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    Hey everyone! So this is for the writing club like usual. Please comment your at least 1k bios on this post!

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        thestoriangirl replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        Did you see it? I tagged you in mine..

          anadil777 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          I saw it!

        lauren813 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        Eek I’m still working on mine- is it fine if I’m a bit late?

        evilxaudrey replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        i’m not participating in this activity.

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        star123 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        I’m confused with this activity.

          anadil777 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          Check my post on Monday.

        anadilforever7 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        So I have three different ones because two or like really complicated and the last one is just normal. So yeah..
        Created by: @anadilforever7
        Name: Scarlet Yancy
        Nickname: Scar
        Age: well she “died” at 16 but she is immortal so she is really 2340
        Gender: female
        Orientation: pansexual
        Species: mutant
        Personality: Scarlet literally has two different people inside her mind. Since she had the power to warp reality, “Reality” has started to control her. This basically means she has both a good side and an evil side that are constantly fighting. Scarlet has been driven mad with all the voices in her head that she feels no remorse anymore. All that there is, is DEATH DEATH FIGHT KILL HIDE and the occasionally fight with your good side. Though Scarlet’s good side will never win she tries anyway and is very determined to flush out the evil that torments her mind. Though this process takes a long time and she is currently mentally unstable Scarlet refuses to give in to the evil. You may catch her trying to rip it out of her body but if you watch long enough the evil will just jump right back in. Scarlet even named this evil. She calls it “Green” as that is the color of it when it manifests in her mind. Scarlet is quite certainly unhinged and the last of her sanity is leaving but Scarlet hopes someone can save her. And stop the endless pain she cant end. When someone manages to kill her she would welcome them with open arms as if she had just come out of a world of horrors which she quite simply had.
        Quotes: *giggles* “You can’t believe everything they tell you, can they Green?”
        Likes: She has no emotion anymore and she does not like a thing
        Dislikes: Green, her own power
        Strengths: Killing, fighting, mass-murdering
        Weaknesses: Green for sure and her conflicting mind
        Hobbies: Killing, commiting genocide
        Preferred Weapon: Her mutant ability
        Attack Power: 5
        Stamina: 4
        Intelligence: 5
        Defence: 4
        Support: 3
        Attacks: 5
        Secrets: Green is her biggest secret as she always says she fine
        Other: her power is warping reality. She has a brother. The bio below is for Green.
        Name: Mera Jankins
        Nickname: Green
        Age: What’s the biggest number you can think of? Now multiply that by itself.
        Gender: Depends on the body but currently female
        Orientation: aro ace
        Species: Not a species but reality itself
        Personality: Green is an ever-changing ever growing form. She is literally reality itself. And when someone started to use her powers she latched onto their body and has become one with their conscience forever. Green is horribly annoyed by her mutant she took over but is still happy nonetheless. Green is one of the biggest, worst, evil bosses you will ever meet. She can change reality so she can shape-shift among other things. Green can literally become a god with the snap of her fingers. But where’s the fun in that? She likes to be vulnerable and doesn’t really care if she dies as only her host is injured. This is what makes her so op.
        Likes: Killing, death, murder, torturing
        Dislikes: Everything and everyone the universe created
        Strengths: Killing, murdering literally everything
        Weaknesses: Nothing only her host can be weakened
        Hobbies: Killing, committing geocide or homicide or whatever she’s feeling
        Preferred Weapon: ANYTHING SHE CAN THINK OF
        Attack Power: 5
        Stamina: 5
        Intelligence: 4
        Defence: 5
        Support: 4
        Attacks: 5

        Theme song: Puppet Master by Metallica or “Put you in your place” from the Lighting Thief Musical

        Full Name: Pietro Kevin-Marcus Hargreaves
        Nickname(s): try just try
        Hero name(optional) Kleptomaniac or just Speedster
        Quirk(Power)(must include a weakness and description): Super speed but he can not time travel and he can not run without his goggles on or else his eyes burn up and if you get him stuck he will be very weak
        Orientation: pan
        Gender: male
        Personality(At least 6 sentences): Pietro is a kleptomaniac. He has a tendency to steal things and doesn’t really care about the consequences. He is arrogant and cocky with a bit of a wild streak usually known to take stupid risks. Pietro just wants to live his life and have some fun along the way. He can be annoying at times but he’ll stop when he finds it right. Pietro uses sarcasticness and jokes to cover up the failure that looms within him. Everywhere he goes whether it’s to save someone or find them he is always too late. He constantly tries to get better but nothing works and he loses people left and right.
        Flaws: He is a kleptomaniac and can sometimes talk way too fast so he has to repeat things.
        Strengths: Running, hand to hand combat
        Likes: Running, comics, fast food
        Dislikes: Twinkies, doritos, taquitos
        Fears: Never being good enough
        Hopes/dreams(besides being a hero): To finally be on time for once
        Range: 2
        Type(power/offense? Stealth? Speed? Defense? etc.): 4
        Endurance: 4
        Intelligence/Decision-making: 1
        Hair(color/style): About shoulder length hair. His hair is a mix between gray and silver.
        Skin (tone/freckles/birthmarks): He has pretty pale skin as he almost never stays in the sun long enough to actually change it.
        Eyes (color/shape): Kind of wide eyes that are brown.
        Body(shape/height): 5’6 and horribly skinny as he mostly eats fast food
        Casual Outfit:
        Hero Outfit(optional): his casual outfit
        Social Status: pickpocket and speedy man
        Friends: ask
        Frenemies: ask
        Enemies: ask
        Crush: ask
        Family: Scarlet (work in progress)
        Backstory: Pietro came home one day to see his house burning. He had run in and got his family out but then got shunned. His parents left him with his sister while they went on a cruise. The cruise hit an iceberg and Pietro and Scarlet were left all alone.
        Quotes: “Run like you stole something” and “You have one life. Live it”
        Theme(s): Don’t stop believing
        Handwriting: I write like my sister
        (I will bother till i get a response, apologies. Beactive on the planet rp im begging you!)
        Other Facts: His favourite song is “Come and get your love”

        lauren813 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        I honestly never thought I’d be this attached to Via, but I am, so… enjoy the bio! I’m not exactly sure if it’s 1k words, but I’m pretty sure it must be somewhere around there! I worked extremely ******* her, and would appreciate any constructive criticism anyone has!

        Name: Tavia Serene Capelli
        Nicknames: Via by most, though sometimes her siblings will call her Serene.
        Age: 14
        Birthday: October 8th (Libra)
        Gender: Female
        Sexuality: Lesbian
        Appearance: Tavia has all the features characteristic of the Capelli family shown clearly within her appearance. The deep shade of blue that is possessed by each sibling is a stunning feature of hers, easily the most noticeable and gorgeous. Hers is a bit more of a darker and deeper shade than people are used to, almost able to be described as an ultramarine blue, which even appears an indigo in a dark enough lighting. They are framed by dark lashes, and are wide and startling in their curiosity. Her hair, in long waves, is a cinnamon brown coloring, with highlights of darker chocolate brown hidden within the strands. It has a feeling of deep dimension to it, of shadow and light even without either of the two present in the room. It’s always tied back into a ponytail, as to not fall into her face or bother her in any way otherwise. She has dainty, small features; a button nose and thin pink lips. Her figure is slight and willowy, and she’s quite tall for her age. She has long, dexterous fingers characteristic of a pianist, as well as nails cut permanently short, not allowed to grow any further than the base of the fingertips.
        Personality: Tavia is, and has always been, a curious woman. From the moment she could speak (perhaps not the exact moment, but you get my meaning), she asked every and any question that popped into her mind. She wanted to know how the world worked, how everything worked. She may seem much more composed and less fascinated by the world, but she is no less of the curious girl she once was. She simply reins it under control much more now that she is older, and knows that not everyone appreciates all that many questions. She tries to find the answers for herself now, if it’s possible. She’s extremely superstitious and is the type of person who would go out of her way to avoid a black cat, and she really believes in all the “break a mirror, seven years bad luck” stuff. Via is pretty smart as well, though she has had a little procrastination problem since she was a child, which is still coming back to bite her. She is pretty reliant on others, especially her older siblings, seeing as they’ve always been there to take care of her, and she can’t imagine life without them at all. She can be self-sufficient as needed, but not nearly enough to function properly on her own without somehow finding a way to return to her siblings for guidance. She’s sweet and thoughtful, the type of person who remembers the smallest details about you that you forgot you even told her. She’s the kind who’d check up on friends daily to make sure they were doing okay, and if they weren’t, comfort them and try to help. Although she did have her little… moments, when she’d get irrationally angry and irratable at someone for no particular reason, as far as they can tell. However, these can usually be caused by certain words or phrases, just anything that reminds her of the past she tries so hard to remember but cannot.
        Family: Via is the eighth oldest, or second youngest, of nine siblings, which is also a contributing factor to her name, which actually means eighth. She has two older sisters and four older brothers, and two younger sisters as well. The oldest sibling in her family is Malia, who is 21 years old. She’s not as close with her as she is with her other two sisters, but they still talk to each other quite often, and Malia is the one who first taught Via how to play the piano. The next oldest is Rhys, the second oldest out of all, but the oldest of the brothers, at 20 years old. He’s probably one of the closest of Via’s brothers, seeing as he’s always there for her to rant or vent to, and will always listen to her problems and help her if possible. Then there’s the twins, Declan and Everett, who are 18 years old, and who are extremely intertwined with each other, doing most things with each other rather than with their other siblings, though they will hang out with the others occasionally. They’re identical twins, and the only way you can tell them apart is because Declan has slightly longer hair, Everett is an inch taller, and it’s obvious once you talk to them that Everett is the more outgoing one, while Declan prefers to stay within the range of people he already knows. At fifth oldest would be Kieran, 17 years old and by far one of the smartest, if not the smartest of the siblings. He’s the one Via would go to with help on homework ever since she was little, and he taught her a lot of tips and tricks that have stayed with her for a long while. Vivica, or Vivi, as Tavia calls her, is the last of her older siblings, at 15 years old, and probably the closest sibling to Via. They have a relationship almost like that of the twins, though they don’t quite do everything together and have learned to either give each other space or prepare for some serious arguments. Maeve and Arlise are her two younger siblings, Maeve being 12 and Arlise 10. Maeve and her have a love-hate relationship, seeing as their personalities can often clash and result in lots of arguments if not left to simmer down. Arlise, on the other hand, is the baby of the family; Tavia loves her with all her heart, and the feeling is most definitely mutual. All the siblings, despite their fights and arguments, love each other deeply and have a very close bond.
        Backstory: Her parents weren’t always the closest, especially not for a married couple. Their fights weren’t just the usual marriage-like quarrels that are normal, but they were constant and never-ending. They seemed to be able to find any flaw within the other and amplify it to a level of exaggeration so high it was almost ridiculous. Tavia couldn’t see how they could have possibly fallen in love in the first place. She might have understood better if she knew that their marriage was arranged in the first place, a ploy by their families to gain riches. She and her other siblings were always closer to their aunt and uncle when they were younger, their mother’s sister and her husband. Their father, on the other hand, thought that their aunt and uncle were bad influences and couldn’t be around his children at all. But they still managed to visit the siblings in secret, assisted by their mother. However, this all changed when their father discovered the two as they were sneaking in. They just narrowly managed to escape his wrath alive. When their father stormed inside and demanded that they go upstairs and into the attic, the young children, the oldest of which was only 12 at the time, agreed and hurried upstairs. They huddled in the attic, frightened by the screams they heard downstairs. Little Via, only 5 years old and much too curious for her own good, managed to sneak down from the attic and to the second floor, where her father held a gun in his hand, pointed directly at her mother’s heart. She clutched to the leg of a nearby chair, pleading with him from the ground, desperate for life that she’d waste her probable last breaths on begging him. And it didn’t dissuade him in the slightest. He pulled the trigger, and a shot rang through the house, going directly where it had been aimed. At that moment, Via chose to burst into sobs as her mother bled out on the ground, the life leaving her eyes. It alerted her father to her presence, and to the fact that his murder had been witnessed. He had to ensure that she remembered nothing, so he took her to a skilled hypnotist, who guaranteed his methods would work. And work they did, for none of the siblings from that day on had any idea of what might have gone on down there, their best guess being that a robber had broken in, killed their mother, and escaped, though nothing had been taken. Via’s father died just a few months after the events, reportedly by their aunt and uncle. They had murdered him as revenge, poisoning his food that one fateful night. The siblings were left without any parents or parental figures at all, their aunt and uncle being criminals on the run and all. But they did manage to find refuge with a distant cousin of their father’s, who neglected them often in favor of her own needs and wants. The siblings had a legal guardian, and could therefore at least not be separated, so they learned to take care of each other instead.
        Handwriting is Tavia Serene Capelli (Zeyada)
        Theme song is Eyes Wide Open by Sabrina Carpenter
        She’s convinced that everything bad that ever happens to Maeve is a result of the fact that she dropped a mirror and shattered it when she was 9, and Maeve absolutely hates this.

          lauren813 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          Starred words are h.ard on

          anadil777 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          Laurie I love her sm let’s write a lesbian love story

          lauren813 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          Omg yesss

        lilybug567 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        Hip-hip horray I did it!!!

        Name: Charlotte Alice Kent
        Gender: Female
        Sexuality: Straight (But currently questioning)
        Nicknames: Lottie, Kent, Freckle face
        Age: 13
        Birthday: June 3, Gemini
        Appearance: Charlotte had waist length auburn hair, that she usually has french braided or ponytailed. She is very tall for her age, five foot eleven and a half. Her eyes are greyish, blueish, or greenish, depending on the lighting, her mood, and what she’s wearing. Her face is completely COVERED with freckles, and she is extremely self conscious of them because she used to get called freckle face. Now, she just covers them with foundation.She gets sunburnt VERY easily and she doesn’t tan so basically all summer her shoulders are peeling from sunburns. She has an athletic build, but when she was younger she was kind of chubby. Her style of cloth is usually denim jeans and a baggy t-shirt. She is not the prettiest of girls, but she definitely isn’t ordinary.
        Personality: Charlotte comes off as weird at first, but once you get to know her she is very nice. She is very good at school, and is sometimes bullied for being a nerd. Her favorite subject is history because she loves to learn about people who lives before her. (She especially loves to learn about the Romans and the Greeks because of how they influenced modern culture). When somebody says a phrase that is in a song, she will randomly start singing that song, even if she’s not very good and it. She was cast as the Bakers wife in her schools retelling of Into the Woods (She never got to preform it because she broke her ankle but THATS another story). She is in debate clue, and her partner is her frenemy (Brady Webster). She loves to read and 90% of the time has her nose stuck i her book. Her dream is to travel Europe before going to Harvard to get a masters degree in political science and then going to law school to open up her own law firm. She can be very moody, and her friends joke around that she is a human emotional rollercoaster.
        Friends: Marleen McWebber, Laney Larlen, and River Edwin (Marleen’s boyfriend)
        Frenemy: Brady Webster, Jacqueline Graden
        Enemies: Anna Houg
        Crush: Charlotte always has a crush on a boy, but within a week of her crushing on them, they always prove to be complete but.t holes. Currently, her crush is Mark Deala
        Family: Her mom and dad. Her dad always favored her sister over her, and he neer came to anything that was important to her unless her mother dragged him. Lottie and her mom were always very close, given she was her only blood child. Lottie’s adopted sister, Destiny, hated her because she had their mothers affection, and Lottie was always jealous of Destiny because he always went to Destiny’s events, but he never went to Lotties. (Her dad even missed her first ever debate competition, which she did because she thought it would impress him considering he did debate when he was her age.) Destiny ran away when Lottie was 10, and Lottie hasn’t heard from her since. When Destiny ran away, Lottie hoped that her dad would pay more attention to her, but instead her just grew more distant.
        Backstory: Lottie was born in a small town in southern Oregon. Her family owns a ranch with one hundred plus dairy cattle cattle, 5 horses (Lotties is named Desiree) , fifty sheep, ten Nigerian dwarf goats, twelve chickens, and two very mean ducks. Lottie was always the odd one out. When she was really little, she was teased for being fat, and as she grew older she learned to not care about what other people think of her. She always thought she wasn’t good enough, because no body ever recognized her, and so she pushed herself to her breaking point in everything. When she moved school when she was 7, she became friends with Laney (They actually became friends because Laney called her fat and Lottie just replied you too brat. Laney liked her guts, and the rest is history). When Lottie was 10, her sister ran away and hasn’t talked to her since. Because of this experience, Lottie can sometimes have a hard time knowing who to trust,considering she loved her sister even if she didn’t love her back. At 11, when Lottie went to middle school she became friends with Marleen after giving her advice on how to approach her crush with River. After about a year of being friends with Marleen, Lottie’s advice helped bring River an Marleen together into a beautiful couple! Because of their relationship, that brought River and his best friend Jack.
        Favorite color: Aqua Blue
        Flaws: Weird, Too loud, and too annoying
        Likes: Reading, matchmaking (For a while everyone came to her for relationship advice even though she was as single as a Pringle), dancing, singing, acting, debate, and baking
        Dislikes: Being made fun of, spicy food, asking for help (She likes to do things on her own because she thinks asking for help means showing your weaknesses and she wants people to think she has none), and being overlooked (Often she gets overlooked for academic awards because people think everything comes easy to her, but in reality she just works twice as hard as everyone else just to not even get recognized)
        Quotes: Parents: Why do you read so much?!? Charlotte: I could be a drug addict do you KNOW how lucky you are? “Gemini’s are always trying to figure out why they are moody, and then they get moodier when they couldn’t find the answer.”
        Hobbies: Debate club, writing, reading, cross country, soccer, track and field, dance, drama club, basketball, volleyball, and she is the president of her local 4-h club.
        Favorite books:The Divergent Trilogy, Hunger Games Trilogy, Peak (As well as the rest of the series), Red Queen, Looking for Alaska, A Coal Miner’s Bride, ****’s Secrets (Or whatever you can learn from a dog), as well as The School for Good and Evil Series.

          lilybug567 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          The starred word is Max.i’s (Max.i is the dogs name)

          anadil777 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          Nice job!

        rainbowlion replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        I only have 500 so far… but I’m going to post it anyway. Sorry!!! (Lemme go grab it lol)

          rainbowlion replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          actually I has something to add lol

          rainbowlion replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          It’s not due right now… right? I need to work on it a bit more… but I can post it by the end of the day. Is that okay?

          anadil777 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          ofc u don’t have to post it right away!

        lauren813 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        No, we’re just making a bio of any random character, from any fandom you want! Check Tia’s post from Monday for more information!

        rainbowlion replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        AHAHAHAHAHAHAH MINE IS EXACTLY 999 WORDS. (Anyone can use this for a fanfic if they want to. And if anyone reads my My Life in SGE story, this is not a bio for my character in that. It’s a bit different)
        –General Information–
        Name: Lionora of Wonderland
        Nickname: Lio
        Age: 13
        Fingerglow: Cornflower Blue
        Preferred weapon: A four-and-a-half-foot quarterstaff or dagger (practices with a hairbrush)
        School: Good (But the Greater Evil could manipulate her to Evil)
        Appearance: 5’5”-5’6”. Medium-length dark golden blonde hair which is naturally straight. Sterling light blue-grey eyes. Usually has her hands on her hips and a knee popped out. Usually caught with light makeup on. (Mascara, lipgloss/lipstick, light blush) Has a skinny waist, but her build isn’t necessarily athletic.
        Personality: Very competitive and outspoken. Sassy but sweet. Sarcastic at the worst moments. Is very, very shy and cautious when you first meet her but becomes very loud when you get to know her. Wants to be a leader and is a control freak. Worries a lot and gets nervous easily, and when she does, she feels like she’s going to throw up. Bossy. Really smart. Strives to be helpful and has good inventions, but is usually critical and can be interpreted as rude with her corrections. Very logical. Very observative. Stutters and is awkward when flustered or around a crush.
        Mediator (INFP) Personality Information (Copied from the 16personalities website, because this describes Lio better than I can describe her): On the outside, Mediators (INFPs) may seem quiet or even shy. But they often have vibrant, passionate inner lives. Because they make up such a small portion of the population, people with this personality type may sometimes feel misunderstood or out of step with the world. Fortunately, their caring nature can help them create and sustain deep relationships with their loved ones. Mediators value authenticity, empathy, and harmony. These personalities tend to act with the best of intentions, and they are rightly proud of this trait. That said, they may feel isolated or discouraged when other people don’t share their idealism. Many Mediators are curious about the depths of human nature, and they often make an effort to understand other people’s true feelings. This can make them capable of great empathy. It can also enable them to communicate in ways that are sensitive, original, and quite moving. Perhaps because of these strengths, Mediators tend to crave opportunities for creative self-expression. It comes as no surprise that many famous Mediators are poets, writers, and actors. People with this personality type often enjoy dreaming up all sorts of stories and possibilities. By using their imaginations in this way, Mediators can explore their inner nature and their place in the world. That said, they can have a tendency to daydream and fantasize rather than take action. If they don’t act on their dreams and ideas, Mediators are likely to end up feeling frustrated or unfulfilled. Mediators may feel directionless or stuck unless they connect with a sense of purpose for their lives. For many Mediators, this purpose has something to do with helping and uplifting others. Empathetic by nature, these personalities may feel other people’s suffering as if it were their own. This only strengthens their motivation to be of service. Generous, Thoughtful, Open-minded, Creative, Passionate, Overly Idealistic, Self-Critical, Impractical, Emotionally Driven, Difficult to Get to Know, and Conflict-Averse. The most social introvert. Although Mediators might want to help everyone, they may need to focus their attention and energy on one worthy cause at a time. Otherwise, they can become so overwhelmed by all the problems they can’t fix that they’re tempted to give up on even trying. This is a sad sight for Mediators’ friends, who often depend on their hopeful outlook. Fortunately, like flowers in the spring, Mediators’ creativity and idealism can bloom even after the darkest of seasons. Although they know the world will never be perfect, Mediators still care about making it better however they can. This quiet belief in doing the right thing may explain why these personalities so often inspire compassion, kindness, and beauty wherever they go.
        Scorpio Traits: Determined, Brave, Honest, Ambitious, Jealous, Secretive, Resentful, Controlling, Stubborn, Passionate, Persistent, Strategic, and Curious.
        Slytherin Traits: Cunning, Resourceful, Leadership, Ambition, Determined, a bit Shrewd,
        Crush: Noah Schnapp and/or Keefe Sencen.
        –SGE Information–
        SGE Relative: Granddaughter of Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
        SGE Talent: A shifter. A shifter – dimensions (Example: Could shift to the KOTLC dimension from SGE dimension.), teleportation (Example: Could shift from the School for Good dorms to the School for Evil dorms), shape (Example: Could shift from human to dragon), appearance (Example: Could shift to look like an elderly woman.), etc. (Could shift away an arm for an axe or for air). Later also learns she can drive people to insanity.
        Leader/Helper/Mogrif: Leader. A very high performing Ever, except in Animal Communication (for the most part, because she’s used to being able to talk to animals using English in Wonderland.
        –KOTLC Information–
        KOTLC Relatives: Father is one of the Vackers. Grandfather is a banished elf. (Mom is a half-elf)
        KOTLC Abilities: Mesmer, and Psionipath
        Grandparents are Alice and an elf that was banished from the Lost Cities. This man was stuck up, and Alice was forced to marry a fancy man like that after she graduated from the lady’s school she was sent to. Lio’s parents are Alice and the banished elf’s daughter Sierra, a snotty half-elf. The Councillors found Sierra in America and took her to the Lost Cities, where she tricked one of the Vackers to marry her and have a child: Lio. Then Sierra’s husband found out and had Sierra banished. Sierra was heartbroken. She sent Lio off to a lady’s school when Lio was 7, but Lio ran away into the woods, where she was found by the Wonderlandians after Alice recognized her and took her in. 3 years later, she was thrown into the Looking Glass Insane Asylum by the Queen of Hearts because she was insane. (Someone Evil drove her insane because she found out a deadly secret about them) For the next three years, Lio was raised by the other Wonderlandians until she was taken to the School of Good.

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