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    aloha101grl posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 1 year, 5 months ago

    Whatup y’all, so I am back and ready to give you more Broken Promises!
    I have already done the bios and ch.1 so be sure you’ve read those too 🙂
    The wonderful tagged peeps: @hester112 , @betheverafter , @imareaderandproudofit , @lovergirl , @ed2468 , @1witch3cats , @lulujne1515 , @s-aforever , @evisla123 , @xx-sonya-xx
    Avery’s Pov
    I kept looking over my shoulder from our lunch table, shooting darting glaces at my new roommate. the sun might have been beaming down warmth, but I still felt a shiver run down my spine.
    “Your new roomie makin’ you nervous mate?” a voice asks from behind.
    i spin around, startled.
    “Chaster!” I exclaim happily.
    Chaster was my child hood best friend, and always knew what was going on in my head.
    He slid into the seat next to me on the bench.
    “You have no idea how happy I am to see you,” I blabbed to him.
    Chaster pauses from fixing his shaggy, dark brown bangs, and looked up suddenly. then, he pales , and I turn around to see why.
    A mob of Ever girls came over to our table and fixed themselves around a very overwhelmed and insecure Chaster.
    “Actually Avery, I do know how you feel. ‘Cause it’s exactly how I feel about you.” He tells me, grabbing my extended arm to pull him from his bombarding fans.
    “You’re working on your one liners aren’t you,” I note coolly.
    “Nah, just thought of how Sophie said it to Agatha one time and wanted to see if you’d catch it. Which,” he wiggled his eyebrows playfully, “you didn’t!” he tapped my nose with a brassy fingerglow and ran off.
    i felt my blood red fingerglow burn brightly, and I shot chaster in the back of the head with it.
    “OW!” He yelled, swinging around back to me.
    I glanced at the top pf his head and burst out laughing.
    “What did you do?” he demands, feeling the top of his hair frantically.
    “Let’s just say that the ladies won’t want to marry a BUNNY anytime soon,” I cackle.
    Chaster finds to two grey, long, floppy ears on top of his head and blanches.
    “You didn’t.” He gasps.
    “I did.” I reply, mocking his daring tone.
    he lets out a battle cry and draws his training sword from its leather sheath. Then, he charges at me.
    “Oh snap!” I mutter, scampering away, trying to control my laughing.
    Giggling and snorting so hard, I don’t see someone in front of me, sauntering towards the tunnels. I crash into them, and see my roommate’s cold blue eyes and a sneer glaring back up at me.
    / / /
    Quin’s pov
    “Are you ok?” Miller asks, rushing up to me.
    I glared at the Ever on top of my knees, and propped myself up with my elbows.
    “I will be once this EVER gets off of me!” I snip.
    “Sorry,” Avery mutters, hardly audible, scrambling off of me. Miller holds out an arm for me, and I accept it, not tearing my glare from Avery. Brushing off the dirt from my sinister Ever uniform, I sneer at Avery.
    “Look, I said I was sorry!” She snaps at me. “The Good forgive.”
    “Well, does it look like I embrace the ways of Good? No. You can thank yourself for the dress work too.” I shoot back.
    “Whatever.” Avery shakes her head and moves to start leaving.
    “Also, i’m pretty sure the ‘Good’ defend, not attack.” I snarl.
    By that point, the guy Avery’d been with during lunch bounded up to us. He sheathed his sword and stood next to her.
    “Lookie there. Your prince in shining bunny ears is here to rescue you and sweep you off your feet, you sorry excuse for an Ever!” I call, shooing then away.
    the Ever prince threw Avery a cocksure grin.
    “Don’t even think about it,” she mutters to him, storming off without the prince. He scrambles after her, then looks back over at me.
    “He’s honestly really cute,” Miller pipes.
    “Ugh, Millie. I’m going to be sick because of you.”

    Hope y’all liked it, (and see if you can find the 3 words of a shawn mendes quote)

        xx-sonya-xx replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Untag pls 🙂

          aloha101grl replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          ok, sorry, I just kinda guessed you wanted to be tagged and went with it. Sorry!!!!!! 🙂

          xx-sonya-xx replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          No worries 🙂

        imareaderandproudofit replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        I really like this!❤️

          evergirl73 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          ALOHA101GRL I love your username

        aloha101grl replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        thx y’all

        evisla123 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Thanks for tagging me! This chapter was just as good as chapter one! 😊

          aloha101grl replied 1 year, 5 months ago


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