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    amricaofcamelot posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 1 year, 4 months ago


    One day, Aries was bored. All the nymphs and the nymphs children were so boring.
    “I need a proper wife!” he announced. He marched to the bottom of the sea, drew magma and created a beautiful wife.
    “I will call you… Taurus!” he announced. He gazed at all the mortals. He took an overprotective woman, and took her life to give to the empty shell of Taurus.
    Taurus became a mortal woman, but an immortal god needs an immortal wife. Peace had small power, but Aries was king! He simply put his hand on her breast and immortality flowed into her. Taurus’ eyes fluttered open.
    “Hello,” she smiled.
    Aries was taken aback at his new wife’s beauty. “H—Hello,” he stammered. “You’re Taurus, aren’t you?”
    Taurus nodded. “Queen of Emotion. Goddess of feelings.”
    “Well,” he stammered. “This is your kingdom.” He gestured to the forest.”
    Taurus smiled. “Thank you.”
    Alcippe ran toward Aries. “My lord—”
    She stopped and glared at Taurus. “Who is she? She doesn’t look mortal.”
    Aries exhaled. “This is Taurus, my wife.”
    Alcippe screeched, “WHAT?! You swore you wouldn’t have a permanent wife! My daughter will be distraught! I will be a single mother forever!”
    Taurus stared coldly at Alcippe. “I am Aries’ wife now. His only future children will be my children.”
    “Yes, yes,” said Aries, worried an argument was going to take place. He gestured to his palace, a tall temple-like building on a mountain. “Come, Taurus.”
    Taurus obediently followed.


    Taurus watched in cold rage as the beautiful princess Ifeoma cradled her demigod son Panagiotis.
    “She thinks she can enjoy stealing my husband?” Taurus muttered, summoning an arrow tipped with hate. “No one can do that. Especially not a mortal.”
    Taurus put the arrow of hate on a bow, pulled it back and – TWANG! The arrow shot through Ifeoma’s heart. Her love for her son turned to hate. In disgust, Ifeoma threw Panagiotis of the cliffside. As soon as Panagiotis died, Ifeoma’s hate subsided. Sorrow gripped her heart.
    “What have I done?!” cried Ifeoma. Moments later, the distraught princes flung herself off the cliff.
    Before Ifeoma hit the ground, Taurus made her immortal. Now the princess was immobilised at the bottom of a cliff, feeling the pain of death forever. That cliff was called the Ifeoman Cliff and apparently Ifeoma turned to stone at the bottom. The cliff eroded, but the stone Ifeoma lives on.
    Watching from her bedroom, Taurus smiled. Nothing like killing a mortal to make your day. Taurus rubbed her swollen stomach. She was sure she was pregnant – with a girl. She had already decided her name, “Gemini”.

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