poor man, after gulping he ushered her to follow him.

    ” Welcome, to our school, here you will learn all of the basics to being a excellent villain such as History Of Villainy, Surviving Fairy Tales and Henchmen Training. ” He exclaimed welcome-ly.

    “Um…sorry if I am being rude but where the fairy dust am I ? ” She pulled out a rusty looking dagger and pointed it at him.

    ” As I said….. the dean will explain it all ” He said nervosuly, looking at the girl who was coming dangerously close to him with the rusty yet sharp looking dagger.

    ” You know, I wonder what you would look like with nine fingers..” She mused as she was about to cut off his finger, someone cleared their throat rather loudly, the two turned their attention to the source.

    It was a beautiful woman with blonde wavy hair that fell perfectly on her waist, beautiful jade green eyes stood out with the black eye liner that surrounded her eyes, luscious ruby red lips frowned at the child last but not least, her creamy peach skin brought out all of this, she was very beautiful, chard in black high heels, a belly-bearing black leather halter shirt and skin-tight leather pants, this woman just looked to beautiful to be true.

    ” Now child, is that any way to treat your elders. ” She asked, looking at her confused.

    “Umm….no miss, I am sorry..” Ally suddenly found herself cowering in fear at hearing to woman’s voice, smooth and elegant, yes it was but it held some kind of power that could even maleficent cower in fear.

    ” Don’t apologize, evil never apologizes, oh well, you have plenty potential, follow me child ” She said, turning around, Ally instantly followed, to scared to disobey.

    They walked down an eerie hall, the only light was by lamps that were here and there, Ally found herself stumbling a few times yet the woman walked as if she had done this A-million times ‘she probably has..’ Ally thought, to caught up in her own thoughts, she didn’t notice when the woman stopped walked until she walked right into her, falling on her behind. Ally looked up to see the woman looking down on her in disappointment.

    ” If you weren’t who you were, I would have sent you to the doom room and given you twenty strokes across the back. ” She spat, grabbing Ally by her sleeve, she pulled her up and dropped her on a chair. Ally looked up to see a office, it was black with a portrait of her over the desk, on the desk there were some papers and five photo frames, seeing as the lady was preoccupied by looking at what seemed like clothing, Ally picked up one and looked at it to see the same blonde woman smiling with a lady with black hair , dark eyes, pale skin and a bright smile on her face with her arm around the blonde woman.

    ‘ This lady can smile ? ‘ Ally thought as she blew a strand of her hair out of her eyes.

    ” Please stop touching things on my desk young girl, an addition of ten strokes to your list. ” The blonde woman said. Ally did as she said, the woman frowned again.

    ” OK, I am your Dean, basically I make all of the rules and if you break them, I will break a whip across your pale back young lady, have I made myself clear? ” she asked.

    ” Yes Madam. ” She said

    ” Now, what is your name ? ” The dean said as she looked at the girl and sat down at a sewing machine.

    ” I’m Ally Hester Baker Miss ” The spiky haired girl introduced herself.

    “I was expecting you, but i didn’t think you would be like…well…this…no worries, after I finish your uniforms for your first week, and give you one of my home-made face cleansers, girl, those ever boys are going to wish they could get with that. ” The dean said, eyes glittering with a new look of…evil?

    ” Where am I miss…” Ally asked.

    ” Oh, yes, how rude of me, welcome to The School For Evil Edification And Propagation of Sin, as you already know dear, I am your dean, Sophie of Woods Beyond. ”
    Chapter 4 : Uniform and Dorm mates

    After Sophie introduced herself, Ally sat down looking at her while she sewed together the uniform.

    ‘Sophie of Woods Beyond……where have i heard that before…or have I read it ? “‘ Ally thought as she looked at Sophie.

    ” OK, I need you to put of this, when you put it down, I will explain some of the rules, and then a wolf will be here to show you your dorm room. ” Sophie said as she gave Ally a outfit. After Ally put it on, Sophie pushed her in front of a body length mirror. Ally looked at herself, she was in Black skinny ripped jeans with chains of the pocket, knee length boots with laces and a black and purple striped vest, there was a pocket on the vest with a white swan on it. Sophie observed her handy work, frowning at the vest.

    ” Hmm….the shirt looks out of place, but this on over it. ” Sophie said, Ally did as Sophie said, suddenly, Sophie’s finger glowed hot pink and the best turned completely black, the over shirt that Ally had put on, turned dark purple and the white swan appeared on the pocket of it, the long sleeves folded to her elbows and the folded part turned dark purple. then Sophie smiled.

    ” Perfect, well…not ever boy drool perfect but it is a good start..” Then Sophie’s pointer finger glowed pink again and dark purple finger less gloves appeared on Ally’s two hands, they went up to her elbows. Ally looked stunned, never before in her life had she seen such magic before. The girls spiky hair looked the same, except the dark the feel to her eyes was pushed back into a messy braid and held together with a red hair tie.
    ” OK, your uniform for today is finished, the rest of them will be in your dorm room, here is your schedule and your books, the wolf should be waiting outside. ” Sophie stated, pushing Ally out of her office then shutting the door, she didn’t see a wolf, so she looked at her schedule.

    Ally Of Bakers Field
    Evil: 1st year
    Mischief Tower 56

    Evil style : Sophie

    History of Villainy : Castor

    Curses and Death traps : Miss Anadil


    Special talents : prof Sheeba Sheeks

    Surviving Fairy Tales :Prof Aric Lesso

    Forest Group #1

    “You are Ally of Bakers Field?” a deep voice asked, Ally looked to see a big brown wolf

    ” Apparently, are you here to show me to tower…….56? ” She asked.

    ” Yes, follow me..” He growled as he walked.

    ‘ Why is everybody here so rude, did someone pull a maleficent on them ? ” Ally thought as she followed the wolf. They went through a series of hall ways until they came to stair case, it said MISCHIEF in bold, they walked along there until they stopped at a door, Ally looked up to see the wolf gone and she was standing in front of room 56 , breathing in, she opened the door.

    “What is that ? ” A sleepy voice asked as if it just woke up.

    ” Well, obviously, IT, is a girl and IT has a name. ” Ally snapped as she walked into the room, it was very big , black with four beds, two on each side, there were doors next to each room, which Ally assumed to be closet’s.

    ” OK then IT, what be its name, and what are you doing here? ” The voice then got out of it’s bed to reveal a girl , she had light brown skin, blood red eyes and chin length black hair, she was the same height as Ally and had red X’s from her neck down. She also had a scar across her nose. The girl went up to Ally and glared at her.

    ” IT’s name is Ally, what is your name , *****? ” Ally snarled

    ” My name is Andy . ” The girl suddenly smiled.

    ” And I am Tommy! ” A boy screamed, jumping from the ceiling, he had very curly white hair that almost made him look like a girl, dark blue eyes and very pale skin, he had a snake wrapped around his right arm with a mouse in its mouth.

    ‘At least this place is rodent free….’ Ally thought.

    ” Can you all just SHUT UP, or I will turn you all into cockroaches and step on you ! ” Another boy yelled, he had the same light brown skin as the girl, but he had chin length red hair and black eyes with black X’s from his neck down, he had a scar as well, it was on his forehead, he glared at everyone in the room.

    ” Who put a stick in your **** Leo ? ” Andy yelled, glaring back at him.

    ” Your new little boy friend, Tommy, you may be my sister but I WILL throw you out this window and watch as the Stymphs eat you alive ” Leo yelled glaring daggers at Andy.

    ” Your just mad that you aren’t one of those talent-less princes in the good school, cry baby. ” She mumbled as she went back to her bed and pulled out a book, Tommy jumped back on the ceiling and Ally went to the empty bed.

    ” Well, I guess we are all stuck together. ” Ally said smiling.

    ” Not unless I kill you in your sleep and eat your kidney. ” Leo smiled devilishly

    ” He doesn’t warm up to new people…” Andy said to Ally.

    ” I don’t need people, I will be the best Villain ever, all of those Ever’s will cower at the mention of Leo of Ice Land ” Leo said triumphantly.

    ” I wanna see that . ” Andy mused, as she went back to reading her book ‘ Why Reader’s Normally Fail by Sophie.

    ” Shouldn’t’t we go to class or something? ” Ally asked.

    ” Welcome ceremony is Tomorrow, then after that we have our classes. ” Andy explained, laying down in her bed.

    ” Oh, well, I guess I’m going to sleep now..” Ally said nervously.

    ” Sleep with one eye open, he is bitter..” Tommy said softly, hanging from the ceiling as he drifted to sleep, everyone was asleep, so Ally decided to follow.
    Chapter 5 : Welcoming Ceremony

    Ally woke up first, she decided to get a head start and put on her uniform, well, first she had to choose, Dean Sophie had sent up everyone’s clothing and Ally had seen more outfits than she had worn in a year. Today, she wore a dark red dress that reached five inches above her knees, a black leather jacket with chains on the pockets and black flats. Her hair had been left out this time with a spiked hairband, after she finished changing, she went back into the room to see her dorm mates ready and apparently waiting for her.

    ” Good Morning Ally, we have Welcoming now, but we didn’t’t want to leave without you. ” Andy said going up to Ally. Ally looked at her outfit, black jeans, that looked really big, a white vest and black sneakers, to complete her outfit, she wore a red plaid shirt that wasn’t buttoned, so it exposed her vest.

    ” Well, come on, lets not be late, we will be sent to the doom room…..” Leo said, walking away, he wore the same thing as Andy, except, his was all black and his button up was buttoned, he also had on red finger-less gloves. They all walked up to a bridge, where they saw Dean Sophie waiting on students.

    ” You four are late, not as late as the three others that need to get here, so, no doom room, just go in the theater and take a seat ” Sophie stated, they all went inside, there where two sides, On the left, there was Never’s written in bold black above it, the seating was all black and the students all wore different outfits, they only thing they had in common was that they were all dark and they all had a white swan somewhere on the outfit. The four sat in the second row. On the right, there was EVER’s written in bold white, their seating was white and the students at where there all wore the same outfit, the girls wore pink dresses with puffy sleeves, ( Andy,Leo and Tommy made fun of them saying that they had no originality which Ally agreed with )
    and glass slippers. All of the girls were sharing make-up, except one who was reading a book. Then out of a private entrance, boys wearing blue princely outfits walked in ( I am too lazy to describe….and by now we should know what the classical uniforms look like, right? ) They then pulled roses out of their pockets and threw them at the ever girls, every Ever girl caught one, Ally scoffed wondering how can some girls be so stupid.

    ” Welcome to the School for Good and Evil . ” A very kind voice said, everyone looked on the stage to see a massive dog with two heads, walking around the stage. One head was fluffy and nice looking while the other growled and drooled all over the place.

    “I am Pollux, Welcoming leader.”the fluffy head said.

    ” I’M CASTOR, ASSISTANT WELCOMING LEADER AND EXECUTIONER OF PUNISHMENT FOR ANY AND EVERYONE THAT BREAKS THE RULES OR ACTS LIKE THEY LIVE IN A ZOO .” The growling head said. The good students looked scared which made some Nevers smirk ( by some I mean Leo everyone else on the nevers side cowered in fear and why won’t they ) .

    Pollux glared at Castor ” Thank you Castor… you are all here because your souls either hold Pure Good or Pure Evil, you see children, some souls are purer than others, but all souls are fundamentally Good or Evil. Those who are Evil can’t make their souls good and those who are good can’t be evil, you understand don’t you all? ” Pollux asked, all of the students nodded.

    ” AND SINCE EVIL HAS BEEN STEPPING UP, EVERS HAVE GOT A RUN FOR THEIR MONEY, WE ARE GOING TO SEND THEM RUNNING WITH THEIR TAILS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS, RIGHT NEVERS? ” Castor snarled, Pollux slapped Castor, now all Never students were throwing rotten apples or weird substances at Evers and the Evers were throwing roses back, the wolves threw buckets of push pins at Evers (courtesy of Sophie ) and Fairies threw glitter on the Nevers, both sides had shut up now because they were too busy rubbing their wounds.

    ” Now, I am sure non of you will fail-” Pollux begun, only to be cut off by Castor.

    ” You should really stop saying that now, its like you are casting a hex on their grades….” Castor mumbled rather loudly.

    ” Now, hidden between you all, their is a reader, we have decided to keep them hidden from you because of past incidents, but don’t worry, they have the same potential, we had a fantastic set some years ago! ” Pollux said, smiling.

    ” Ya, they almost destroyed the school twice and our world the last time, but they were a jolly two ! ” Castor exclaimed sarcastically.

    ” Now, if you work hard, best of you will become princes and warlocks, knights and witches , queens and sorcerers or a henchman, now with no interruptions, I shall review the rules. ” Pollux said, everyone, even Castor groaned ( causing Pullox to give him a look )

    ( Spongebob Three hours later )

    The Evers listened to Pollux attentively while the fairies had to constantly wake up the Nevers because they fell asleep, not all just Andy, Tommy and Ally, they were using each other as support to sleep, to hid this, the girls used their hair and Tommy used his snake ( Who weirdly enough followed his master and feel asleep) They woke up to Leo shaking them saying ” This part is important you noobs, listen..”
    ” Now as to how we shall determine your future tracks, we don’t give ‘marks’ yada yada yada There are 200 students in each school and we have divided you into yada yada yada yada yada After each challenge you will be ranked from one to twenty, if you are ranked in the top 5 of your group consistently yada yada yada yada yada leader track ” that was all Ally heard until she fell back to sleep, then she woke up again, because Tommy and Andy were now awake and listening while the fairies were glaring at her in disgust, there was even a teacher there with bright purple eyes looking at her in disappointment, making her listen. ” What is the twin dog head talking about? ” Ally asked Andy.

    ” The Theater, that will be given to the school that wins the Circus of talents…I think i’ll take a ***** now, listen to the rules for me, would ya…” Andy said as the went back to sleep.

    ” Now, last but not least, top ranked students will be named Class Captain they shall get privileges, since more than half of you are asleep now, I shall leave that for next Assembly, dismissed. ”

    ” WAIT!!! ‘ A girl from the Evers side yelled, making Nevers Groan as they were all tired.

    ” WHAT?!? ” Cator yelled

    ” How come Nevers don’t have a uniform and we have these dresses to wear everyday, we are royalty, we deserve a new dress everyday, not the same style on another dress…” The girl yelled, making the Ever girl nod, while the Ever boys groaned ( I just want to sleep… one boy said )

    ” Their Dean wanted them to have individuality, so Evil could hid with good, because they look better than you, they can hid among you, now stop being a Brat and be a good girl before I take you to the doom room! ” Sophie yelled, she had somehow gotten on stage, she looked tired and the glare literally made the Evers run from the theater.

    ” Well Okay My sweet Nevers, get to your dorms and rest up for a day of evil tomorrow, go along ” Sophie said as the Nevers walked to their Dorms.

    ” Can’t wait to see you Ally ” A teacher said, they walked the opposite direction of the students.
    Chapter 6 : Evil Style more like Evil Torture

    The Next Morning, Ally and Andy were on their way to Evil style, because they had it together, Dean Sophie requested (…ordered) that all students wear their best to her class. Ally was scared of Dean Sophie, but she didn’t know what was dressy, so she wore black leggings, a red hoodie with purple draw strings ( those over sized ones with the long sleeves ) and knee high Black boots with purple laces and her hair was in a long braid ,some hair in the front fell over her black eye, she had a feeling dean Sophie meant dress, but…….she wasn’t particularly into dresses.

    ” That’s what you are wearing to Evil Style ? ” Andy asked

    ” Ya, I am not wearing a dress..” Ally replied.

    ” Hmm, well OK, bu I hear when nobody does what Dean Sophie says they go to the doom room…” Andy mumbled, She had on a Dark red dress that fell right above her knees, black flats , black leather jacket and black finger-less gloves. Andy had a backpack on her back, and she leaned against the door frame reading a book.

    ” That doesn’t matter, lets go A ” Ally smiled, she and Andy had grown closer over the days. They walked into a room with a bright pink door that said in cursive black ‘Evil Style’ They walked into the room to see other students siting down, they sat in the far back, Dean Sophie was writing a letter, then her finger glowed hot pink and a weird animal took the letter away, she then looked up, green eyes scanning the room.

    ” Good Morning Students!! ” She exclaimed, the everyone mumbled a Good Morning back, that wasn’t good enough for dean Sophie though, she glared at the students and slammed her pedicured hand on her desk, making all the students in the room jump in surprise ” Well I am sorry but did you all forget that I am your teacher, when I say something, you answer me back ! and i don’t tolerate attitude! “She yelled.

    ” Good Morning Dean Sophie! ” Everyone said, scared for their lives.

    ” That’s better, now ladies, we shall be learning about why evil should look fabulous, anybody got any ideas ? ” Sophie asked, siting on her desk

    Andy raised her hand

    ” Yes Andy..” Sophie pointed at her.

    ” So Good would think we are one of them . ” She said

    ” Hmm, yes.. but there is more too it, how about you Ally , why do you think evil should look Fabulous ? ” Sophie smirked, looked Ally in the eyes, purple and black against green, green won….

    ” Um, so that people will think we are good but realize we are bad when its too late ?? ” Ally asked.

    ” Hmm…… no… Hyde ” Sophie called.

    Ellie Hyde, she walked over Tommy’s snake, then the snake got back up and bit her, she had white eyes, almost tan skin, on her face she had two green blue markings on her face and light brown hair, but don’t let looks deceive you, at the Welcoming Ceremony she threw spit ***** at Pullox and Castor while making fun of Dean Sophie ( She was the first child to go to the doom room ). She wore a white leather Jacket, black undershirt, black shirt and white heels with green/blue studs.

    ” We must look fabulous to get the upper hand on the enemy . ” She smirked.

    ” YES ” Sophie yelled

    ” All of your answers were close but Evil must look fabulous so we can hid,deceive and kill, and while we do all of this nobody would think it was evil because we looked good based on style, because we looked beautiful just like Good nobody would believe you were evil, until it was too late . ” Sophie said, so I need I am going to give you all an activity too do, Sophie’s finger glowed pink and everybody’s shoes turned into heels, except Ellie whose heels turned into six inch platforms.

    ” You Will all learn to walk in Heels, because Good has good posture and girls, your posture is horrendous. ” Sophie sat on her desk and watches as they all tried to walk

    -Time Skip-

    Ally fell, got pushed and did Sophie stop, no, she laughed, Poor Ally and Andy kept falling, one time, Ellie fell on them with her platform death traps. The suddenly their shoes went back to normal and Sophie was still laughing.

    ” Okay ladies, now that you are finished making me laugh, that’s all for evil style, go on too your next class, that’s all for evil style ‘ Sophie said, as the girls were about to leave a man with small whiskers came in and smiled at Sophie, she smiled back and they went on to talk. As Ally passed the pair, she mumbled ” Evil Style, more like Evil Torturer ” As she help a tissue to her ****** lip, that she got when Ellie fell on her…
    Well what do you all think?? I think that I rushed it, anyway, Poor Ally she had to go though the ultimate

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