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    allie11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years, 1 month ago

    Chapter 5
    If you want the other chapters go to @allie11 in favorites.

    After a exhausting day of classes Victoria, Sky, and Lavender trudged up the five staircases to their dorm room. Throughout the day Lavender had gotten mostly twos except in animal communication where she got a one. Lunch was boring with girls practically drooling over boys and the boys showing off their swordplay skills. Lavender knew she could cream the boys in swordplay blindfolded.
    The days went on and on all of them the same. Victoria started dating a boy named Alex. Then suddenly it was time for the preparation for the trial by tale. Lavender was slated to be on the team. It looked as if she would go in second place for good right after Alex Victoria’s boyfriend. Either Sky or Melody would were next and then after both of them and a couple of boys was Victoria. The official teams would be chosen next week until then the lessons were taken up with trial preparation.
    A week later the scores were posted. It looked like this
    1- Alexander
    2- Lavender
    3- Melody
    4- Sky
    5- Asher
    6- Victoria
    Then there were a couple of people Lavender didn’t know. She noticed Asher because he has a crush on Sky. It’s funny and pathetic the way he tries to get her to notice him. Sky of course has no idea he likes her.
    The following days were filled with training and strategizing for the competitors. Melody switched rooms with the other girl who lived in their dorm room so the girls sat up late into the night planning. When their magic was unlocked Lavender turned out to be a **** at spells and mogrification. She was alright with animals but Melody was better. Sky was a master at weather spells and Victoria could brew up the most amazing herbal brews to fix anything. Everyone knew both Sky and Victoria would have a prince protecting them as well.

        victoriaperrrea replied 5 years, 1 month ago

        Wonderful as usual 🙂

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