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    Arrows Chapter nine
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    Today was the circus of talents for the first time in my life I wasn’t really ticked when Melody shook me awake at what felt like two am but it was actually only 5:30. I immediately sprang out of bed opened the window so Spark my dragon could fly out. Then I skipped over to the vanity where I started brushing my hair. Victoria gaped at me, shocked I was actually moving this early in the morning. She looked like she was going to say something but thought better of it. She stood there for a couple of minutes then started on her own hair. Hair shining, teeth gleaming in flawless lavender dresses we strode out of our room. The entire day was dedicated to preparing for the circus I practiced my spell in the library until it was flawless. Finally it was time we filed into the hall the impartial judge was sitting at a small table at the back of the room. I was Class Captain so I went last. I watched as each of my friends performed only Victoria was beaten by the girl who I eliminated in the trail by tale. At last it was my turn I walked to the front of the room. Spark flew down from where he was hiding in the rafters. I started converging my power making it stronger. My finger glows usual minty green was now a dark emerald. With a final blast Spark became as large as a full sized dragon. Then I levitated up so I was sitting on his back with a burst of magic Spark rose into the air and spun around. I lifted my finger into the air and mixed the universe through the glass dome. Then I landed. Spark shrank back to normal size. I placed him in my pocket took a bow and walked back to my seat. And just between you and me the movement of the universe was an illusion, but the judge doesn’t know that. I won (obviously) but I didn’t have time to celebrate. There was to much to do! I had to find a dress for the Snow Ball with matching shoes, makeup, and jewelry. Eventually I found the perfect dress after searching through my roommates closets I finally found the perfect dress. It was a minty green top with a lavender skirt. It was cut like a strapless sundress. I also found a matching necklace and shoes. My mom was right (for the first time ever) my makeup kit did come in handy. I was extremely excited for the Snow Ball. Everything was going perfectly!

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