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    amricaofcamelot posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 1 year, 4 months ago


    Gemini was the daughter of Taurus and Aries. Being the child of two gods, she was immediately immortal.
    “What should you be the goddess of?” Taurus wondered aloud. She looked down at Gemini’s adorable face and sighed with pleasure. “I know. The goddess of Love and Beauty!”
    What did Gemini look like? Sorry. Can’t tell you. Imagine the most beautiful person on earth… and multiply that by a billion. Whatever you felt most attracted to… that’s Gemini.
    Soon – like, in a week – Gemini became a young woman, watching mortal lovers.
    “GEMINI!” yelled Taurus, bursting into her daughter’s room.
    “What?!” yelped Gemini, startled.
    Taurus scowled, “A mortal girl named Hylla has attracted the attention of your father! Make her fall in love with… ooh… I don’t know–”
    Gemini had a cruel streak. “A bull!”
    Taurus stared. “Like that Greek myth?”
    Gemini nodded violently. “Yeah!” She got her arrow of love, whispered, ‘prize bull’ to the potion and shot Hylla.
    Hylla turned, yawning, and glanced at her father’s bull. Her palms went sweaty. Her eyes glazed over. Her heart thudded. The farmer’s daughter tried to convince herself that her feelings were wrong. In despair, she asked Aries to turn her into a cow for the night.
    “A BEAUTIFUL cow,” reminded Hylla. Surprised, Aries agreed.
    Hylla crept into the barn… and the bull finally noticed her.
    Nine months later? You got it. A half-bull, half-human boy named… uh… well, loving mother Hylla hated her son so much she murdered him.
    “NO ONE MURDERS CHILDREN!” yelled Alcippe, the nymph of human mortal life. Even though Hylla’s son wasn’t technically fully human, Alcippe threw a spear at Hylla. It passed straight through her chest and killed her.
    “Thanks, dear,” said Taurus, giving her daughter an iPhone 11 Pro Max. (She actually gave Gemini a crystal ball, but Gemini gave it to HER son Leo… cover that later.)

        evisla123 replied 1 year, 4 months ago

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