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    allie11 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years ago

    Arrows chapter 12
    You can find my other chapters @allie11 in activities under favorites.

    Once school ended there was two weeks where the students enrolled in SGE summer camp could relax. Sky, Melody, Victoria, and I spent most of it outdoors at the shooting range. The shooting range is boys only during the school year but once summer comes the teachers stop caring. As I shoot, my roommates share gossip about what’s in store for the campers this year. Every year the campers are given ********* survival challenges that test their fairytale knowledge, teamwork, and survival skills. Sky’s hoping that the challenges aren’t underground or in an inclosed space. Of course the girl who can fly and control the winds is claustrophobic. Victoria’s opinion on all of this is that as long as we can choose what we wear she’s fine with whatever. Except if the challenge involves bugs, spiders, dirt, trees, brambles, sand, mud, dust, pollen, plants, and\or skunks. Melody gets by on quick thinking so being trapped with no logical way out would be her worst nightmare. Me, I just hope I can use my bow, being without a weapon, that would be bad. We don’t have much time to dwell on these thoughts. A trumpet signals us it’s time for the first challenge.

        fsa161 replied 5 years ago

        Great Work.

        princessofcamelot replied 5 years ago


        popprincess replied 5 years ago

        GOOD JOB i just read all ur chapters. u should move to level 1. lolz im so excited to the plot and end of the year but i didn’t finish the first day of school in @popprincess

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