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    anadilforever7 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 2 months, 1 week ago

    The day
    -Lauren pov-
    The next morning, Lauren looked over the railing and into the deep blue ocean. Her eyes pierced through the morning rays of sun as she blew hair out of her face with an annoyed grunt. “Stop glaring at the frickin sun,” Tash muttered, jumping down from the stairs and onto the deck. “Oh be quiet,” Lauren replied. “You’ll go blind that way though,” Tash added and Lauren stepped on her foot in response. “Stop arguing, I can feel you from here,” Vanya stated from the top of the boat. “How about no?” Lauren replied. She felt Vanya roll her eyes as her back turned. “Shut upppp,” Katniss hissed, appearing on the railing. Lauren kicked her and she nearly fell off. Katniss grabbed the slippery railing then disappeared with a grin. She glittered back into view right behind Lauren. “Thanks,” she said with a smile. “Yeahhhh, that’s pretty disturbing,” Tash said, swatting the cat girl away. Katniss scowled and she disappeared. “****!” Vanya yelled suddenly from the top of the boat. “WHAT IS IT?” Lauren yelled back. “Change of plans….we’re going to Neverland!” Vanya hollered downward. “Yay,” a small voice said from next to Tash. “Who are you?” Lauren asked, quite baffled. “Uhh I’m Gael….I’ve been here literally the entire time?” the person replied. “Oh okay,” Layren stated then continued to talk with Tash.
    -Andric pov-
    Andric was sitting up in the rigging of the boat’s sails when Vanya announced the change in direction. “Why though?” he asked when she came and sat next to him. “Well…I got this?” she said, taking something out of her pocket. The musty looking yellow paper fell in his hand and Andric read the straight cursive of the storian thief. “Ah yes of course, taking directions from the thief,” he said. Vanya shrugged and shoved the paper back in her pocket. “How you gonna get the boat off the water?” Andric questioned as Vanya stood up. She just smirked and bent down, placing her hand on the support beam they were on. From her fingertips and into the beam blue sparkles erupted and started to spiral out like sped up ivy. The sparkling glitter made odd patterns as it went down the rigging and onto the deck, changing the color of the boat as it did. The sparkle spiraled up and took over the bridge, then sho.t to the rooms and continued to take over the boat. Everywhere the sparkles touched changed into a different form of boat. Andric blinked and in the span of about 1 millisecond, the entire boat was engulfed in blue glitter. Then it blew out and instead of the fancy white boat, the vehicle was now a full-sized pirate ship. “Very subtle,” Andric muttered. Vanya kicked him and stood up. Andric stood up too, confused as to how a tiny girl managed to rewrite an entire cruise ship. The deck was much bigger and was made of darker wood, the bridge had no glass and was instead at the back of the ship with a pure gold wheel that sparkled in the morning sun. “But can it fly is the question,” Andric said. Vanya grinned and cupped her hands around her mouth. “HEY WANDA PUSH THAT BUTTON FOR ME WILL YA?!” she yelled, almost directly into his ear. Andric saw a tiny figure nod and heard a loud blast from below the deck. “Ummmm…” he trailed off, while looking at the water. They were indeed floating, just a few inches above the water, but still floating. The bottom of the boat was an even deeper brown then the deck and was dripping water as if it was crying. Blue sparkling mist coated the bottom of the boat, pulling it farther and farther up. As the water got farther and farther away from them, Andric turned to Vanya with a smirk. “Welp we’re going to an interesting place at least,” he said, winking as he threw the tiny black rock and caught it.

    Hehehehe I want to do Neverland sooooo baddddd and also i told two of my friends so I can stop venting to you rando’s now! Sooo yeah Piper x Amber is now official…whats the ship name? Pamber? Amper? Berper? Pipam? Ampip? SO MANY OPTIONS!!!
    And heres a new thing which is basically me just diving deep into the potential of each character and finding the meaning of their names:
    Connor, a study:
    The reason i named him Connor: DeAr CoNnOr MuRpHy and that’s that
    So his power is taking other peoples powers through touching skin. Connor can basically take any talent he wants if he knows someone with it. Though sometimes people can protect themselves against this power most people don’t know how so Connor can virtually have ANY FRICKIN TALENT he wants but only for a limited time and I’m wayyyy tooooo tired to finish this so ehhh you got that

    These people made all characters except Wanda, Vanya and Connor (and I guess Kitty but she dead)

        shadowshinobi replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Oh, Neverland! Awesome!

        everneveracademy replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Yay, Neverland!

        basilisk replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        We’ve been WAY too out of touch (ba ba da da dum)
        I Love Dear Evan Hansen!
        Also this chapter is awesome!!!

        goodrocksforever replied 2 months, 1 week ago



          basilisk replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          We’re close but not that way,
          The only man that I love is my dad.

        lauren813 replied 2 months, 1 week ago


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