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    Chapter Sixteen


    “Stop!” screamed Aida, grabbing the blade in her hands and throwing it over the side of the cliff. “What are you doing?”
    Tedros yelled back, “Eliminating threats!”
    I struggled up. “No, the lure–”
    Aida fixed me with a concerned stare. “The Lure cannot act outside the school’s boundaries.”
    A horrible flashback to my Evil thoughts–
    No, I thought, choking for air.
    Aida grabbed my hand and jumped up. To my disbelief, she began to walk on thin air.
    “What?” I said weakly.
    Aida smiled at me. “You can do it too.”
    She let go of my palm and I was standing, looking down and three faces: Tedros’, Moon’s and Hester’s.
    Three different expressions: Anger, relief and shock.
    “What do I do?” I asked Aida.
    She nodded at me. “Take your throne.”
    Aida pointed at the horizon, at a tall, barely visible castle.
    Tedros’ castle.
    Mine, if Aida was correct.
    I began to walk, but went to a run and realised I could go as fast as I wanted without tiring.
    “Yes, sire!” cried Aida, voice muffled by the wind. “Go, reclaim your throne!”
    I skidded to a halt. “How will they know I’m king?”
    Aida fixed me with a cold stare. “They will have to. If they are in doubt, call my name thrice, ‘Aida Truelove, Aida Truelove, Aida Truelove’ and me and my six sisters will appear by your side.”
    I bit my lip, looked back at Tedros and ran on.

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