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    Chapter 15


    We turned on our heels to see a girl. Her skin was a light grey, with stormy eyes, light blonde hair streaked with auburn and a serious face.
    “There are many creatures which would love to kill you,” the girl continued. “You would need a sharp blade for that.”
    Tedros gaped. “Uhhh, who are you?”
    The girl glared. “I am Aida, spirit of the seven geysers of Avalon.”
    Tedros was indifferent. “Never heard of you.”
    The girl stomped her feet. “I am the spirit of Avalon! Here to protect the royalty of Camelot!”
    To my surprise, she looked at…
    “Prince Ash Jupiter,” she purred. “Heir to the Camelot throne.”
    I felt Tedros’ eyes bore into my head. “Ash? She’s lying, right?”
    “I–I don’t know,” I stammered.
    “OF COURSE SHE’S LYING!” Tedros roared, thrusting his blade at her. She sighed as Excalibur passed straight through her. The sword was then covered in specks of water.
    “Don’t be silly,” she scolded. “Go home and I will tell Ash the truth.”
    Hester grabbed Aida’s shoulders. “Home?” she seethed, shaking the spirit. “Listen, prettyface, but Moon here has KILLED someone for this prophecy and quest. We have lost two members. We are not turning back.”
    Aida flicked her fingers in Hester’s direction. A millisecond later, Hester was lying on the rocky ground, blood seeping from the back of her head.
    “You didn’t need her, my prince,” insisted Aida, taking my palm. Her hand felt cold and wet, like a fish. “You only need me and your throne.”
    I pulled away. “If you think I’m going to marry you, or take Tedros’ throne–”
    “Marry me? No,” she laughed. “I respect your… orientation decisions. But take the throne?”
    Aida narrowed her eyes in Tedros’ direction. “That, you must do. For your people’s sake.”
    She pressed an amber amulet into my hand. “Go fly to Camelot. You have my blessing and AURYN. Do as you wish. Take the throne!”
    I shook my head weakly but felt someone shove me from behind. I was on my back, my vision blurry.
    I saw Tedros, blade level to my face.
    Threats must be eliminated .
    I closed my eyes, welcoming death.

        hester112 replied 1 year, 4 months ago

        So good! Please tag me!

        olarofarendolle replied 1 year, 4 months ago

        Why HESTER!!! NOOOOOOO! Good job this is really good!

        doveyisalive replied 1 year, 4 months ago

        Wow you have a lot of talent. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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        This is great you have a real talent for writing please tag me!!!

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