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    Arrows Chapter 10
    You can find my other chapters @allie11 in activities under favorites.

    The day of the Snow Ball was a day off. It was supposed to be a day of rest after the exhausting Circus of Talents. But it was nothing close to peaceful the girls were running around like it was their wedding day. Everything from the tips of their designer shoes to the top of their elaborate curly hair do’s had to be perfect. Everyone was missing something: a necklace, lipstick, or even a simple hair pin. The girls’ floor was a beehive of activity. Swimming through the throng was Victoria she was trying to find earrings. Her ears were pierced the day she was taken to SGE. And there hadn’t been much time for shopping since she got there. Soon all the problems were solved and it was time for the ball.
    Each couple glided into the hall gracefully and one at a time started to dance. I had never been very good at being a princess but the one thing I could do was dance. My mother had always told me beauty and elegance are good but all princesses must know how to dance. So I had taken lessons since I was four and now I was pretty good. The ball past in a whirlwind soon it was time to go up to our dorms.
    As we shared our accounts of the night I noticed that it was two hours past curfew. Victoria saw my worried look and assured me that no one cared how late we stayed up after the Snow Ball. I hoped she was right. Soon we would be ranked as Leaders, Followers, and Morgrifs. I thought of this as I drifted off to sleep.
    The next morning I jolted awake. My first thought was, one more day. I was confused, but then it hit me. Today was the last day before they would rank us. I just prayed I could prove myself worthy enough to be in the Leader track. With that thought in mind I started beautifying myself for the day’s activities. My first class was Beautification I walked into class right on time. The day’s lesson was “Looking Like a Leader”. The teacher was having us experiment with commanding outfits and bold makeup. I look like a stylish commando. Victoria looked like the queen of England. Melody was wearing lots of red and resembled the Queen of Hearts. Sky was flying in a whirlwind of air which was commanding enough. Sky was given a one. I got a two because I was “unfeminine” as my teacher put it. Melody was given a three because she was blinding instead of commanding. Finally Victoria got a four because people would be too busy laughing to pay attention to her. They’re posting the results soon we have to keep our fingers crossed.
    Hope you like it!!!!!!!

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