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    anadilforever7 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    Yep I exist, anyway let it be known I have no idea how hail works but I wanted to something colder than rain and less wholesome than snow
    -Andric pov-
    Vanya was the one screaming, despite what she stated later on. He and Vanya, with Wanda watching, had failed to make it inside before David so rudley locked the door. And since they were in the air the heightning winds tipped the boat off balance every now and then, which would prevent either of them from reaching any of the doors. So while everyone else was having a ball chilling in their rooms, Andric and Vanya were getting pelted with ice and being tossed from side to side. “VANYA!” he yelled angrily after being pummeled into the side of the boat for the third time. Whatever she said was lost in the wind, to Andric’s dismay. The weather seemed almost supernatural, with the way it changed. A thick fog had quite simply appeared and blocked Andric’s vision, just like the hail coming down had turned to just pouring rain. Though she didn’t reply, Andric yelled at her anyway. “IF YOU HAVE TELEKINESIS JUST MAKE A BARRIER!” he hollered, feeling the buckets of rain soaking through his clothes. How he hated getting wet, it was hard to shake off the horrible chill that stuck with you for the rest of the day. But, after a few mere seconds, the rain suddenly stopped. Sure the fog was still there but it quickly dissipated, to reveal Vanya with her arms outstretched. “I didn’t know telekinesis involved stretching,” Andric stated, though he didn’t walk towards her. He was soaking wet, right to the bone. It was the worst feeling in the world. “You’re welcome,” Vanya said through chattering teeth. And that was when Andric noticed the snow on her clothes. Though that had to be impossible. A cloud couldn’t produce rain and snow at the same time, it just wasn’t possible. But of course, magic just had to exist. The deck was almost black with water stains and the window of the bridge was almost completely covered in snow. Then the door gave a squeal and Wanda burst out. “You guys must have had fun!” Katniss grinned from the railing. “Shut up cat,” Andric muttered, shaking his wet clothes in her direction. Katniss hissed and disappeared. Connor stomped onto the deck next to Andric. “Yep, great, and WHAT THE HECK WEATHER!?” Connor yelled at the sky. Andric shrugged. “Magic?” he suggested half-heartedly. “People,” Vanya whispered. “What?” Connor replied, turning to look at her. “People,” Vanya repeated, louder this time. “Ah, no! I can barely remember the names of the people on this boat!” Connor said angrily. “New people? WHERE!?” Maddy asked excitedly, cart-wheeling around Vanya. Vanya just nodded at the sky, her hands still grabbing for something invisible as she held up the telekinetic barrier. Andric looked up but only saw the dark clouds that loomed over the flying boat, reminding him that the only thing stopping them from tearing this ship down was the shimmery blue sphere created by Vanya. “You guys gonna get a towel or something?” Wanda asked, leaning against the window of the bridge, seemingly unfazed by the coat of snow. “Sure,” Andric replied without interest.
    -Tash pov-
    Tash stretched and sat up. She was perched on the edge of her apparent bed, though she didn’t trust any of the furniture in her room. It could have come from anywhere, been used by anyone, and that did not make her at all comfortable. But, she still took a little nap in the bed anyway. Tash quite liked storms, the whipping wind and screaming, they were a nice lullaby. She stood up and looked out the tiny circular window. The storm had stopped, and in its place was a shimmery blue wall, it was far less interesting. Tash opened the door and stalked out onto the deck with a scowl. Andric and Vanya were using towels to dry themselves while Wanda and Connor chatted by the railing. Great, she was one of the only people on deck and it was quite nice. No annoying evers, no irritating nevers, and most of all, no bothersome halfers. Tash somehow ended up on the ledge above the bridge, looking down at everyone. She swung her legs over the edge, making moves to kick Connor in the head, though all she did was tussle his hair lightly. Unsatisfied, Tash let Nylo wake up. He dropped down and landed on Connor’s head. He didn’t seem to feel anything but Andric and Vanya snickered. Connor raised an eyebrow and followed their eyes. He groped around on his head and let his fingers brush Nylo. Tash grinned as she waited for him to freak out. But, instead Connor jumped up and touched Tash’s hand with a quick motion. Suspicious, Tash called Nylo back, but he didn’t move. Instead, her snake curled around Connor’s neck. “Nice pet,” he said with a wicked grin, turning to look at her. “You son of a *oreo*” Tash growled, crossing her arms and legs. Vanya and Andric snickered again. “Oh shut up,” Tash muttered, her wings unfurling in dark curtains. They stopped, but their grins were still there. “Oh look, people.” Connor stated, pointing to the sky. Tash looked up, expecting to see a cloud shaped like a bunny or something, but there certainly were people hovering above them in the clouds. Their shadows were casted on the deck and made it quite obvious that they were there. “I’m getting them,” Tash muttered, taking a knife out of her belt. “Sure go ahead,” everyone below her replied, watching. Tash, surprised by this response, threw her knife with accurate precision at the first person. Miraculously, it missed them and in a blur someone behind them screamed, someone else gasped loudly, following the impending shadow that sho.t towards the deck.

    New characters! And two are gonna be heavily influenced by a show I’m watching but that’s not my faultttt mostly plus Maddy exists and I got to see Cruella and binge three episodes of “Gotham” plus plus plus I shall say I am probably not qualified for mature audiences but ehhhh

    These people made all characters except Wanda, Vanya and Connor (and I guess Kitty but she dead)

        shadowshinobi replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

        Awesome chapter!!! Son of an *oreo*?

          anadilforever7 replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

          I replace any bad words or stuff like that with the word Oreo now….it started when I starting editing Mean Girls lyrics…..

        basilisk replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

        This is amazing!!!!

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