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    anadilforever7 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    Hi, lazy couch potato who likes movies here, if you haven’t figured it out, I’m lazy and like doing stuff that isn’t staring at my computer endlessly trying to understand teenage minds and lesbian ships sooo the chapters are going to be more space out so sorry! But Neverland here we comeeee!
    -Axel pov- (I swear I’m gonna kill someone cause I forget about like half of them, but oh well)
    Axel peered over the edge of the new boat suspiciously. Ah yes, he has been forced on a boat to get a pen from Peter Pan’s little island of evil, perfect weekend. He walked over to one of the potted plants with confidence and picked up some of the dirt. Axel then just let it go in the wind and into someone’s eye. At least he could have fun here without consequence, though if he killed someone that one girl who started this would blow him up. “Heeeyyyyy Axelll,” Katniss meowed, appearing on the railing above him. “Do you just stalk all of us every time we do anything?” he asked. “No, but I can throw some dirt in your eye,” she replied and blew dirt out of her palm and straight into his face. “AH KITTY WHAT THE ****?!” Axel yelled as particles of dirt entered his eye painfully. “KATNISS!” she growled with distaste. Axel blinked his eyes rapidly. “Why did you do that?” he muttered, rubbing his eyes violently. “Cause it annoys youuu,” Katniss said with a large grin. “At least Chris was forgettable,” Axel mumbled. He heard a low hiss come from Katniss’ throat and she kicked him in the gut with her boot. Axel winced and clutched his stomach. “Please go away,” he groaned. “Fine, have fun,” Katniss stated and waved as she glittered away. Axel cursed as he straightened, feeling the small area of achiness where Katniss’ boot had hit him. That’s gonna bruise he thought angrily. Then he heard creaking and a boy came up in front of him. “Who are you?” Axel asked, not recognizing his face. “I’m Connor? DUDE HOW CAN YOU FORGET!?” Connor yelled. Axel just shrugged and turned away to look at the sky. He felt Connor tap his shoulder but didn’t turn. The sky was covered in gray clouds of all different shades that smothered the sun like a blanket, dimming everything. “Storm’s coming,” Connor muttered, pressing his hand on Axel’s shoulder then walking away. Axel watched him go. “Uh, okay?” he said after he had gone inside, then he felt the sky go darker.
    David felt the first drop fall on his face with alarming texture. The drop of water felt like a million little icicles stabbing at his skins at once. “Guys it’s hailing,” he said un-helpfully. David felt more and more little baby knives falling from the sky and finally stood up. “Urgh,” he muttered as he speed-walked to the door. David yanked it open and ran in as it started to pour. He sighed and pressed against the solid white wall as everyone else ran in quickly. Well, everyone except Andric, Vanya and Wanda but he had seen them go into the bridge instead. Since no one really cared he was just standing there and went into their rooms David just sat down. He fingered the red carpet on the floor and let the brussels scratch and itch at his hand. Then the boat rocked unexpectedly and he just got thrown into the wall. David hit his knee on the wall as the boat threw him every which way in its tumble. Then he heard the screaming from outside, and that did not improve his mood or the weather.

    Storm….I want I new character….a pirate! No no a princess! No no no a prince! No no no a royal! nO nO a singer No NO a Spanish speaking character! YEAAA OR MAYBE ALL OF THOSE THINGS AND ALSO A NINE YEAR OLD! *instant plotting for this* YEAAAAA anyway storm’s are coming And possibly more death
    – P.S found a new song I loved from a musical called 35mm its called “The Ballad of Sara Berry” and if you haven’t listened to it I suggest it highly! (warning it has two curses in it that aren’t realllyyy bad but just a friendly warning because I really want to advertise this song 😊)
    These people made all characters except Wanda, Vanya and Connor (and I guess Kitty but she dead)

        goodrocksforever replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

        oh my gosh Ballad of Sara Berry is literally amazing, and on my song list like three times hahah
        amazing chapter

          yay5681 replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

          *gaspeth* you didn’t forget about Axel! I seriously thought he was dead or something cuz he wasn’t showing up XD

        shadowshinobi replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

        Yay more death is coming! I love watching people suffer

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