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    allie11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years ago

    Arrows Chapter 11
    Other chapters @allie11 in activities under favorites.

    A swarm of people had gathered around a piece of paper taped to the wall. Some kids slouched their shoulders others seemed to brighten as if under a spotlight. The piece of paper that was causing so much drama was the list ranking people as Leaders, Followers, and Morgrifs. Victoria, the tallest girl in the school, was able to see over the heads of the crowd easily.
    “We’re Leaders” she squealed “Sky and Melody are too.”
    “YAY!!!” I said “We should go tell them.” Victoria and I sprinted off to find our friends. When we found them they were Super excited too.
    The year was flying by Leaders wouldn’t be paired with Followers until next year. So until then the classes had become mind dulling. It was so hot in the castle the girls uniform had been changed into a sundress with little white sandals because the dresses were making even the prettiest princess sweat. As the school year came to an end the students had a big decision to make. Each year the schools hold a summer camp where the students focus their education into surviving the woods. This course is mandatory for readers and morgrifs. Followers are encouraged to attend but Leaders are told to go home,visit parents, and learn how to lead a country. Nevertheless Melody insisted that Wonderland was too far away for a visit and Victoria needed to fine tune her survival skills so they were staying for camp. Sky finally decided she didn’t want to miss out on the fun so she was staying for camp too. After my friends begged me for days I eventually gave in and signed up for summer camp too. The school year was ending but the summer was off to an interesting start.

    This reminds me of my school no A\C!! HELP!!!!!!!!!

        arian2 replied 5 years ago

        Good work. 🙂

        princessofcamelot replied 5 years ago


        fsa161 replied 5 years ago

        I love it! Nice work!

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