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    allie11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 7 months ago

    Please give me some bios to add to my story Arrows. Write them in comments because they are hard to find

        victoriaperrrea replied 4 years, 7 months ago

        Name: Victoria Alessia Valentina
        Age: 13 (b-day-5/25)
        Gender: female
        School: Good
        Fairy tale parent: The Canary Prince
        Pet: fat ginger tabby cat named Fish (that her dad hates)
        Personality: a stubborn pain in the **** perfectionist who likes her sense of independence but isn’t isolated from having friends. A very intelligent young lady with a great sense of humor and is super sweet at the same time and cares too much for her own good, mature and takes things seriously when she needs to
        Appearance: medium beige skin, long wavy dark brown hair, almond eyes and grey and gold speckled irises , full lips, slightly upturned pointed nose, 5’3 height, looks older than she really is, wears a rose gold colored off-the-shoulder bohemian blouse dress that goes to her knees and small wedged lacy white flats
        Finger Glow: canary yellow
        Talent: drawing,singing
        Crush: Alexander (Alex for short) Russian Prince (knyaz) age 14, he has pale skin, black hair, blue eyes, 5’8 height, tall lean and muscular (think swimmer physique)
        Other: her mother passed when she was at a very young age so majority of her learning of the feminine practices was taught to her by her chambermaids. This is why her father taught her how to ride a horse and sword fight, as it was their way of bonding. Friends with witches bc in her parents story, the witches helped them

        Name: Alexander(Alex) Vashchenko
        Age: 14 (b-day 12/28)
        Gender: male
        Fairy Tale parent: Vasilisa the Beautiful and the Tsar of Russia
        School: Good
        Pet: a light golden brown and white Fennec Fox named Fenton
        Personality: he puts up a facade of being all that and looking important as his father had taught him, but when around people he was used to and comfortable with, he was calm, easygoing, humorous, sarcastic, hardworking, sincere, honest, and loving. All of these are qualities he got from his mother (a merchant’s daughter). He tends to give great attention and time and holds great responsibility for the things he cares deeply for.
        Appearance: he has pale skin, dark wavy and shortish black hair, icy blue eyes, 5’8 height, tall lean and muscular (think swimmer physique), small beauty mark(mole, but I prefer the other word) on the right of his face slightly beneath the corner of his mouth (near his chin), strong jaw, slightly pointed nose, usually wears a red, black and gold coat and slacks and a gold embroidered fitted black waistcoat with shiny black boots w/ gold embellishments and in the cold he wears a dark grey and brown fur trimmed bearskin cloak with a gold chain (the Russians were excessive 😉 ) His other common outfit is the same but in light grey, ivory, and silver.
        Finger Glow: ruby red
        Talent: pro at knife-throwing, exceptional memory and great time management skills
        Crush: Victoria Alessia Valentina
        Other: he is the oldest of six sons and is used to taking care of his younger brothers when his parents aren’t around. He feels pressured sometimes to be his best self so he can be an example for his younger siblings. He finds his escape from the world in the forest and enjoys the cold, snow, and doing practically anything in the candlelight. Although he is kind and sincere, he does have an ego and makes sure to flaunt himself to impress certain people *cough* Victoria *cough cough*

        iceprinces replied 4 years, 7 months ago

        heres some bios:
        Name: Sky Element
        Nickname: none
        Age: 14
        Gender: girl
        School: good
        Mother: unknown
        Father: unknown
        Talent: she can fly and control air. She can also sometimes make and control lightening.
        Appearance: she has long straight white hair the color of clouds and bright blue eyes the color of the sky. She has a small pointy nose a d she has a scar under her eye. Her hair has a wind blown look from spending so much time high up in the sky. She has freckles on her cheeks. She wears sleeveless jackets, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, jeans, and short dresses. She also wears colors like blue, white, purple, and pink.
        Personality: she loves to use her powers to fly and to be near the sky. Shes very out-going and unique. She loves to make new friends and meet new people. She likes to do things that no one has ever done before. She likes to do things that other people say are impossible. She can be very stubborn. She likes to prove people wrong. She hates being wrong and being tricked. She likes to discover new things. Shes a book worm and she loves to learn. She loves to learn new things and she loves giving her ideas.
        Finger-glow: sky blue
        Pet: she has a pet falcon named Dash but she calls it Dashy
        Weapon: she has a sword made of lightening.
        Crush: none
        Siblings: Hunter (@marcy), Cass (@sparrow), Apple (@sparrow)
        Name: Asher Wolf
        Nickname: Ash
        Gender: boy
        Age: 13
        School: good
        Mother: unknown
        Father: unknown
        Talent: he can hide by becoming a shadow or fading into other people’s shadow’s. hes also a very good archer.
        Appearance: he has short dark black hair the color of the night sky and big dark gray eyes. He has small pointy ears and a small pointy nose. Hes really tall for his age and he has freckles on his nose and cheeks. He has super pale skin and a kind looking face. Hes always wearing a black hoodie (he doesn’t like uniforms) he wears hoodies, leather jackets, thin jackets, t-shirts, blank shirts, jeans, leggings, and jeggings. He also wears colors like black, gray, white, silver, green, and blue.
        Personality: hes always been an outcast and a bit of a loner. He likes to be alone and hes never really had any friends (if hes ever had any) he loves black. He likes nature. He likes to sit in the back of the class. Hes shy at first and gets surprised whenever anyone does anything nice for him. He likes to sneak around, explore, and discover secrets. Hes really nice when he wants to be and he likes to help people (most of the time). Hes really quiet. Sometimes he wishes that he had a friend.
        Finger-glow: dark green
        Weapon: he has a bow and arrows made of a black metal.
        Pet: none
        Crush: Sky Element
        Sibings: unknown
        i hope that you like them 🙂

        athene replied 4 years, 7 months ago

        You can go to @athene and all my bios are in the Favorites tab. (Sorry, SGE was blocked on the device where my bios are, so I can’t copy-and-paste them. 😡 )

          allie11 replied 4 years, 7 months ago

          That’s alright I’ve had the same problem thanks for helping!

        sparrow replied 4 years, 7 months ago

        i have some bios that you could use 🙂
        Name: Cass Element
        Nickname: none
        Age: 14
        Gender: boy
        School: good
        Mother: unknown
        Father: unknown
        Personality: he can be clumsy, childish, and reckless. Sometimes he does things without thinking. Hes brave. Sneaky. He likes to ’play’ with sharp objects and fire. He likes to sneak around, spy on people, and discover secrets. He likes to be outside at night. Hes very energetic and stubborn. He can be loud and hes very talkative. Hes confident. Hes nice. Hes very loyal to his friends and the people he cares about. He will do anything to protect his friends and the people he cares about.
        Appearance: he has fiery orange hair and big golden-yellow eyes. His clothes are always burned because of his fire abilities. A lot of the time hes covered in dirt from spending time outside. He has a scar on his cheek. Hes tall for his age. He has tanned skin. He wears t-shirts, hoodies, pants, and thin jackets. He also wears colors like red, orange, yellow, green, and black.
        Finger-glow: bright red
        Talent: he can control fire and make 4 inch flames surround his body. Hes also immune to fire.
        Crush: Melody (Mel) daughter of Alice and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.
        Pet: a raven named Ash.
        Weapon: a sword made from a red metal.
        Siblings: Apple, Hunter (@marcy), Sky (@iceprinces).
        Name: Melody Hatter
        Nickname: Mel
        Age: 13
        Gender: girl
        School: good
        Mother: Alice from Alice in Wonderland
        Father: the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
        Personality: shes nice and sweet. Shes a bookworm. She follows the rules enless its absolutely necessary to break them. Shes very cheerful. Sometimes shes shy at first. Shes brave and she enjoys to run around and climb things. Shes creative and she has a big imagination. Shes very trustworthy and loyal. She trusts people to easily sometimes. She likes to draw and sing. She likes to explore and have adventures. Shes quiet.
        Appearance: she has long wavy brown hair with blue highlights on the edges. she has big sea green eyes. Her skin is very pale. She wears her hair in a braid, pony tail, or pink tails. shes occaisonally covered in leaves. Shes average height. She wears dresses, skirts, leggings, tank tops, and sweater vests. She also wears colors like pink, purple, blue, and green.
        Finger-glow: dark pink
        Talent: she doesn’t have any magical talents but shes very good at art and music.
        Crush: Cass Element
        Weapon: she has a knife made out of steal that her mother gave her.
        Pet: she has a small black rabbit named midnight.
        Siblings: none
        Name: Apple Element
        Nickname: none
        Age: 14
        Gender: girl
        School: good
        Mother: unknown
        Father: unknown
        Talent: she can move rocks and dirt with her mind. She can also sense what kind of rocks shes standing on. Shes also very good at hand to hand combat and fighting with a staff.
        Appearance: she has dark grass green hair and brown eyes the color of dirt. She has dark skin. Shes always covered in dirt and leaves from spending all of her time outside and sometimes she has small rocks in her hair. She has freckles on her nose and cheeks. Shes always smiling. She has a button nose and pointy ears. She likes to wear sweater vests, tank tops, short dresses, shorts, and skirts. She also wears colors like green, brown, pink, and blue.
        Personality: she loves to laugh and smile. Shes very cheerful and she loves to help people. Shes very loyal. Shes good at reading people. Shes loyal to her friends and the people she cares about and shes trustworthy. Shes very passionate, creative, and has a big imagination. Shes very good at hand to hand combat and fighting with a staff. She would do anything to protect her friends and the people she cares about. Shes trustworthy. Shes very brave and confident.
        Finger-glow: grass green
        Pet: a mouse named lightening.
        Weapon: a staff made of rocks that is covered in vines.
        Crush: none
        Siblings: Cass, Hunter (@marcy), Sky (@iceprinces).
        Name: Zoe Wood (that isnt really her last name. she named herself)
        Nickname: none
        Age: 13
        Gender: girl
        School: evil
        Mother: maleficent
        Father: unknown
        Talent: shes very good at magic and she has red and black dragon wings that allow her to fly. Shes very good with a sword.
        Appearance: she has short spiky purple hair (its not really purple. She dyed it) that goes down to her shoulders. She has one green eye and one yellow eye. She has freckles on her nose and cheeks. She has red and black dragon wings so she can fly. She wears a neckless with a small bat charm on it. She wears tank tops, shorts, leather jackets, jeans, and blank t-shirts. She also wears colors like black, purple, green, and blue.
        Personality: she doesn’t like uglification. Shes one of the nicer kids in evil. Shes true to herself. She stands up for herself and likes to fight her own battles. Shes almost always being sarcastic. She loves animals. She can be very negative. Shes very good at making fun of people. She can be annoying. Shes persistant and determind. She loves secrets and mysteries. She can be mysterious. She likes to discover new things and explore.
        Finger-glow: dark purple.
        Pet: none
        Crush: none
        Weapon: a sword made of a strong black metal.
        Siblings: she has a 10 year old brother named Alen that she never thinks bout.
        i hope you like them.

        lotr replied 4 years, 7 months ago

        If you feel, like it you can use Arossa. 🙂

        Name: Arossa
        Gender: Female
        Ever\Never:Ever, but is more neutral.
        Crush: None… but who knows?
        Pet: A blue jay named Merle. She often perches on her shoulder, but is usually somewhere completely different.
        Fairy Tale Relative: Her parents were The Clever Little Tailor and his Princess.
        Fingerglow: Midnight blue with a creamy tinge.
        Weapon: Mainly uses a small, ashwood hand crafted bow and arrows, but has multiple jade daggers hidden in her belt.
        Talent: Telekinesis (the ability to move objects with mind, usually not visibly to other humans.)She can manipulate and move multiple objects at a times, from things as small as a blade of grass to as big as a sycamore tree. Even after an extensive amount of research she couldn’t find out how this talent came to her, as her parents talents are nothing like it.
        Clothing: Pleated dark blue skirt that has buttons sown down the sides with a black woven leather belt. A cream off the shoulder, sleeveless blouse, which has a multiple number of lacey frills around the top. White wedges with a blue lace bow and polka dots
        Personality: Sarcastic, often in life or death situations, this can annoy people alot. Has a dark sense of humor, but often she will find it in her to be a bit cheesy or even corny. Is usually calm but does have a temper she looses regularly. Is extremely negative, if anything bad happens she will say everyone is going to die. She is very smart,and used to excell in classes until the school’s were destroyed, with no comments sense. Arossa has feelings for nobody, if someone dies no sympathy will come from her.
        Flaws: Can often annoy people with the fact that she cares about nothing, this often happens multiple times in one day . Can be a bit scatter brained and often forgets what she’s supposed to do.
        Appearance: She has shoulder length brown hair with natural streaks of gold. Her eyes are a dark green, and always seem to have a faraway look in them. She has round petite ears and a ever so slightly pointy nose. Her cheekbones are high and sharp, as is her collar bone. Her hands are long and slender, on account of her long fingers. She is slim and tall,5.9 to be exact.
        Backstory: She grew up living an extremely peaceful life in her parents castle up until the age of ten. She was out riding on her magnificent black horse, Thunder, when it happened. She was coming back from her ride when she saw that in the distance the castle was on fire. She tried to help save her 4 year old brother Joeseph and her parents. Sadly, they all perished in the fire. It is because of this that she has no sympathy for anyone. After the fire she went to live with her grandparents who cared for her. They do not have there own fairy tale so for a while Arossa live a simple life. Then she received her letter of acceptance to the School for Good and Evil…
        Other: Arossa behaves like a never, even though she’s a ever because of what happened to her brother and parents. She was given a place in the School for Good because: She had Good parents, she had suffered loss, so her never approach on things was understandable and she was a girl who cared about makeup, clothes, and boys.

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