jata posted an update in the group Book 3: THE LAST EVER AFTER 10 months ago

    Um no one take offense but I was kind of hoping Sophie would stay with Rafal. Agatha ditched sophie without second thought which was really unfair. I still want Rafal to stay with sophie

        foxwoodeagle replied 10 months ago

        Honestly, I was kind of hoping that too! 🙂

          jata replied 10 months ago

          I know right! At least someone understands. I got my friend reading the series and she thinks that Sophie ***** and so does rafal but Agatha rocks for ditching Sophie. Her name is deadbread on here, If you know her tell her I said this

        kittybp2 replied 10 months ago

        I loved them together!

        agathaandthelosteverafter replied 9 months, 4 weeks ago

        Like really! I liked them as a couple but the sad thing is that you could tell the Rafael had choose the right soul but wrong person.

        silver13 replied 9 months, 4 weeks ago

        sameee but i think it was because I was rooting for the Nevers and Rafal. I liked Evil Sophie better.