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    allie11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years, 1 month ago

    Chapter 7
    You can find my other chapters @allie11 under favorites

    The minute the boy dropped his flag cheers could be heard from the other side of the gates. I was magically transported in front of the crowd. The cheers and screams were louder on the ever side while nevers were half heartedly clapping. The nevers were clearly upset that they didn’t win. Across The field I could see the girl I eliminated talking to another never boy. She looked mad. I was awarded some more first place ranks putting me in the lead for class captain.

    The buzz from me winning the trial finally died down. School continued to go on unchanging. Forest groups were amusing. Thier instructor a sprightly mermaid named Finka enjoyed the challenges were boys tried to pick the right girl. Namely by kissing the girl they chose. Elizabeth my old roommate was in this group too. She was constantly sought out to be picked by a group of boys. I couldn’t blame them it was me and a couple of **** never girls to chose instead of her. Despite this boys always seemed to float in my direction and they never seemed disappointed. This all seemed unimportant until 4 invitations were slipped under their door.
    “A ball?” I said.
    “Duh the snow ball. It’s THE event of the year.” Answered Victoria.
    “I’m guessing boys have to ask us.” Said Melody. She looked a little paler than usual.
    “I’m so *******.” I said. “Who’s going to ask ME.”
    “Oh someone will.” Replied Victoria.
    “That’s easy for YOU to say.” Answered Melody.
    “Yeah” I said “both you AND Sky already have instant dates.” Sky looked confused but she was cut off by someone opening the door. It was Elizabeth, in her hand was a note.
    “Um, this is how the boys are asking to the ball this year.” She mumbled. Instantly my roommates wanted to know everything about the boy who asked her. Finally Elizabeth was able to tell us she hadn’t opened it yet.
    “WHAT” Yelled Victoria “Open it!” The boy who asked Elizabeth was a handsome boy from their forest group. Under closer observation you could tell that the boys were making these letters as romantic as possible. Elizabeth’s was covered with hearts and cupids. Mere minutes after Elizabeth opened hers there was a card for Victoria from Alex and then one for Sky from Asher. Sky claims she had no idea he liked her. But I could see a pleased smile spread across her face when she read it. Apparently Sky wasn’t as oblivious as we all thought.
    As the days dragged on Melody and I started getting nervous. We knew if we didn’t get asked we would be failed. Soon there were other things to worry about. The Circus of Talents was coming up. By request of the Dean for the school for evil the winner of the circus would host the Snow Ball. The pressure was on nobody wanted their school to lose. And if that pressure wasn’t enough the dean forbade us from entering the evil school. The girls practiced day and night. The circus was approaching at lightning speed.

        victoriaperrrea replied 5 years, 1 month ago

        It’s great!!! I’m excited to know who your date is gonna be!

        peppy replied 5 years, 1 month ago

        Fantastic! 😀

        magica replied 5 years ago

        Awesome details! I can’t wait to read about the Circus of Talents. 🙂

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