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    amricaofcamelot posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 1 year, 4 months ago


    My story is about the zodiac signs as gods and goddesses.
    The zodiacs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra (mine!), Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. THIS IS PURELY FICTION AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ZODIACS IN GENERAL.
    Chapter by chapter, I’m going to introduce each zodiac and a few of their stories.

    ARIES is the god of farming – mainly animal farming. Since he is the first zodiac, let’s start with his story.

    At the beginning of time, there was only Peace. Peace was the goddess and guardian of the Earth and the ocean. Just plain, flat earth, and plain, still ocean. Everything was empty, and Peace was bored.
    “Hmmm,” she thought to herself. “I’m bored. I need a friend!”
    So she swam to the bottom of the ocean and, with her immortal hands, created a dip in the bottom of the ocean. The Earth’s molten core flowed out, and out of that Peace made Aries and pulled him to the surface.
    “I wonder,” she thought, examining the still corpse of Aries. “How will I make him alive?”
    She had an idea. Leaning close, she breathed her immortality, her knowledge and her personality into the shell of Aries.
    As he awoke, she died. Aries looked into Peace’s eyes, learnt everything his mother could teach him in a split second and understood.
    He buried her into the ground, and people say her essence created mountains and trees and rivers and everything else.
    Aries was pleased as he watched over his domain.
    Later, he would create his wife Taurus, but that happens later.
    “I know!” he cried. “I’ll make some nymphs, as I can’t oversee every aspect.”
    He made ALCIPPE, the nymph of human mortal life, PASIPHAE, the nymph of animal mortal life and LEUKE, the nymph of nature.
    “There,” he said, satisfied. As a reward for his “good word”, Aries promptly had a child with all three nymphs. Those three new nymphs became the nymphs of creation and called themselves the Pallantides.
    The world became full of mortals who prayed to the nymphs and Aries, animals who the mortals sacrificed for him and lots of other stuff.
    One problem… Pasiphae thought she was Aries’ girlfriend and got mad when her sister Leuke kissed Aries.
    It went like this:
    “Oh, Aries, I need to go check on my daughter,” said Pasiphae, who was late for her haircut.
    Aries yawned. “Sure. Go.”
    “Bye, darling, be back soon!”
    Aries frowned. What was all the ‘darling’ business? He wasn’t in a serious relationship was Pasiphae.
    Anyway, he called Leuke to his throne room and had a long discussion about where to put some new mountains and forests. They just finished when Leuke smiled and gave Aries a kiss.
    Just as Pasiphae came in.
    “LEUKE!” screamed Pasiphae, beginning to throw everything she could at her sister. “HOW COULD YOU?!”
    Leuke yelled, “What do you mean?! You and Aries aren’t in a relationship!”
    Pasiphae suddenly stopped and stared at Aries. “But–”
    Aries shrugged. “She’s right. I’m free to do whatever I want.”
    Pasiphae stormed out of the room and turned herself into an oak tree… until Scorpio convinced her to turn back into a nymph… but we’ll cover that on his story.

        evisla123 replied 1 year, 4 months ago

        Hey I’m libra too!

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