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    anadilforever7 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    This is a bit long but I got to introduce new characters! Who are totally not based on book movie and show characters I feel I put way too much in this chapter but but but I ain’t no author so like get what you get and deal with it
    -The lost boys-
    -Wanda pov-
    The body was getting closer and closer and Wanda had no idea what to do. Then of course, in a matter of seconds, the person thumped onto the deck. She ran up to them and winced.
    Little warning
    Little warning
    Little warning
    Little warning
    Little warning
    Little bloo.d warning
    Bloo.d stained their clothes and a knife was sticking out of their chest. “I think you killed someone Tash!” Wanda yelled back to her. Soon, Connor, Vanya, Andric and Tash were all staring at the person. They had a peculiar appearance, their ears pointed, almost like some sort of elf. Their face was scrunched up tight with a face of either pure disgust or pure pain. Wanda guessed it was the latter. “Well I can’t feel their thoughts or emotions so uhhh TASH WHAT THE HECK!” Vanya screamed. “I just took defense into my own hands,” Tash replied, looking at her nails. “Now there’s bloo.d on the deck,” Andric groaned. Wanda winced again as she felt her shoe feel a slight stick when she tried to step back. Scared to look down, she quickly backed up with added force. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, leaned against the bridge window. Then she heard giggling. “Katniss what did you do now?” Wanda asked aloud, backing up so she could see the top of the bridge. But, instead of a sly cat girl sitting there, it was a small child. The young ginger who was supposed to be lying dead was perched on the end of the bridge. “Oh look, they’re alive,” Tash said with distaste. Wanda twisted her head around to look back at the body, but the corpse faded in a glimmer of green, like a mirage in the middle of a desert. “Wha-” Vanya said softly, looking at the child with wonder. They could be no older than eleven, wearing a light green jumpsuit that was covered in odd gold symbols. They had a ginger pixie cut and a childish grin was splashed across their face. “Nice,” they grinned in the voice of a child. Wanda blinked. “Spriteeee, you scared us half to death!” a voice said from above. “I don’t want more people,” Connor mumbled to his sister, who kicked him in reply. There were three more people on the deck, standing assertively on the railing. “I would be more nice, considering you tried to murder me,” one girl grumbled. She had to be at least 12, with a robber get-up outfit and light curly brown hair that reached her chin. “Who the heck even are you?” Wanda asked, looking at the three instead of the one labelled “Sprite.” The girl jumped off the railing. “We’re the Lost Boys, and you’re intruding our territory,” she replied with a scowl. “But you’re mostly girls,” Connor said before he could catch himself, and Wanda kicked him again. “Bold of you to assume I’m a girl right now,” Sprite said, standing up. “Uhhh okay?” Connor replied. “I prefer non-binary today,” Sprite stated proudly, sticking their tongue out at Connor. “Anyway, hello intruders, I’m Kyle,” said the girl with a smile, though her eyes showed no happiness. She had a leather jacket over a light grey hooded top, Wanda could tell because Kyle had the hood on, and quite a lot of other black accessories. Ripped black pants, black combat boots, even the goggles she wore on her head were black, with green lenses that gleamed evilly despite the lack of sun. “If we’re introducing ourselves..” a young boy interrupted through gritted teeth to Kyle, stepping up. He had a grey sweater and jeans on, showing no similarity to any of his companions. “I’m Bruce Chandler,” he muttered, his dark hair falling into his eyes while he tried to glare at Kyle. “Can we just kick them off the boat?” Connor asked. “No, because they could die,” Wanda replied. “But they can fly!” Connor answered. Before she could answer, a light breeze blew past Wanda and Connor yelled. “Okay, you guys have to get out,” Kyle said, holding Wanda’s twin over the railing. She had surprising strength for a 12 year old. “Ah it’s fine, THROW HIM OVER!” Tash replied, leaning back. Kyle raised an eyebrow and let go, but Connor wasn’t there. “No killing people yet,” a girl from the back mumbled, throwing him onto the deck. Wanda guessed he would be out cold for a little bit, judging by his scrunched up face, she felt guilty by being slightly happy about it. The fourth and hopefully final member of whatever this group was, had wavy, reddish auburn hair that went a little past her ears, gray-green eyes and pale white skin with a spray of freckles on the bridge of her nose. Wanda had to admit she was quite stunning, her eyes were shining with a sparkling light that gave them a dangerous glint. “And I’m Lola,” she said with her hands on her hips. “Yeah great, whatever, GET OFF THE BOAT!” Andric yelled at her. Quite suddenly, Sprite jumped Vanya, despite their image being on the top of the bridge, and Vanya yelled. Any normal person would have been propelled backward by Vanya’s exploding light trick, but Sprite held strong. Wanda motioned to help her and a blur of black pushed her backward. Lola stopped her foot and the blue barrier shattered with a crash, dispersing in tiny glitter specs that snowed down on everyone. “INTRUDERS!” Bruce yelled at them, jumping off the edge of the boat and hovering over the railing. “I’m so confused,” Tash muttered, taking out her other knife. “Yeah me too,” Wanda replied, grabbing her throwing daggers. “So just ambush them?” Andric asked. “YEP!” Wanda called, jumping at Kyle. Kyle, instead of being slow like normal people would, appeared at the other end of the deck. “Speedsters are soo so soooooo annoying,” Wanda mumbled. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Bruce seemed to be doing nothing and snake-eyed Kyle. She readied her dagger, gripping it tightly and made to throw it at the speedster. But, instead, the dagger went hurtling towards Bruce’s chest. “WAIT!” Kyle screamed and then there was a burst of red, a gasp and a cry. Blinking rapidly, Wanda focused her attention on the four person pile up. She assumed the other three of this group had jumped to save the boy, but when counting her teammates, Wanda noticed someone missing. “HEY HOW IS EVERYONE SLEEPING THROUGH THIS!?” Tash yelled, and that reminded Wanda that Connor was knocked out and chilling by a tree. Which meant that one of the Lost Boys had taken a fatal blow. Another yell interrupted her thoughts. Bruce, Lola and sprite jumped up this time, turning to look at their friend. Kyle had a blade sticking out of her arm and she was breathing heavily. Bloo.d was staining her outfit and was getting on her face as well. Kyle staggered forward a bit, then collapsed on the ground. “Well…that’s unfortunate,” Andric stated, looking at the unconscious Kyle. She had apparently run in the way of the dagger and taken the blow. Wanda had to give her credit for loyalty. While all the attention seemed on the fallen girl, Wanda mouthed for everyone to head inside. “NO!” Lola shouted angrily. “WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?” she yelled. “CAUSE YOU ATTACKED US!” Wanda yelled back. “ONLY BECAUSE YOU ARE IN OUR TERRITORY AND REFUSED TO LEAVE!” Lola sho.t back, her eyes starting to turn white. “But we’re trying to save the storian,” Vanya said weakly, her skin paler than normal. The wind picked up suddenly and the clouds started to roll in again, faster than normal. “GET OUT!” Lola hollered. “Yeahhhh, I’m done,” Tash stated, dropping her knives. She seemed to try and walk away but a lightning strike struck near Tash’s feet as a loud bang echoed through the sky. “I said….get out,” Lola replied, her eyes going fully white as the lightning and thunder boomed up in the clouds. “This is dumb,” Andric muttered, crossing his arms. Tash nodded and her wings unfurled. She sho.t in the sky but the wind blew her sideways and Tash crashed into the door that led to the rooms. “Why is nobody helping?” she mumbled, blinking rapidly. “Okay, you guys aren’t feeling guilty for killing a thirteen year old…..” Lola said, probably to herself, though the wind wasn’t strong enough to mute her. “Oh just crash their boat and we can be done with them!” Bruce yelled at her while kneeling over Kyle. His hands were stained with blood as he pressed his hands onto the ****. “I believe that would kill us all,” Wanda replied. “Exactly,” Bruce spat angrily. Yellow tendrils were pouring out of his palms and coursing into Kyle, it was slightly concerning. “The heck are you doing?” Andric asked. “Healing her,” Bruce muttered, as the wound started to miraculously, stitch together, using the gold tendrils as thread. In a matter of minutes, with everyone being held back by the wind, the **** was completely closed, though Kyle was still covered in bloo.d. “I’m boredddd,” Sprite said, crossing their arms. “I’m not risking letting them go,” Lola answered, her eyes still a pale white. “Oh wait…” Vanya trailed. A loud noise that sounded like lightning and thunder combined echoed into the sky as a burst of white light blew up the deck. Wanda, like the person she was, closed her eyes after the bright light and felt herself get thrown backward. But, considering the position she was in at the edge of the boat, she had thrown her off the boat, but someone grabbed her leg before she could plunge into the ocean below them. She still had her eyes closed, scared to be blinded by whatever was happening. There were loud noises that sounded like nuclear bombs that were going on in the background and she did not want to witness who was killing who. However, as the person tried to bring her back towards the deck, another force pushed them and Wanda plus her saver got thrown off the edge of the railing and towards the sea.

    Wow that was pretty long….anyway I totally let my own obsessions take over for the new characters lol but I couldn’t think of them anyway so yeahhh I made a 14 year old, a 13 year old, a 12 year old AND a 11 year old. And if you’re confused as to why nobodys coming to help, Sprite and Kyle locked and blocked it from the inside because they can. And their powers are technically not talents, instead their people from Neverland who come from the unknown regions and their people have *gasp* MULTIPLE POWERS and their from a race there called *ahem* *thinks a moment* eh we’ll call them the Marvells for now BUT ANYWAY it took me like three days to write this (aka 30 minutes per day would make it 90-120 minutes in all)
    Sincerely, the not straight child, ME
    Happy Pride Month! 💖🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💗🟥🟧🟨🟩🟦🟪⬛🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚫🌈🌈🌈

    These people made all characters except Wanda, Vanya and Connor (and I guess Kitty but she dead)

        goodrocksforever replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

        Happy pride month! Amazing chapter!!!!
        Also can i submit a bio for like a younger member of the new group? *like 4-5 yrs old that they are trying to protect/*

          anadilforever7 replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

          *Inhales in they’ll probably die* Yeahhh but they may or may not die….BUT LIKE probs not but maybeeee

          anadilforever7 replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

          P.s they may not be part of the group but I have a plan that can include them in

          goodrocksforever replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

          ngl im fine if they dont make it….

          Name: Tom
          Nickname: Tommy
          Age: anywhere between 6 and 4
          Appearance: short brown hair, big brown eyes, small for his age, and he doesn’t really have a threatening vibe
          Personality: Tommy is really sweet and bouncy. He can always cheer you up, but he does has moments of serious. If he gets yelled at, he gets really quiet, and while he doesn’t cry, he does try and get as small as possible and has to hold back tears. He’s always quick to forgive, and be happy again. He is a really good actor.

          If you need anything else, just ask

          anadilforever7 replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

          P.s they may not be part of the group but I have a plan that can include them in

        cattyrose replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago


        shadowshinobi replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

        I love how casual the characters are when it comes to death. This is my type of novel…
        Also happy pride month!

          yay5681 replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

          also is Sprite based on Sprite from the Eternals cause I kept thinking of that lol

          anadilforever7 replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

          Yes yes they are

        basilisk replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

        Happy Pride month🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈!! Great Chapter!!

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